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League of Legends Build Guide Author GnomeRaper

[Sion] The #1 Gnome Raper

GnomeRaper Last updated on April 23, 2011
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Hey there its GnomeRaper. And uh well i find Sion to be one of the most efficient Champion to use when you are rapin dem Gnomes. I've been playing LoL for quite some time idk how long exactly but a few months and it quickly became my main game of interest. This is how i play Sion.

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K Pros are

Really high dmg
Nice stun
Good survive w/ Lifesteal
CC rapes you hard.
Little gnomes like Corki Have far escape abilities.

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K well my runes might look a lil strange, but it is what personally i personally belives works the best. The ArP is kinda Derp But some people get confused with the Atk Speed. You playing AD Sion, The AtkS Runes really help you out early game. With your little bit extra attack speed you will really ramp up your early game lethality. W/out those runes and the recent nerf to your stun :( you now can (w/out runes) stun the champ run up n hit em 1-2 times. At lvl 1 you can get up to 2-4 hits on them with these runes. You have a 10 crit chance too with those starting items. So lets say you spawn in lvl 1 go for that gank n grab the gloves. You have a 15 sec stun and a 0.595 attack speed. Ok well with my runes, you have around .700???? idk the math sorry would be nice if someone would tell me >.< sorry guys. Anyway I know from experience that you hit a few more times. K lets say u hit them 3 times so 59 dmg and lets say they have 0 armor and u crit on 1 of the attacks. You just hit for (not including stun dmg) 59+59+118= 236 And with that and a partners dmg Whew thats alot for lvl 1.

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Aint to much to say here I did change around the masteries to get some Attack speed n armor pen with a 2% crit chance. I like going 21 down defense for that AtkSpeed and survive ability. Sorry if you wanted more from this section :\ thats all.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost n exhasut relatively simple Replacements would be...

1: Cleanse: As AD Sion, You are.... AD? lol so if you get exhausted or teemo blinded you can cleanse that off n keep on hittin.

2: Flash: You are melee so i'd rather close the distance then just flash up n still be slow.

3: Heal: Your like WTF its cuts ur LS in half O.O ik ik but you see many a time i have been <200 hp and ran into a bush, healed, popped my shield and stuned then killed em This is recommended for good players, but even then only usefull lvls 1-5.

4: Revive: It really depends, many a time have i saved a game with it so works well if ur premade.

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K so items.
Sion is a great everything lol.
Pusher, Jungler, Ap, Tank, Ad, you name it.
But this we are playing Hard Op AD.

originally i planed to write out an entire game for you but decided just to put items up n talk bout em xD

E. Calling- Great item, Lifesteal and Crit PERFECT its active rapes people like mundo too.

B Greaves- Attack Speed and M. Speed, Great exactly what you need.

Zeal- Another AMAZING item for you. MS AS and Crit wow

Infinity Edge- This item makes me **** a lil. Give you 250% crits WOWZORGZ give you alot of dmg and alot of crit chance nice nice nice. Get this everytime

Vamp Scepter- Good life steal, gives you enuf with your E. Calling for now.

Finnishin That Phantom- God this item makes you. So much MS, AS and Crit amazing.

Blood Thirster- Your end-game item this is just ******ed now. If you can keep those stacks, WOW

If a game lasts this long u need the survivability. sooo

Frozen mallet- Great item for Hp and Dmg its really good.

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Laning Pre-6

K lol i say that alot
K -.-" i cant stop doing it >.<
iight well pre six, If ur ballsy go for that first gank if you dont have it, back off, just chill pop a HP pot if ur low. Then Just stay by ur caster creeps n run in to last hit.
That is the #1 part of early Game sion. Last hit for that HP your last hits > than ur partners.
You NEED those. If you opponent is pissin u off just get close like ur just gonna last hit Then hit em in tha face wit a stun and smack em around then go b after they try to retaliate.

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Laning mid game 6-12

Ok well mid game is tricky Hopefully you have your E. Calling Boots and one zeal.
Now you should gank for a kill. If you get a assist, that is fine just go back to laning. If you get a kill and still have over 7/10 hp gank some more OR jungle for red. By then you can go back and grab that Cloak Of Agility. Just keep rushing that Infin edge. Push occasionally be very careful of ganks on you.

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Late Game/Team Work

K late game, this is where u excel. At lvl 18 you wreck **** up. You want to be 2nd in to the fight, after your tank. Immediately Stun their Hard carry n go to down on him/her. Make sure you tell ur team to stay around you that life steal for your team is ridiculous. Your a machine. You cant die with a good team. And neither will they with your ulti.

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K well that was my short sad guide lol sorry for no pics im kinda a noob with this its my first guide on not even my best champ just one i really like. Please try it its really fun to just wreck it up. Add me, Sum Name is GnomeRaper and my new alt is Morbellix. GL HF guys.