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Caitlyn Build Guide by SoltrixEUW

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoltrixEUW

Soltrix's Caitlyn 101.

SoltrixEUW Last updated on April 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys!

I am an ADC Main from EUW and just feel like its time i made a guide! this is my first guide and i will be creating more in the future, my guides will be presented for ALL the adc champions i am able to give a better insight to !

All feedback to this guide is much appreciated, also i stream ADC footage pretty much everyday on :) if you have any immediate questions i am sure to be on there !

--- Caitlyn ---

Caitlyn is pretty much the strongest "Laning" ADC in the game, super high range makes it easy to harass, as well as keeping you safe. her traps are lifesavers and her E-Q combo is pretty deadly if you know when you can execute someone with it. however there is her mid-game. her mid-game kinda sucks in comparison to other ADC's and you will generally be just helping your team get through to the late game with this champion. Late game Caitlyn however, pretty deadly. you have enough attack speed to be critting and headshot procs to make you a really strong late game ADC, your not a hyper carry like Jinx for example, but you're super strong, and safe due to your ability to slow enemies and place strategic traps to cut people off from you.

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Ok, so with caitlyn you want to play her with the strongest late game you can, your mid game suffers due to the strength of other ADC's but you want to make up for that when you start getting all your items.

1. Infinity Edge

This is the bread and butter first item you build on caitlyn. there is absolutely no reason you should not be building this item first seeing as the passive of the item synergises perfectly with Caitlyns head shot passive.

2. Phantom Dancer

Ok, i tend to slide between PD and shiv often its quite situational. PD has the better late game single target damage with the amount of crit you gain from it. but remember your only part of a 5 man team. if your playing in a team without any waveclear at all, your going to want to pick up the shiv. otherwise PD is a much stronger item since the crit buff it recently recieved.

3. Beserker greaves

one thing i would like to point out is that you really do not need boots in laning phase. ever. your just putting your build behind the more you put into these. maybe pick up normal boots after you finish your infinity edge, however one thing you should always do is instead of upgrading normal boots into beserker's, if you have enough gold for your Zeal. pick up the zeal instead, your movement speed will increase (not as much though) and you gain other important combat stats, more specifically the crit.

4. Bloodthirster

this item is kind of situational. seeing as the current meta (with cinderhulk being OP) you may be better off running Blade of the ruined king. purely due to the %health damage which will be chunking down those pesky tanks. however if there isn't a hyper tank then bloodthirster will be your general choice due to its high AD, high lifesteal, and overheal shield which dramatically increases your survivability.

5. Last Whisper

one thing i would like to note is that for the majority of your games, you will be building this before bloodthirster. its a tank meta and you need to deal with that accordingly. however, if you are really fed and the tanks are not really tanky yet, pick this up after. the survivability and high damage you will be dealing will be enough to keep your team winning the fights.

6. Guardian Angel

ok so there are generally 2 defensive items you will be running with the current meta, GA and Mercurial Scimitar (QSS). if the enemy team somehow hasn't got any CC that your support can't deal with, or you are just getting one shot by a fed player, pick up a GA. this item is like the really annoying adc version of zhonya's but after you die, it creates time where if you get one shot, the enemy team will be standing around trying to kill you whilst your team "should" be dishing out some damage trying to get you back into the fight safely.

7. Boot enchantments

You only ever need to get homeguards when you are on the defensive. thanks to recent patches you can change your boot enchantments which is awesome as enchantments are soo game situational and can change at any time which is better. but homeguards are literally only the best option if you are on the defensive.

this item makes attack-moving soo much easier, its like the tri-force ghost effect without the phage. makes it super easy to kite and super easy to keep up with fleeing enemies. this is your teamfighting enchantment, super strong.

Alot of people have been picking up this enchant, i personally dont think its worth your money. yes the movement speed is nice but in a teamfight its not as good as furor, and if your defending your not as fast as homeguards. its like the middle pick between. not worth buying due to the fact you can change enchantments now.

elixer's should be bought everytime you are preparing for a serious fight, dragon / baron control. sieging, splitpushing etc. they are underrated for what they are and can be that little extra bit of damage to win you the team fight.

Always start with the warding totem, helps keep your laning phase safe seeing as the support can't afford to buy wards this early, you should keep this until laning phase is over.

Scrying orb will be your best friend, especially as a caitlyn. being able to get vision on the blind areas of the map safely is a god send. worried if the enemy team is doing baron or baiting baron? orb it. better to be safe than sorry. also, enemy runs out of sight and your trying to get your ult off? pop the orb, finish them off and gg ? :P