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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by A Red Feather

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Hybrid Roaming Eve

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Hybrid Roaming Eve

Updated on April 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author A Red Feather Build Guide By A Red Feather 418 70 1,934,823 Views 243 Comments
418 70 1,934,823 Views 243 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author A Red Feather Evelynn Build Guide By A Red Feather Updated on April 25, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



  • Welcome to my Evelynn build! I'm A Red Feather, AKA HaydenIsGod. With this guide I will show you how to build Eve to ensure safe, essential kills early game, and continue to be a massive threat and scale well into the late game.

I find that running Eve hybrid is the most effective for numerous reasons.
  • First being that she is an incredible utility champion, and can still be a hard carry. She excels at back dooring with Trinity Force proc and Guinsoo's Rageblade stacks.

  • She forces the enemy team to spend crucial early-game money on Vision Wards and Oracle's Elixers. Her speed and Shadow Walk make her unpredictable, and therefore a constant worry.

Running her strictly AD/AS or flat AP is not maximizing her potential.
  • Yes, she nukes hard as AP but lacks sustain in combat. And in AD she crushes opponents with attack speed and DPS, but fails to make use of her unbelievable skills.

Hybrid completely takes of advantage of the game changing abilities Evelynn has to offer.
  • I find it to not only be the most effect playstyle for her, but by far the most fun. It makes her Hate Spike slice like glass shards and her physical DPS attacks completely sunder an unsuspecting enemy.

  • Through this guide I will discuss how I play Eve, and how I have found success with her. Please leave comments below as I am always looking for improvement.

This is my first build so be nice and help me become a better player with constructive feedback! :D

P.S. Huge shout-out to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here. Really made this a smooth process!
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We need to talk.
  • I have not been roaming long. I do not know the proper procedure on roaming. But I do know that it builds team unity by communicating and setting up ganks. I do know that it feeds my carry (whether that is me or our Ashe), which is my ultimate goal. I do know that it has given me much better map awareness, along with better decision making skills on whether to initiate a fight, or push a lane, or to retreat.

It's simple, really.
  • You need an understanding of what YOU are capable of, what your TEAMMATES are capable of, and what your ENEMY is capable of. THIS is how you come out victorious on ganks.

  • I always start a game by observing both teams. Does my mid lane champion have some form of CC to stack with my slow? Who is going to what lane? Do we have a jungle? Do they have a jungle? What is their escape method? It's a lot to consider. But it is how I have become a better player not just with Eve, but with all characters.

  • I start off with my Boots of Speed along with 3 Health Potions. This allows me to maneuver effectively and yet be able to sustain myself for more ganking.

Your early ganking is crucial.
  • As is timing. Like I stated before, I do not claim to know everything about roaming. But you can greatly increase your chances of success by making well planned, educated decisions. Derp, right? Wrong. Knowing when to initiate/slow an enemy, how far that enemy is from his/her tower, and how close your teammates are to the gank are vital. There is no set answer on how to do this each and every time. But I do have some tips.

  • I check to see which lane has the least chance of escape. Did their Teemo bring Flash/Ghost or Teleport/Ignite? Does our Alistar have Exhaust or did he bring Heal? I will make the decision with the my team. I will let them know where I will be, who I will be ganking, and when I will be ganking.

A Few Things:
  • You do NOT have to always initiate the fight! Yes, it does help and it is my preferred method. But if your mid Annie has her Pyromania stacked, let her combo and then you come in and chain CC (crowd control) and finish. Be there when you are needed. Feed the carry.

  • It is not always your duty to kill. Force an early Flash - make them burn their Ghost. This will place them in a steep disadvantage for when you set up your next gank seconds later. Which leads me to my next point:

  • The element of surprise is key. My favorite roaming tactic is to set up a mid gank: make them burn their summoner spells and instill the fear. Visibly walk towards the top bush as if you are going to gank top since your gank "clearly failed" (says their 0/1 Miss Fortune [about to be 0/2]). Turn on your Shadow Walk, have Ravage ready, and immediately gank again (Do not just dive in. As I said above, know where your enemy is, where the towers are, and where your team mate is). It will take the enemy off guard and, for me, is a surefire way to seal a kill.

  • Be everywhere. Be in every bush, every shadowy corner, right next to every enemy. Do not let the enemy settle. Force them to make decisions they don't want to make. Let them know you are waiting for them in that bush. And then leave. Go help another lane. You have done your job. And if the fight presents itself, be there.

  • I ALWAYS start ganks from bushes. Even with an enemy that has Oracle's, he/she cannot see you if you are in the bush! DO NOT forget this!

  • I always buy my Nike's as soon as I have the money. My speed with Movement Quints and Nike's is INSANE. Use this speed to your advantage.

  • You must understand that you are squishy. Very, very squishy. It is your duty to initiate a fight, and to understand when it is time to leave or stay. You play a crucial role on your team. Do not make bold decisions that will cost you a death and therefore missing out on a gank when you needed to be there.
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Skill Sequence

W > E > W > Q > E > R

  • Why have I only posted the first six skills in my sequence? Because like everything else in LoL, her sequencing is situational.

  • After level 6, if I feel that I need to farm more, I will dedicate more points into my Q: Hate Spike than my E: Ravage. I will reverse this and pump points into Ravage and Shadow Walk if I am getting kills and got my Sheen early.

  • I do consider the first 6 skills to be set in stone, however. You need to start off with your invisibility; it is your primary ganking tool. You need Ravage to boost your damage output. On level 3, I ALWAYS put another point into Shadow Walk. Not only does it increase my stealth time, but it increases the % of the slow as well. 30% slow at level one with invisibility is nothing to scoff at! Pop a point in Hate Spike for some quick farming and spamming during ganks. Then once Malice and Spite is up, you will probably have your Sheen by this point which will result in some tasty ganks.

  • Other Eve builds might tell you to only put 1 or 2 points in Shadow Walk until late game, but not this roaming Eve guide. I find it is more beneficial if you can stay cloaked right next to the enemy and time a proper gank rather than running in and running out constantly.

  • Also, it increases your slow percentage! If an enemy mid champ is playing conservatively and only pops out of position to clean off that last minion, BE THERE WHEN THEY MAKE THAT MISTAKE! You will be able to be there longer AND slow the enemy, allowing your Caitlyn to get off a clean Piltover Peacemaker. Did I mention it increases your slow time?

Very well then.
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I find that Evelynn works best with these runes, making sure that she packs a punch early game and can be all over the map, popping up when that over-extended Xin Zhao needs you there the least.
Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation - I run ArPen reds for numerous reasons. First, they are more bang for the buck than MagPen reds, and I find my DPS with Guinsoo's and TrinForce is more pronounced than my Hate Spike and Ravage spamming. I like Armor Pen reds for the early game boost but would MagPen work better with spamming Hate Spike? Let me know what you think! Both work really, I suppose it is a matter of preference.

Greater Seal of Resilience - After much consideration, the Flat Armor seals are the better way to go with Eve. Dodge seals simply are not effective enough unless you dive into the defensive master tree/use Ninja Tabai/are Jax. Flat armor leads to safer, more successful ganks early on and allow for safer jungle invasion as well.
Greater Glyph of Celerity - Who doesn't need CDR? These ensure that you can jump their Akali, combo and chase for a bit and then cleanly return to stealth is an surprisingly short time to finish the job.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness - Ahhh...Speed. I just recently bought these and I'm thinking about putting them on every character I play. I absolutely love them, and they are necessary for this beautiful build. These allow you to be everywhere, at anytime. Paired with Trinity Force and your Nike's and you will have all the speed you will ever need.


Greater Mark of Strength - Also a fine option. I run these on my Jungle Eve for an easier time in the jungle, but they are just as deadly on Roaming Eve.
Greater Glyph of Shielding - Very nice for that extra defensive boost. I love these, and though you don't feel their effectiveness early on, they are definitely worth considering.

Greater Quintessence of Strength - Also for easier jungling, also ran on my Jungle build. Just makes you that much more of a threat early game and giving your jungle clear time a little love.
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Summoner Spells

I find Ignite to be a critical part of this build, which relies on early kills and assists. Paired with a smart ganking partner, this more often than not is the nail the coffin for an unsuspecting victim. Do not underestimate Ignite as a healing deterrent - deadly against Vlad, Swain, and Dr. Mundo.

I find it useful for so many things: mainly setting up perfect last minute positioning for a slow or finishing blow. Specifically, when you are getting focused late game and have Guardian Angel, this spell is just perfect for a quick escape when the enemy team is surrounding your corpse and you Flash + Shadow Walk away.


Another useful spell, especially on roaming Eve. Allows more map control, better ganking positioning, and even for some tasty kiting around minions with Hate Spike spamming. However I rarely (if ever) find myself needing more speed with my Boots of Mobility, Movement Quints, Trinity Force, and Malice and Spite. Up to you.

Effective offensively and defensively, Exhaust ups the chance of a successful gank (which is your job!) and a cheeky survival.
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Skills Explanation

Hate Spike
Hate Spike is your primary farming and pushing tool, while also being extremely helpful with ganks. When Q is pressed, numerous spikes come out of the ground to damage a nearby enemy and automatically deal 50% of that damage to another nearby enemy. This is NOT a toggle skill, so be prepared to slap away on that Q key!

Shadow Walk
Your bread and butter, although with the nerf this is reduced in theoretical effectiveness and requires much better positioning and timing. When you activate W, Eve becomes invisible after 2 seconds for a set length of time. The more points you put into it increases the stealth time and the effectiveness of the slow. Upon hitting an enemy, you are no longer stealth. TIP! Hate Spike can apply the slowing effects to 2 enemies - use this to your advantage.

A nice little melee nuke. With 1:1 AP stacking, it is deadly and critical on this build. Open ganks with it, finish enemies with it, and it reduces Armor and Magic Resistance. Yum.

Malice and Spite
When activated, Eve goes into 'overdrive' mode. Her attack speed and movement speed skyrocket, and as a bonus she gains health per kill/assist, which you will find saving your behind more often than not! In addition, its cooldown automatically refreshes upon killing an enemy, which really lets you tear through enemies.

[column] [/column]
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  • Interesting new masteries!

  • With build 1, I like to run 9/0/21. The utility is nice with movement speed, extra starting gold, and cooldown reduction on Summoner spells. Pretty standard.

  • With build 2, 21/0/9 is the way to go. The extra damage early game is great, and you need the increase to your buff time for successful ganking.

  • Build 2 can also go 21/9/0 if you feel you need the extra early game defense. The returned damage to minions is pretty nifty too.

  • Still working on more options with the new masteries. They are very interesting and flexible, and I feel that we haven't found the full potential in them yet! Will be updating this as time goes.
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Starting Items


I feel this is mandatory. Your job is to gank and to be annoying and to be everywhere. These help you do that the most early game. No questions.

More health = less time at base = more time ganking = more kills. Also, new masteries allow you an extra potion. Buy it.
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Gold/Second Items

I have noted that many high ELO Roamers almost always take a Gold/Second item such as Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone or Heart of Gold to compensate for the lack of minion farm and botched ganks.

I am currently play testing through some Gold/Second items. I find that while Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone is EXTREMELY useful (as many consider it a necessity), it is difficult to mesh cleanly into this build.

Here's Why:
  • At 5 gold every 10 seconds, giving you 30 gold every minute, it takes a little over 26 minutes to fully refund the 800 gold cost. Consider that I take Greed on top of this, that is 36 gold every minute. Quite a chunk of change.

  • However, as I stated above, our starting items are set in stone. You need your Boots of Speed and Health Potions. That means that you must purchase these Gold/Second items after your initial 455 Gold investment.

Which brings me to our problem.
  • We absolutely, unequivocally, simply MUST purchase our Boots of Mobility upon our first return to base. Well, why? Because without these boots, you may as well not roam Eve. They are the reason this build works. The added movement jets you to where you need to be, allows you to counter-jungle if needed, and enables you to chase down fleeing enemies. The longer it takes you to buy these boots, the less you are able to help your team, and therefore, yourself.

  • After this, I feel that building Sheen is even more beneficial than Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it improves your ganking exponentially, which can bring in a high yield of gold. Assuming you cannot execute a gank correctly, it also allows you to JUNGLE successfully! Proc'ing Sheen and spamming your skills can allow you to clear the jungle in a short time, not only gaining crucial gold but also giving you Red and Blue buffs which can secure another gank. If your jungle is taken up by a jungler, you can attempt a lane gank, and then help push said lane, last hitting when you can.

  • Most importantly, however, is that neither Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, or Kage's Lucky Pick Kage's Lucky Pick (lololol) build into anything that we find necessary for this guide. The benefits from Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone, for example, hold to be self evident: The rapid regen allows you to retreat from early failed ganks, regen a good chunk of health, and go back in to finish the job. But so do Health Potions. At a much cheaper cost.

  • I truly feel that waiting 26 minutes to have an early-game item pay for itself is just too steep to be reasonable IN THIS BUILD. I am not knocking on these incredible items: people use them for a reason. Please help me understand anything that I am missing, and I will continue to play test these different Gold/Second items and report back soon.
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Core Items

These make my Roaming Eve such a threat as a carry AND a utility champion. Absolutely necessary, must haves, don't even think about not taking them, etc, etc...

Our job is to gank, and boy do we do it well. Boots of Mobility help us do this in flying colors. These allow me to speed across the map to slow an enemy and save my fleeing teammate or initiate a crucial battle at Dragon. I always buy these once I hit 650 gold. Must have.

You will notice a massive spike in your damage with Sheen. Not only that, but it adds mana and a good chunk of AP. This also builds into your Trinity Force, which is the beating heart of your build.

What an item. HUGE increase in damage from Sheen but pretty much everything else you need in one package. I generally build Phage after Sheen for a little more health and the built in slow pairs nicely with Red Buff for ganking.

My love for this item on this build is hard to put into words. It makes backdooring a breeze, and the additional AP and AS are just brutal in teamfights. Some may argue that its ineffective on Eve, but consider this: every skills give a stack. I pop my ultimate, open with Ravage, auto-attack, Hate Spike x 2. I already have 5 out of my 8 stacks, which is adding more damage to my Hate Spikes. I love this item.

A character is USELESS without some form of defense. I find Guardian Angel to be my preferred defensive item, as once I revive I can Flash and Shadow Walk my way to safety. Plus it gives such a nice chunk of armor and magic resistance, I build it in my core items EVERY GAME.
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Late Game Items

If the game has surpassed 40 minutes, you will more than likely be looking for items to expand your arsenal. These are what I would choose, and what I have found success with in my games.

Oh hai! :D

A really well rounded item, and deadly on this build. It gives you uncanny sustainability with its life steal AND spell vamp. You will be spamming Hate Spike every 0.2 seconds. It works. And the active is just icing on the cake for a fleeing victim.

More magic resistance, more health, more mana. And that little life-saving bubble. Mind you, a carry is only as strong as his/her defenses. This makes you an absolute terror.


Who doesn't love a Dunce Cap? Perfect for executing over-extended solo enemies. Huge increase to your Hate Spike and Malice. Can replace Hextech Gunblade but I feel it is not necessary.

Shoutout to Valjan for this this brilliant idea. A more viable option than Rabadon's for late game. Eve is an insane farmer, and the life steal from a stacked Bloodthirster is much more useful for sustainability and the AD pairs better with Trinity Force. A gorgeous item to cap this build.
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Tips and Tricks

  • Do not be afraid to persistently gank the same lane, although understand when you are needed elsewhere. Remember that even if the enemy buys a pink ward, a teammate can still initiate a fight and you can slow them regardless if they see you coming or not.

  • Your ultimate is your DEADLIEST weapon. It blends with your AS increase from Guinsoo's and your already unbelievable movement speed. Not to mention it heals you upon an enemies death. It will make you a sustaining, killing machine. FOR THIS REASON, do not be afraid to initiate a fight, Shadow Walk out to appear wounded, and turn around to finish off the enemy only to regain health and 100% COOLDOWN on Malice and Spite.

  • A nice little move that I rarely use in the open but ALWAYS by a tower is to turn on Shadow Walk and then 1 second later hit 'b' for a safe, invisible return to base. Can also be used to achieve maximum trolling.
  • As a roamer, it is also your job to sight ward Ward the map and harass the enemy jungler. Know when their Amumu is low and getting Red Buff. Kill him, take the buff, continue ganking. Not always that easy, but is.

Have fun.
  • This build is absolutely viable for ranked games, and that is where I like to play her. But do not beat yourself up over a failed gank (I know I do sometimes). Learn from your mistakes, and make the smartest plays you can. Only by objectively critiquing your own playing will you become better. But this is a fun build. It wins games. Enjoy it.

  • And please, check out SryImBad's Guide on [How To] Become A Better Team Player ( Nothing on this build will work unless you know how to positively and effectively communicate with your team. You need them to make your ganks work. They need you to create a sure kill or play cleanup crew. You need them, and they need you.
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I have found delightful success with this build (I will be posting scores soon). But more importantly, playing Eve like this has made me a better overall player. It forces me to rely on my team, which builds communication, which wins games. And I have FUN doing it. I thoroughly enjoy feeding my Corki, or backdooring a low Tower with Malice and Spite.

Please enjoy this build, and let me know what you think. Avoid the trolls, work with your team, and play smart.

Thanks guys!

-A Red Feather
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6/14/11 - Decided Exhaust is too good with early ganks. Changed Flash to Exhaust. Flash is still an extremely viable option.

6/16/11 - Added Gold/Second Items section. While I do not run them in my build, I would like to know what you think of them. Read over the new section and give me your input!

6/22/11 - *le sigh* Evelynn has been nerfed. Hard. Speechlessly hard. Shadow Walk now applies a 3 second 30/35/40/45/50% slow instead of a stun. Malice and Spite Passive heal reduced to 150/225/300 from 350/500/650. Attack speed bonus reduced to 25/50/75% from 50/75/100%.

9/9/11 - Finally got around to changing all "stuns" to "slows", and updated skill set to represent these changes.

9/12/11 - Cleaned up the guide with lists. Much better! Thanks Freddy Shopan and jhoijhoi.

10/4/11 - My goodness, #1 Eve guide on MobaFire!!! I'm so honored everyone. Thanks for your support! Changed Seals from Dodge to Flat Armor. The dodge is minuscule if not paired with the defensive tree or Ninja Tabai. Therefore Flat Armors are better all around.

3/22/12 - This ain't no pansy Jungle Eve guide, this is ROAMING like a GENTLEMAN(LADY). So I scrapped the jungle portion cause that's not what you're here for. CAN WE GET A STEALTH REMAKE PLOX?!

4/2/12 - Welp, 1 Million views. Do I win the internets?
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