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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Sion, The Raging Zombie

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 9, 2010
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Another Choatic Bliss insanity build.

This build is meant to be AD and ArP. This also makes full use of Sion's Enrage skill. Which should be up from the moment the game starts. This build can also be used to dominate a lane and farm extremely well. Farming HP and gold is key to this build. The overall cost is 10,472. That is cheaper than most builds, and can be built extremely fast.


These masteries are focused on CDR, Experience, and mana regen. These help due to the fact Sion has lengthy CDs. There isnt much to Masteries, so Ill move on


When it come to this build, Enrage is the carry skill, and must be maxed out ASAP. But you need a few points in Gaze and Caress. As you can see I have 3 ranks of Enrage by lvl 6. The reason is because of the itemization, which I will get to.

Priority for skills is Ult>Enrage>Gaze>Caress. I usually try to put 3pts in Enrage by lvl 6, than 3 pts of Gaze and 2pts of Caress before I cap Enrage. This will make Gaze and Caress more usuful as they do more dmg, and have short CDs.


Marks and Quints are ArP. Why? This is AD Sion, and ArP make Enrage more effective. Sion will have near 80 dmg with my starting item, and Enrage at lvl 1. That great dmg for that early in the game. Now add ArP to that, and you are doing insane dmg.

Ive got Crit Dmg Seals and Glyphs, because you will crit alot with this build. And Criting with ArP is like Ryze with 1k AP dropping his nukes and triple killing in some swift action. And with the amount of dmg you do, the LS you have will keep you near full health.


Ok now this is the fun part. Items are what make this build what it is. We start with Greaves, but that should be your second item. Ghostblade should be made first, and Ill tell you why. 1) Its a cheap and powerful item. Gives Arp, crit chance, CDR, and its active is like Yi's Highlander. If you play smart, you will have this by lvl 6. That means that your Ult and Ghostblade can stack to make farming easy, and no one with a brainstem will get within Gaze range. You are also able to solo the dragon with Ghostblade and Cannibalism. Insane LS, crazy AS, burst dmg due to ArP. You will being to dominate your lane.

Next build Leviathan and Greaves. With these not only will you be attacking faster, but with Ghostblade and Cannibalism up at the same time, you are sure to get stacks fast on Leviathan. This will all play into the build as it goes on.

Executioner's Call is next. People ask why. Its because Enrage costs life per swing, and Executioner's Call will add crit, and refund the life used. So it keeps me at full life so I dont have to worry about being ganked with low health. Its active is great for those that can heal or have high regen rates.

Atma's Impaler. This is the big item for this Sion. Its passive gives you insane bonus dmg. With his current health, w/o Leviathan stacks, he gains 50 more dmg. Thats insane dmg given ArP. But you are going to have more than that 2525. Enrage gives life for each kill unite you kill. So farm minions, get that life, and get Atma's.

Black Cleaver is insult to injury. This will allow for more dmg, and criting twice will kill most champs. Black Cleaver is one of the most sinister items for this build. More dmg, a stacking debuff that can make short work of tanks.


Janna is one of your best allies. She can set up kills and give you a nice power boost.

Nasus is another great lane partner. Wither, Spirit Fire, Gaze, and Ghostblade/Cannibalism=WIN

Taric is nother great ally. Dazzle and Shatter are great set ups. Also he can heal allowing for longer lane time.

If you want total lane control, get a pro Katarina. Gaze/Lotus will dominate almost anyone.

Most ranged DPS and Mage champs will cause trouble in the early game, but once you get Ghostblade and Cannibalism, they wont live long after a Gaze