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Sivir Build Guide by Jordo789

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jordo789

Sivir - Everyone Has A Price

Jordo789 Last updated on November 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome to my second ever guide. Ever since Sivir had that remake she always needed I have been playing her ever since, she is such a versatile champion. I absolutely love to play her as ADC, probably my new ADC right now.

I put notes on my runes, masteries and item setups instead of writing a whole segment about them. In my opinion there is no point in writing a prolonged paragraph or two when it could be saved for more in depth analysis on MY choice of playstyle.

If you read all the way through it and enjoyed it or did not enjoy it, please take just a minute or two to write a short comment on what you liked or what could be improved. (Then again if you're just reading this to look at some builds to try out, go right ahead, test it out and come back with your thoughts and what the outcome of the match was)

Just to reiterate, This Guide is MY OWN PERSONAL Opinion about playing Sivir so please don't bother with stupid questions like "Zepher Sucks on Sivir" Bla Bla Bla

Anyways Enjoy reading this guide and hopefully it helps you to win those games


Jordon :D

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Early Game

Like every ADC you need to rack up AS MUCH FARM AS POSSIBLE to buy those lovely items to stomp your opponents. Don't be afraid to take those caster minions on low health in fear of getting shot my the opposing ADC, during this phase you want just farm and kills IF you can guarantee them to be ending in your favour I.E your jungler is there to help you or they have the smallest slither of health left and you can just one shot them back to base.

Your best matchups are those who constantly use their spells such as Caitlyn, Janna, Quinn and maybe Vayne, this is because you can use your spell shield to block a majority of their damage or utility I.E. Caitlyn's Traps are basically your mana pots etc. So be sure to pay attention to their picks.

For your support you want someone who can engage fights really well such as Blitzcrank or Thresh but Taric and Sona are also good as well.

Also as a last EG note, you need to have literally lightning fast reactions against your lane opponents since your spell shield can block a surprisingly large amount of damage and could possibly save your life. Picture yourself against a Caitlyn and a Sona, you all are level 6 and next thing you know A WILD SONA FLASHES FROM THE BUSHES, she uses her ult but your lightning fast reactions counter it with your shield and you just saved yourself from a massive pummeling. Now...don't you feel epic for surviving that? Yeah, I thought so.

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Mid Game

Now assuming that you did well, everything should be smooth sailing, you have your items, gold etc everything is hunky doory. Now what you want to do is watch your allies carefully. This is because your ult and grant or give away kills. Sivir's ultimate gives a MASSSIVE MS Boost to all nearby allies. What is basically means is you can catch up to enemies to kill them or catch up to your allies to give them a clean getaway. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

This is when Map Awareness is CRUCIAL so better promote that Bronze Map Awareness to a nice Gold Awareness. Look at the map....Save a Life...or Take One.

Also at this point in the game you will be bale to push lanes so hard the other team won't realise until you've already taken the inhib turret and get back to base. Your movement speed will be really high and with your full build will be around 500 (inc Passive and Tri Force Passive). Split Pushing with Sivir is exceptionally effective, teamed up with her Q and W, she can clear waves in an instant and be quick enough to run back to base.

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Late Game

By this point in a match you can and should be pushing lanes hard, as well as joining up with your team at every moment to be there when the all important team fight breaks out. It is CRUCIAL to let your team know that you are pushing and to NOT engage in any fights without you as YOU will possess the most damage (besides your AP Carry of course or whoever is carrying you).

Now, when those team fights break out YOU need to stay at the back smacking the **** out of their ADC/APC, well basically all of their squishies. Don't worry about the tanks as your immense movement speed will allow you to clean up the rest (Assuming that you didn't get focused down to the ground)

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS push lanes, this is because it gives you more room and time to prepare I.E. surprise barons, dragons, or faking an objective to wipe them out. Keep pushing to keep your opponents constantly going back your minion waves.
When you are pushing ALWAYS KEEP YOUR JUNGLE AND THEIR JUNGLE WARDED, since you are pushing VISION is key here. You and your team need to know where the other team is at all times. VISION IS VICTORY, even buy wards yourself (I know right, ADC buy wards???? what are you thinking), buying wards yourself grants you the power to ward which places you want to rather than your support or whoever buys the wards to ward where they want. You need to place vision at key points to allow you time to run back when they eventually come for you

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Additional Side Notes To Consider

When chasing or attacking opposing champions. you should always move between BA (Basic Attacks) to keep up with them. The same applies to escaping, always hit the minions or champions to proc your movement speed passive, your Q ability also procs your passive (both champion passive and Tri-Force Passive) this will save you from stopping between attacks and save you valuable time.
Mastering this skill will have you use Sivir to her full potential and make use of her whole kit.

Your W ability will reset your BA timer so use it just after a standard BA to give you additional hits to your intended target. This also works with turrets as well.

The Alacrity Bonus on the boots are to be purchased after Tri-Force is bought as well as a Vamp Scepter. You can use any bonus you like but I feel that Alacrity fits the best

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Closing Chapter

Thats it to my guide on Sivir, please vote, comment and give me feedback

Note. I will update this guide if I feel that additional content is necessary I.E. I discover a new tactic or I missed something out.

I will be working on more guides so feel free to give me suggestions

Good Luck Out There Summoners

Jordon :D