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Nunu & Willump Build Guide by Asuna Cat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asuna Cat

Smite Nunu Mid Guide for Climbing to Gold

Asuna Cat Last updated on June 29, 2018
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Nunu & Willump Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Unsealed Spellbook
Unsealed Spellbook
LoL Rune: Perfect Timing
Perfect Timing
LoL Rune: Minion Dematerializer
Minion Dematerializer
LoL Rune: Approach Velocity
Approach Velocity

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Waterwalking

+13 Attack Damage or +22 Ability Power, adaptive

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Win 47%
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Threats to Nunu & Willump with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ivern Easy matchup, Very similar to nunu, if someone picks ivern in your elo, you can be sure that he is attempting to accomplish the same goals as you. This is amazing, as you can both work together to succeed in positively influencing the game.
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Hi! My name is Asuna Cat! I'm a diamond 3 player who climbed there recently. I've got over two thousand games and have had a lot of experience climbing on multiple accounts, and this guide is guaranteed to get you to gold or above. My kda on Nunu is incredibly high, and my winrate is almost perfect.

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This nunu guide is specifically designed to carry yourself out into gold. They say you need to be a good player to be in gold, but really there is a specific formula, so just follow this guide to get to gold for sure.

The main idea behind this strategy is to make the jungler useless as a player. Essentially, we're just playing a numbers game here. It is much easier and you're almost guaranteed to win a 5v4, and that is exactly what you will be doing to the jungler during your counterjungling.
Your first course of action in game is to take your jungler's buff. Do not go for the enemy jungler's buff as it is too risky, since they will be expecting a nunu invade because you have smite.
Next, you will want to go mid and take some minions. If you notice your jungler going to a different camp, go to help him. If you accidentally take his next camp, it is ok. You are going to carry him.
Buy boots with your newly acquired gold, so that you can go help out your other lanes. Try to go the lane when the cannon is there, as you want to use your minion dematerializer on it to assist your teammates in pushing the wave. Pushing the wave is very important in this meta as it is all about having lane priority so that you can help take scuttle crab. Remember, scuttle crab is the most important jungle camp, so tell that to your jungler if they rage at you for taking their buff. I will provide a sample script for you. "It's ok, {insert jgler name} the scuttle crab is more important. You can take that!".
When your teammates are fighting, do not intervene immediately, as you want to bait the enemy into overcommitting and you don't want to risk losing your mejai stacks. Try to take the kills so that you can carry your team to victory! Remember, KDA is one of the most important statistics for determining your league skill.

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Pros / Cons

Easy to learn and master
Strong against most junglers
Lane priority
Buff control
Strong early game and late game
Very hard to counter

Low IQ teammates will flame
Heavy responsibility to solo carry
Mana heavy (but should not be a problem because of your high buff control)
High burst and sustain junglers are a problem
Teammates could afk

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Unsealed Spellbook is particularly effective as summoner spells are overpowered, and this gives you an an extra one. Therefore, your chances of winning are 50% higher than the enemy's if they do not take this rune. Also, you can change your smite to ignite later for more kill pressure or heal, to assist your teammates.
Stopwatch Op
This is another core rune in your arsenal. Minion dematerializer allows you to carry the game independently, regardless of how your teammates are playing. Generally, you want to walk into a lane with your superior movespeed and dematerialize the cannon. This rune nets you around 450 gold, making it one of the most important.
Approach velocity is made for nunu. After you use your snowball, the enemy will be slowed and then you can easily catch up to them. Also, this rune will allow to catch up to your ally champions, since their movement speed will be impaired because they are probably typing in chat to you.

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Nunu's basic attack grants 1 stack of Visionary. At 5 Visionary stacks, Nunu's next ability has no mana cost and is improved by 1 rank.
Nunu starts the game with 5 Visionary stacks, also granted upon Recall recalling or upon respawning.

Passive management is key, as the extra true damage on Consume can usually mean the difference between securing a camp and missing it. You almost always want to use the passive on Consume, in order to be sure you miss the least camps possible.

Active: Nunu commands Willump to take a bite out of the target enemy minion or monster, dealing true damage after a 0.4 second delay and healing himself.
Well Fed: Nunu gains 2% maximum health, bonus magic damage on his basic attacks, and increased size, as well as 10 bonus movement speed while out-of-combat, stacking up to 「 5 times 」. Stacks fall off one at a time every 55 - 140 (based on level) seconds.

The bread and butter that activates this entire strategy and defines Nunu as the hypercarry he is. Timing the Q is everything, as your Q damage will always outscale junglers' smite damages. Max this first to make securing camps much easier.
When smiting and Consuming at the same time, be sure to Consume first, as there is a bit of a cast time so it gives aware junglers a window to outsmite you. Avoid this by smiting 0.4 seconds after you cast the q to remove this window.

Active: The heat of Nunu and target allied unit's blood rises, granting bonus attack speed, bonus movement speed and 40% bonus ability power, up to a cap, for 12 seconds.

Mostly useless ability, use to outrotate your jungler to travel between camps. Also helps with stacking passive. Max this last.

Nunu launches a ball of ice at the targeted enemy, dealing Ability power magic damage, Cripple icon crippling by 25%, and Slow icon slowing for 2 seconds.

Most of your damage comes from this ability. In order to master Nunu, you have to know how low your opponents have to be in order to execute them with this ability. Because your teammates will most likely be degenerates, it is better to only use this ability to secure kills rather than poke a low health opponent. Remember: your main goal is to earn as much gold as possible. You cannot afford to have your feeding teammates reset their gold, so as a rule of thumb, only E if you are sure that will secure the kill.

Nunu channels for 3 seconds, Slow icon slowing by 50% - 95% (based on channel time) and Cripple icon crippling by 25% all nearby enemies. Moving ends Absolute Zero's effects immediately.
When the channel is completed or interrupted, Nunu deals magic damage to all enemies in the area, reduced to 12.5% - 87.5% (based on channel time) if interrupted.

The classic pentakill ability. You have probably seen clips of Nunu players channeling this ablility in bushes and getting pentakills. However, this is extremely unreliable, as there are many champions with CC abilities that can easily interrupt this ability. Because you are unable to move while channeling, you are an extremely easy target to lock down. Also, there is a chance that the bush you are ulting in is warded, and you will just die and look stupid for wasting ult.
That being said, the key to being successful is managing controlled variables. Enemy champions and friendly champions are all uncontrollable variables. Therefore, it is best to use this away from any champion.
For example, when you see a wave crashing in top or bot, you intercept it between inner and outer towers and use your ult to clear it. This is an easy way to get almost a kill worth of gold extremely quickly without wasting much time. As long as you are sure no champions are nearby, consider your ult just a standard gold generation.

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Summoner Spells

So, the obvious question, why smite? The answer to that is that you need to maximize your gold income so that you can carry your teammates effectively. This may involve some negative feelings towards you on behalf of your teammates. Do not be discouraged, as they are probably hardstuck and you will be gold soon. Make sure your team knows that you are utilizing this guide so that they don't think you are just a troll. If you are experiencing many dodges, just switch to smite at the last second. This summoner spell is irreplaceable and you must take this in all cases.

I find flash as the best choice to start. You can take other options, but flash is usually the best early game spell, as it is very versatile and you can make interesting plays with it such as flashing a wall to secure a camp. Remember, you will be running Unsealed Spellbook so you can always swap this out for ghost, ignite, or other spells later if the situation calls for it.