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Nasus Build Guide by LukeCA

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LukeCA

Solo Offtank Nasus - Only a Matter of Time.

LukeCA Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey There guys this is my Personal Nasus Guide. the Playstyle fits me well and it may fit you too. Before we start. This is an Offtank nasus Guide and build, There shall be no Heavy AD/DPS Nasus and No Pure tank nasus, the Title is what you get. Ok so Nasus is a valuable member of the team he can bring many things to the team due too his Debuffs being do Potent and Nasty.

In my honest opinion i think nasus is one of the best solo top offtanks you can get and his farming is nearly unstoppable. Thiss Guide will ensure you hit like a truck, but absorb damage long enough for your carries to do there job.

This Guide is Still Kinda work in progress, i need your help to make it better by leaving comments on what you would like to see in the guide.

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Ok Some of you may think these runes are silly. But they have reasons backing them up and these reasons may also seem petty but they have a huge impact on my games.
ArP Marks. I Chose ArP marks because i want to deal as much dmg as possible early/late game this also helps slightly with the last hitting on the minions, also if the enemy team sends a squishy champion top against you E.g Then you will deal a nice chunk of dmg with your attacks and

Flat Mana Regen Seals. i Choose mana regen seals so i can spam to Last hit Minions Constantly. These runes mixed with aPhilosopher's Stone Usually Solves Any mana problems through most of the game

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs. i Choose cooldown Reduction glyphs because it allows me to Use my Ult more often for aggressive/defensive options and use more often to last hit Minions and hit enemy champions more in fights.

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For Masteries i use 0/21/9 For more Survivability, Upgraded Summoner Spells and increased utility. i dont use 21/9/0 because Although that would increase his dmg alot its just not needed. the 21 points in Defence will serve you better, remember you wanna be a hard to kill target who can kill the enemys fairly fast, this is the offtanks duty!

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Now heres the part where some of you will Wonder why i chose these items. Well the items Listed at the start of my guide are the items i use against a balanced enemy team. but please DO NOT USE THESE ITEMS EVERY GAME the items will vary depending on your enemys, you will have to learn to adapt to enemy champions, this is similar to jungling as in i cannot teach you this. you gain experiance from this over time

oh how i love you <3. Ok enough fantasizing over an item, but honestly for dmg this is the only item you will realy need The Sheen Proc will boost your dmg through the roof, you will be hitting 900 on the enemy ad carry, and with the rest of the items i have chosen you will be Too tanky to focus. But too strong to ignore. and that my Friends is Magic.

Now that you have finished the trinity force you will want to start building survivability, against a balanced team your goal is too get 200 Armor and 200 magic resist, so check your enemy teams score on there champions, and now ask your allies whos hitting hardest.

Lets look at an Example. the enemy have a tryndamere hes 6.4.2 He Appears to be building attackspeed and dosent have the infinity edge yet. Armor would reduce his Dmg to nothing at all however. the enemy have a brand hes doing allright with his 3.3.2 score. But he has that Nasty so what your gonna need is either a or a those 2 items are amazing but kinda situational for example if the enemy had a he can easily remove the sheild from banshees and it will not block one of Spells.

But Force of Nature has high magic resist but no spell blocking effect. its up to you to make the decision.

However the enmy team is doing good on Physical Dmg and Magical dmg. I Heavily Reccomend Not only is it cheap, it gives you Some Realy nice stat increases and Also gives your team some nice bonuses too. Do not get it if 2 members of your team allready have it E.g Tank and Support. Because then your aura will be wasted as it does not stack more than 2 times. But please get Aegis dont skip it thinking it sucks. It is and Awesome item that can win games easily.

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Skill Sequence.

i start with one Point in Siphoning Strike to Start getting the last hit Dmg up ASAP i then get one rank in for defencive and offensive reasons, then i max , Then also getting my ult whenever its available If your laning enemy does not focus around physical attacks before .
As you play nasus you will learn what skills are needed against what enemies.

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Summoner Spells.

Ill Keep this short just incase your about to start a game and you need to know whats suitable in my opinion for

Lukes Good Old Options.
Flash Many peoples favorite escape or chase spells, Although i love flash with all my heart. ghost seems better on nasus in my opinion. if you take flash replace it with ghost.
Ghost Great for Getting in a fight or getting out. this spell will allow you to kill your laning enemy easily when you land
Teleport Sometimes Early game you will get owned and need to heal but not miss out on exp, this item will aid you heavily.
Exhaust (Replacing Teleport Usually) if you plan on killing the enemy early or plan on alot of 1v1 fights. this will make sure you win them all!
Ignite (If your Planning on Killing the enemy laner early, or are Laning Against Champions Similar to .

You Can experiment with other summoner spells but those are the ones i use the most. Probably the same for you guys too eh? :D

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Insane Dmg Mid/Late game
Very Strong Slow/Attackspeed Debuff
AoE DoT and Armor Debuff
Ult Can Easily Devestate enemys when being Jumped on.
Tanky as hell Yet, So Strong to be ignored.

His insane Dmg Takes time.
His Insane Dmg can be Stopped if his Laning Enemy is Smart enough to stop you last hitting (Which you Shall not Let them Do! >:O )
DoT is pretty weak in teamfights, Mainly for the armor Debuff
Slows Duration is Greatly Reduced if the enemy Has a Good Amount of Tenacity
Even with the ult, if you were crippled too much early game the enemys will focus you Even Through the ult.
His Name Means Nose. >:C

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Im Free Farming!~ Free Farming Baby!~
Nasus is made for Farming Anyone knows that. Make sure you Kill a Minion with is off cooldown. If it is on Cooldown Last hit the Minions with auto attacks, you need gold.

If your enemies are Not Last hitting the minions but instead auto attacking the **** out of them dont panic, you have them right were you want them. Your Jungler will Soon spot them over extending and will aid you with a gank and this will get you even more gold due to assists and kills.

Now the dreaded moment. Where although it hurts me to say it... you are being beaten solo top... *Sniff* All i can say is STOP maxing Wither and max Spirit fire and use it to harass the First tick of Dmg can Knock them off your back. And keep in mind your passive at all times.

Now even more painfull for me to Say, Try to Stay Farming CONSTANTLY for 20 mins. By then the Dmg you deal will be INSANE. LeBlanc insane if you catch my drift hah. Try to Ignore your teams Requests for Ganks in other Lanes. Only Go if it is URGENTLY needed.

Once the 20 mins of farming is up. Kill your Enemy Top Lanes Turret then Proceed with your Team for some teamfights and pushing.

Also if you lost your turret or killed the enemys early. Make Sure your Last Hitting stuff with your Q All the time, if your walking to mid lane kill a few jungle mobs (only do this mid/late game if you do it early you will cripple your jungler)

Also if your Feeling Brave. Steal an Enemys Golem buff or lizard buff the less advantages the enemy has the less they stand a chance to your Might!

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This is where it matters. Now we will See who will live and who will die! (Get it? :P) Focus the Enemy AP/AD Carrys Whichever is Doing the most Dmg, Usually its the AP Carry so i tend to go for them. 2 Hits from Should do the Trick for each carry if not Use More. But wait... Your and Offtank its not only your Job to kill Enemy carrys, But Protect your own. If and Ally Carry is In Danger of an enemy STOP THEM you are there guardian Protect them with your dmg and Debuffs :D. Also at the start of any teamfight Use on as many enemies as possible it will get rid of a nice chunk of there armor.

Now heres the tricky part. now and then you will be forced to retreat from a teamfight having about 200 hp left. you can use your weak condition to your advantage if your team is still alive. Bait the enemy to chase you a little bit then use and But do not do this if you know that enemy can finish you off with 1 hit :). Any Enemys foolish enough to chase you will be Destroyed by your teammate and your team will shower you with there affection. :D

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Your Role.

With this Guide you are a Offtank. but some say "Whats a offtank?" well its a Pretty tanky Champion who can deal a nice amount of dmg. Kinda Like a Backup Tank but with dmg. your job is to kill enemy carrys while protecting your own. it is also your job to help absorb dmg but DO NOT initiate. Only initiate if your team Does not have a Tank.

DO NOT Chase 1 Enemy who left the teamfight. if an enemy escapes a teamfight dont bother chasing. Continue with the enenmys still in the fight. as the chance of killing them will be much higher than that 100hp Nyandalee, Honestly shes hard to catch even with nasus.

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Nasus is a very powerfull offtank many people Under estimate. But the Potention of this Guy is Out of this world. Please Enjoy him, He was my very first champion and hes One of my best. I Hope this guide will make him your best too.

Please For Imrpovement Purpopses Leave a comment and tell me what you think
Also if you Vote up/down Tell me why so i may improve the guide and listen to your Opinions and answer any questions left by you, My Loyal Readers.

Also if you want music for your next game you could Listen to this.

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New Masteries Update

Due to the new masterie update this guide may not work 100% i will be editing the masteries constantly. sorry about this. i would kinda prefer you dont use the guide till i found the right masteries :)