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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Antisocial

solo top penta kill Cho 'Gath

By Antisocial | Updated on March 13, 2012
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Ability Order


Now I know what you are thinking, why not build tank. Well the answer is simple Cho is already a tank.

I mean seriously his Feast gives him 600 HP. With this guide if they get through your Rupture and scream they won’t have enough health to engage you anyways.

Withthis guide Cho will be the main initiator, killer and still be able to tank. Now Cho can tank, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea.

This is a guide for any bots of course any pvp.

Ifyou are looking for a Cho ‘Gath that does a lot of damage and can take a hit this is that
guide, If not then leave.

I would also like to say that this is my first guide so if I made any mistakes please tell me what I can improve.

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Cho 'Gath is a very easy character to master
His Vorpal Spikes deals allot of damage but cost no mana
His Rupture is 300 plus basically %100 of his AP
His Feral Scream deals decent damage and silences them
His Feast not only does true damage, and gives him 600 additional HP but he also grows
His joke is self explanatory
It is easier to have a jungler on your team
You are good in early mid and late game
Cho’s ability’s complement each other
Early game your Vorpal Spikes has massive damage output
Tanky but deadly

His Feral Scream does have a short range
If you die you basically lose 300 HP so you have to play very safe
The enemy team will focus you because your Feast stacks
His Rupture is delayed and very easy to see
You have to turn off your Vorpal Spikes while attacking the enemy turrets
Your team on ranked and pvp will depend on you

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Before I discuss abilities it took me three hours to get that coding right so if it looks horrible go suck a nut.

Anyway, the reason for that specific arrangement is because
    at low level you will not be as mana hungry and you can farm and have a larger damage output sooner.
    by the time you are "mana hungry" you won't be.
    (that one will be explained later)
    vorpal spikes is vital for your survival AKA your passive

to explain what I said earlier (all of "cho'gath" abilities compliment each other. the reason I said this was because his vorpalspikes make him both melee and ranged.

But what if the enemy is getting away?
That is were his Rupture slows them %60, so they can't.
What if their "popping their ULTS?
Feral Scream takes care of that.
such is how his abilities "compliment" each other.
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Well I couldn't really get any awsome rune pictures so sadly this one will just be all words. The main reason I went with these specific runes is because ability ppower is of utmost importance to "cho'gath". I even decided to give him health because he will also need the most available health he can get for a solo lane.


Ok so you do start out at level one with about 60 points of AD damage. So if you add that when you take Vorpal Spikes first without any AP you will deal 60+20 or 80 points of damage. this is not including any armor or magic resistance. now with the runes he gets you will have 7 ability power. To include the masteries it is 11 AP. Add the item and it is 27 AP. So with all of the AP you will deal 88 ppoints of damage, and to add Havoc it is 132 damage. So at level 1 you deal 130 damage. If you can name one character who can do that much damage please tell me when you vote.
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Well I wanted to build the awsome AP "cho'gath" but still keep a little bit of the tank with him. So I went with the armor and magic resistance but still kept the cooldown reduction and the AP. The most important mastery that you need to get with him is Havoc because, it makes him do that much more damage.

The "veteransscar" starts him out with (including items and everything else) 160 aditional HP. With that he that much more tanky. But still making him be a main source of AP damage
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The wonderful most important ITEMS!!!


Ok so your core items should be Doran's Ring first. It is very important that you get those first because the health, mana regen, and AP are all esential for Cho at levels 1-3. Don't get rid of it until you get your first Blasting Wand because by then you will have your "make ups" for that item. Then of course you MUST get Tear of the Goddess before Blasting Wand for your Archangel's Staff. To do so will give you more mana and you will have even more mana for when you do get your Archangel's Staff. The reason I recomend Void Staff last is because you already will have your magic penetration. That item is just for you to ensure or close the gap so you have total victory.


If you really think that the Void Staff isn't necessary then just get another rabadons death cap, or get Will of the Ancients so you can have a way higher damage outcome or be a little bit of a caster support.
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Last Words

This guide should provide a very sturdy high damage dealer that can be able to initiate and easily mess up the enemy team. I hope this guide is very good for all of you if not please tell me how I can improve my future guides. After all this is my first guide. Anyway enjoy the valuable information I have above and, please tell me if I should include how to play "cho'gath", or how to initiate etc.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Antisocial
Antisocial Cho'Gath Guide
solo top penta kill Cho 'Gath