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Singed Build Guide by orangewaffle8

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League of Legends Build Guide Author orangewaffle8

Singed - Basically Ryze With Green Farts (Pre-Season 5)

orangewaffle8 Last updated on February 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys! I'm orangewaffle8, a silver player that has played 75+ games with singed and has a 65%+ win ratio with him. Welcome to my first Mobafire guide, though it might not be the best. :P (lol i messed up on the stats picture, hopefully will be able to fix that soon) Today I'll be showing you how I play Singed, my main. :)

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My Singed Stats

I'm a noob at this, lol. I'll hopefully get this up soon! :P (I messed up on it)

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I getfor the MR and Tenacity.

is a great item on Singed, and thanks to his passive , it gives almost the same amount of health as Warmog's. It also gives a decent amount of AP and mana.

combined with Singed's ultimate's armor gives you about 250 armor, which is amazing against the enemy's ADC in team fights. The CDR is pretty nice and it also gives you mana, which like ROA works well with your passive .

gives you a good amount of health and MR. The shield is great when charging into the enemy team.

is pretty good alternative to Banshee's if you would rather have AP than health. It's also pretty useful on teams with a lot of AP because of the passive.

is good with , both give health and ap. Rylai's passive gives you slowing poison, and Liandry's passive deals a % of the target's current health, which is doubled by the slow.

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Pros and Cons


Naturally tanky thanks to

Great farming with

is one of the strongest AoE slows in the game.

Abilities have great synergy

Very hard to chase

His laugh is soooo ridiculously OP, it's not even funny. (I mean it is funny, it is a laugh after all, but the laugh it self is really OP... yeah... whatever no one is gonna read some guy rambling in the parentheses, after all who reads the parentheses... oh wait actually people do read it wut. Sorry guys i'm too lazy to press backspace so I guess i'll leave this here, just keep reading and pretend this isn't here or something... I guess.) Hopefully riot never nerfs it, cus it's one of the reasons I love singed.

One of the only champions that promotes trolling.


Can be kited

is his only source of DPS, and it's not always reliable

Gets jungle camps slow

High mana costs

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Zone out your opponents and farm using poison. (I'll explain more about poison later in the Green Farts section.) Usually I push like a maniac, since I can usually run away if I get ganked and if they do chase me I get a chance at a kill. Keep in mind to not push to far if you don't have your ultimate/ghost and don't have enough mana for poison for 7+ seconds and fling. Laning is usually pretty easy unless it's a Teemo you're laning against. To harass run towards them and fling them into your poison trail, then go back to CS-ing like nothing happened. Of course they'll want to make the trade fair, so as they try to get an autoattack/ability off run around the minions so they get poison on them as they go towards you.

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Green Farts (Poison)

First let's explain howworks. When you walk you leave a poison trail that disappears after 3.25 seconds. Enemies in the trail take damage, and it costs 13 mana per second that it runs.

So here's how I use it : I apply poison to minions to farm like most people, but occasionally I do it to my own minions to. This is so that your laning opponent will be damaged if they try to CS. Usually I'm able to zone them and get them to farm under tower. Here's how I harass with poison while they CS under tower : Right before the last melee minion dies to the enemy tower / to the laner, run in front of your caster minions and get out of turret range quickly. (they will probably run into it on purpose to get the turret to attack you if you're too close)

One of the great things about Singed is that he's very hard to chase. His Poison Trail is one of the reasons why. When running away keep it on and zig-zag a little so that they will get poison on them and if If they chase for too long and they are low health, try to go in to finish them off if you have enough health to survive.

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Team Fights

In team fights, activate ult and ghost and turn on poison. Try to charge through the enemy frontline with your rylai's slow poison and use your w on the carries. Try to fling back the APC or ADC, depending on who's a bigger threat. Your Merc. Treads will help you with CC. Continue to refresh your poison on the enemy team, and fling a squishy every time the CD is back up.

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Hard Match-ups

Most champions are a easy / normal difficulty to lane against, though there's a couple that are a pain.

is kinda a pain because if you try to dive him when he's low, he can just stun you. His q is a ranged poke, something you dont have. If you try to go fling him, he can just q poke you then stun and run until you stop chasing. His q's also crit when you're below 15 percent health, so you cant really run when low health like you normally would.

basically a counter to almost every melee top laner. He completely out ranges you, and has his poison apply with ranged autos which obviously cost no mana. Keep in mind he's venerable once he's wasted all his mana, and he's easy to gank.

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Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading my guide, feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoyed it! Here's one last tip : If you can without dying, go to an enemy champ and spam laugh in their face. I have my laugh set to back space. :P