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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Tharran

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tharran

Solo Top - AD Jarvan

Tharran Last updated on December 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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AD Jarvan is extremely underplayed and even more so unappreciated. However, he is extremely powerful when used correctly and can easily carry a team. As a side note, I haven't lost a single game playing this build in over 20 games or so. Both his Q and his R scale very well with attack damage, and alongside his E and passive, he can burst down a target remarkably fast. I recommend armor penetration runes, because these, alongside his Q, will seriously reduce even the armor of enemy champions and allow for some big hit damage. It is worth noting that armor pen also helps his passive, as his passive deals a flat based percentage of your target's current health. Between Exhuast, your W (Golden Aegis), your Q and E combo, which knocks enemy champs into the air, and your ult, Jarvan has incredible CC and can be almost impossible to escape, depending on how well you execute these moves in order.

To start, I recommend a Doran's Blade. The added health is always nice, and the extra AD is required, as he starts out rather low on AD to begin with. While in the lane, farm passively till you hit lvl 2. At this point, you can start harassing the enemy. Drop your stadard on them, pull yourself in with your Q and get off your first hit to proc your passive. All together, you will do about half the target's health in less than a few seconds. From here, you can either stay in the fight, exhaust them and ignite, or back off, wait 6 seconds, and do it again. Once you get your shield at lvl 3, it becomes even easier to harass, as you can use the slow from the shield to escape. On your first trip back, pick up boots, another Doran's, and health pots or sight wards if you have the gold. Go straight for a BT first, the added damage makes you extremely deadly early game and will let you easily dominate your lane. Make sure you level up your Q first, as it is very heavy on damage and the higher the lvl, the more armor it reduces.

By mid game start going for your Warmog's, the added health makes you much tougher to kill in a fight. You should also have decent MR and Armor from your Merc Treads, Runes, and passive buff on his E. Playing Jarvan in lane is all about harassment until you are ready to kill the other champion. In team fights, you must be wise, you are not, or at least should not try to be, the primary tank. Aim for the squishier targets first and after you have bursted them down, move on to the next priority. When you have a primary tank and room to move around, Jarvan is very good at causing chaos for the other team. Use this to your advantage. Next go for an IE, the added damage is great and the increase in crit chance is good also. Finally, finish off with a Phantom Dancer to get your core build. You will have very high attack speed, a good amount of AD, a good amount of armor penetration, and about 3500 health to boot. Apart from the core build, you will have 1 slot left over, this is your situational slot. If you want to go for extra damage, grab another BT. If you want more tankiness or CC, grab a Frozen Mallet. If you are getting targeted, grab a Guardian Angel. Does the other team have a lot of AP? If so, Force of Nature, Banshee's Veil, and Maw all work good. Which ever one you pick should be dependent on whether or not you need more MR and health, MR and damage, or MR and tankiness. If the other team has a lot of AD, you can grab a Frozen Heart, a Thornmail, or Randuin's.

While the core build should be followed to the best of your ability, the order which you acquire these items is not set in stone. BT, IE, and Warmogs should all try to be acquired as soon as possible, however, lets say a champ on the other team gets fed and is causing trouble for you. It is far better to grab your situational item first, or at least build towards it, like grabbing hex drinker on your way to Maw, then to try and dogmatically follow the build guide. While this guide is optimal, it can change based on circumstances.

Below are some screen shots of victories, they go further back then that, but they are no longer shown in my match history.

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