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Singed Build Guide by Ruiner of Fun

Support Singed the Autofilled "Support" (UPDATED)

Support Singed the Autofilled "Support" (UPDATED)

Updated on November 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruiner of Fun Build Guide By Ruiner of Fun 13 2 44,769 Views 1 Comments
13 2 44,769 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruiner of Fun Singed Build Guide By Ruiner of Fun Updated on November 21, 2022
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Runes: Hard Utility

1 2
Unsealed Spellbook
Hextech Flashtraption
Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner spells.
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Singed the Autofilled "Support" (UPDATED)

By Ruiner of Fun
Why Singed Support?
You are a Singed 1 trick who just got autofilled support on his promos. You want to dodge but mama didn't raise no *****. Your team refuses to accommodate you and your 49% WR and say "you are support. Support." You pray for a dodge that never came and now you are in a game against 9 other players.
Typical Playstyle.
You must spam laugh and mastery every chance you get. Spam recall if they miss a skillshot. Press taunt if you get a kill. This is highly effective form of psychological warfare. This will tilt your enemies so hard they will start making questionable decisions for the rest of the game. Some examples would be them suddenly turning around to auto or even all in you. Now why would you do it?

The playstyle is passive while looking for a good explosive all in engage for your ADC or Team. If you are weakside let the enemy push. Try to look for tower play or set up ganks for your jungler. Roaming can also work but's a coinflip. The enemy botlane is allowed to freely scale while you leave to try and make plays. If your attempts fail you are just feeding gold.

You lack ranged poke. You will be zoned off pretty hard from CS if your ADC doesn't walk with you or you lose bush control. You will be pretty much babysitting looking for a "all in" opening. Most people don't respect Singed and view him as a simple troll pick. You will prove them wrong.
Real Talk.
As said before the playstyle is looking essentially Singed patiently looking for all ins or roam scenerios. Keep good vision control and give your jungler prio whenever they need it. Singed provides a lot utility. He has the best peel in the game with rylias. The displacement fling provides is insanely good. The goo grounding effect prevents enemies from diving and lockdowns any targets caught in the area allowing for an easy CC chain. Use your abilities to lockdown and peel. Do not force bad engages just because you can. It's a bad habit to form. You are a support. Support your team.

Singed with Rylias is the best peel in the game.
Nimbus Cloak and Approach Velocity Explanation.
There is no reason to take ghost or flash. Singed gets enough movement speed from approach velocity and nimbus cloak. Landing your W gives Singed a 15% movement speed. That is more movement speed than tier 2 boots can provide. It's 5% less than ghost. It's better than ghost since it is instantly activated and doesn't have a cooldown. Pressing exhaust on a target provides both nimbus cloak movement speed and approach velocity speed. It also slows the target by 30%. That is a significant movement speed difference allowing you to easily catch up to whoever you want.
Spell book.
Spellbook encourages the user to frequently use their summoner spells. Spellbook provides strong immediate temporary power whenever you need it. Pick summoner spell based on situation and bind to whichever summoner spell slot is currently on CD. Smite for dragon/baron steals. Flash and ghost for surprise mobility bursts. TP for re-enter or quickly re-position back into a fight. 4th spellbook doesn't provide much options to choose from (Flash, Ghost, and TP are no longer available)
Support Fundamentals.
I will quickly go over a support fundemental. First invade place a ward deep in the enemy jungle. On recall/death swap to a sweeper. You will need this. If you don't invade plant an early river ward 30 seconds before the jungle buff spawns. Intiate recall in adjacent bush at 38 seconds. Swap to sweepers.

Why sweepers start? Bush control is very important. Walking straight into the bot bushes stops the enemy bot from getting first auto and using targeted abilities. They will be forced to ward the bush wasting a ward charge. After they place it clear it when you get a chance. You could clear after the wave pushes back. The enemy bot lane will now be unnable to ward river and will not know the location of your jungler until they show on the map. You can use this pressure to zone them back. If you have flash you could make a flash bush play as well further increasing your bot pressure.

Always buy control wards on every back. Have at least 1 in the early game. Midgame always carry 2. Control ward high traffic areas like pixel or enemy jungle paths in the early game. Use control ward whenever on dragon or rift to deny vision even if that means losing an already place control ward. Clear crab when it's uncontested when key objectives are coming up. Buy vigil stone after 2nd item and boots even if you aren't level 13 yet. ALWAYS recall for wards when you are out and are not immedietely needed. ALWAYS ward relevent sides of the map. There is no reason to defensively ward your bot side when Baron is the only objective available.

Die for kills. The gold is more efficient on them than it is on you. That is the way you can maintain relevency.
ADC picks.
Generally, you want a strong early game ADC to guarantee the early game kills. It will also allow to contest farm due to their high damage. Even still you won't always get an ideal ADC. Sometimes you may get a kog'maw, sivir, or jinx but even with partners like this it is still playable. Singed makes for a good distraction. Distract the enemy long enough and your ADC should have ramped enough to win the fight. Any aggro on you is aggro not on them. Properly peel your ADC and they will do far more damage than you could output alone.

You may still have to sacrifice early farm if they have a stronger dou. You will most of the time be limited by what your adc can and will want to do. If they do not believe it to be "winnable" they may just leave you die despite having a great engage. This is a hard fact you will have to accept and may even have to leave the lane in order to try and create a lead elsewhere.
Boot Rush?
You don't necessarily need tier 2 boots but it does help out with roaming to other lanes. You already have high mobility. It would be far better to rush Rylias as soon as possible.
Hard poke lanes and echanter supports are Singed's greatest counters. Singed cannot contest poke from mages. It's very hard to engage on most enchanter supports. Both can peel you off or deal enough damage to prevent you from challenging a fight. Roaming could work but it's a coinflip. It also means abandoning your ADC. This results in the enemy botlane have free control over the botside of the map uncontested. They can freely stack plates, obtain farm, gain XP, and easily kill your alone ADC. They are freely scaling while you take all the risk attempting to create a lead else where.
Roaming Support (Soft Inting)
An alternative strategy to winning with Support Singed is to permentantly roam. You create leads in the early game for your team through roams, prio, and enemy sabotage. Ganking a teammate is a win-win situation. If you help your teammate kill his laner he is granted kill gold. If the enemy survives there is a good chance they would have been forced to use a resource to escape. Getting an enemy flash makes it more likely subsuquent ganks and solo kill attempts will succeed. If they take enough damage they will be forced to recall which means they will be down XP and gold. If the enemy stays they can no longer challenge the wave. Putting an ememy behind is the same as creating a lead for your teammates. This is not garunteed to work. It's much more reliable to play the lane out correctly. However, if the game is designed to be balanced through a 50% winrate than it's already a coinflip anyways...

Adellaide Skyhart will forever be in all of our hearts. A martyr. They walked the thin line of soft inting so that people like me and you could run. You cannot be banned for feeding on Singed while playing like this. Riot has officially spoken. Thebausffs is an imitator.
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