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League of Legends Build Guide Author Considereth

Sivir: The Mistress of Carrying

Considereth Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sivir: The Battle Mistress

Sivir is a ranged dps champion that excels at farming, pushing, and team fights. Unlike other range carries, she is good at all phrases of the game. She can dominate her lane with Boomerang Blade and Spell Shield quite easily. As such, she has the ability to change the tides of battles quite easily and is an excellent solo quo champion to carry with. Without further ado, meet Sivir the Battle Mistress.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Armor Penetration Mark in order to get through to do more damage, we want our attacks to do maximum damage.
Dodge Seals because they scale so well with Sivir's passive.
Mana Per Level Glyphs because you do have mana problems.
Armor Penetration Quints combine nicely with marks to do some amazing damage throughout the game.

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Summoners Spells:

should always be taken with Sivir. This spell alone increases your ability to push lanes extremely well. Its also nice to teleport in on a minion to save an ally or pick up some kills.
to get away better, kite, and land an amazing Boomerang Blade + Flash combo for the kill.
is also good for the above reasons as well.

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Masteries and Skill Sequences:

Masteries you will want to take 0/9/21 most notability picking up from the defensive tree improved dodge in order to abuse Sivir's passive. The rest into utility in order to fix Sivir's mana issues, get cooldown reduction on both her summoners and abilities, movement speed, improved experience, and neutral buff increase in order to hold red longer.

The skill sequence will change from game to game. If you are laning against someone with dangerous cc, range abilities, etc you will want to put some points into spell shield early on. Otherwise, max out Boomerang Blade as soon as possible in order to do some nice harass damage and hopefully some kills. Next max out Ricochet for team fights and to push like a boss.

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How to play Sivir:

You want to solo. I cannot stress this enough, nobody is more worthy of it than you. You are the range carry, you are the damage output, and as such you need to get the level advantage/gold as soon as possible. As such, you want to take solo middle or top. Focus on last hitting at the start. No not push the lane forward with Boomerang Blade or Ricochet. When spell shield/flash is on cooldown, you are a very easy gank when the lane is overextended. As such, I will repeat that you do not want to push the lane forward even though you can quite easily. You just want to last hit and harass with Boomerang Blade during the start of the game along with bait them to give you mana with Spell Shield.

You have two options with Sivir. You can either team fight or tell your team to distract them while you push/destroy turrets. Choose wisely as this could determine if you win or lose. If you choose to push down turrets, you should follow these rules.

When to Push with Sivir?

1. When you killed the enemy champion and know the location of the other champions.
2. When your team is distracting them.
3. When you ace the team.
4. When you know you can push the turret and get away.
5. When your summoner abilities are up so you can teleport/flash away.

However, if you choose to team fight you want to stay in the very back. You can move forward to poke at them with your combo but generally you want to stay in the back. You are not a tank and you are not an initiator. You are a crazy AoE physical damage dealer when left unchecked. The best way to become unchecked is to hide until the team fight starts. When everyone uses their cc and what not is the time you can jump in. Try to pop your ultimate so that everyone benefits and start Ricochet/Boomeranging them to death. You want to bounce your boomerang off their low survivability champions in order to get the most out of it. If they start to target you flash out and reposition yourself. Remember that even at low life your Boomerang has crazy range so you can throw it, back up, and throw it again. You are a grass cannon so positioning is everything in team fights.

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Order of the Items

Pick up and a health potion as starting items. This will allow you to poke the enemy better along with providing survivability in order to farm up.

Next you will want to get your shoes and as such you want in order to improve your attack speed and allow you to last hit and push better. Afterward, you must buy as it is the best damage item on Sivir. Sivir is the best farmer in the game and as such it is quite easy to get high damage output from this item. This item gives you so much staying power and survivability with the lifesteal. You are able to lifesteal back up super fast off creeps in order to keep that push going.

The next big item is the which provides you the ability to shred through people's armor along with more attack speed and damage output. Sivir needs damage and attack speed. Black Cleaver fits this need so well it must not be passed up. After buying these two items, your dps is going to be extremely good but your survivability is going to be very low. In order to fix this problem you will want to build . This item provides survivability, a slow, and more attack damage all of which Sivir will enjoy to the fullest.

Situational Items

The next couple of items are situational. Am I being focused by magic damage? Build Banshee's Veil! Between Spell Shield and Banshee's Veil passive you can block some major CC and magic damage in the process. Am I being focused by physical damage? Build Thornmail! Do I need more damage? Build another Bloodthrister! Do I need more armor penetration? Build Last Whisper! Do I need more attack speed/movement speed? Build Phantom Dancer!

Sivir is quite capable of fixing problems she is facing by adjusting our build. As such, play smart and decide which path to take! Now get out there and carry with the Battle Mistress.