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Sona Build Guide by BonusSatis

Sona is so my New Main S7 - BonusSatis

By BonusSatis | Updated on January 30, 2017

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Hey-O it's BonusSatis! How is it going guys? Today's ‘This is so my new main’ is going to be Sona, maven of the strings. We going to look at who she is, what she does, how to build her and how to waffle stop other players.
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A Little about the Champion

Sonas play style is a behind the adc, giving heals and poking at the opportune times. Her description is given as a controller/mage. So that means a squishy who loves the back lines, her playstyle is more of a passive support who capitalises on other players mistakes to make plays happen. She is no leona to go and face check a whole group of people on the front line. But she can keep the momentum going in a good team fight and will heal and speed boost her team out of any bad team fights. Oh and to top it off she has blue hair, yah. I dig her blue hair, just for style points it makes her a badass.
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Champion Lore

Sona Buvelle, is a mute, she can not make any kind of sound whatsoever. Sona was abandoned at a orphanage as a infant and was found nestled atop the Etwahl, only late in life was she adopted by a woman named Lestara Buvelle. Lestara had seen the connection between the Etwahl and Sona. When sona played the Etwahl she could manipulate the emotions of those around her, she could make them happy, or slow, she could silence them or even make them stop everything else and dance. All this was done without a single spoken word.
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Sonas Skins

We have blue flowie normal Sona. We have dear god, what did they do to your face, Muse sona. We have Ride or Die, Pentakill Sona. We have yay it is christmas now i can finally use this skin, Silent Night Sona. We have, that does even look like sona, Goo-chien Sona. We have my personal favorite, 90s raver girl, Arcade Sona. We have recycled and more expensive arcade sona aka, Dj Sona. And lastly we have the heartbreaker, sweetheart Sona.
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This part is boring and no one really cares so let's do this part fast, Sona's passive is Power cord, after casting 3 abilities Sona's nest basic attack does a additional effect depending on the last ability cast.

Her Q, deals damage to two targets, super easy. You press Q and if there is a nearby champion it automatically hits them. Power Cord modifier- your aa does 40% more damage

Her W, heals and gives a short lived shield. See i am keeping this simple. Power Cord modifier- your aa does a short lived damage reduction to the target.

Her E makes you and those around you run faster. Power Cord modifier- your aa does a slow to the target.

Her R, is a stun but Riot decided that just a stun would be boring so they made it into a dance-stun-button….ability.. Whatever it is a area of effect stun with dancing.
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Ability tree

Take her Q first, it will allow you to poke and what not. Then your W because you always need healing, for a pro tip put your third point back into her Q that will help max the damage she can do in early game. If you want to play more passive you can just go QWE for her skill point assignment. So there are two ways to do this, if your adc sucks or you are getting poked a lot max your heal first, then your Q next with your E last. If the lane is going well and they are scared of your Qs max poke first, heals second and lastly your speed buff.
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What Items to Build on Sona

So unlike a ADC where i make a logical argument with formulas and proving what is the strongest build, Sona has a lot of items that can be built on her. Want a tank sona? She does that. Want a Sona that can 1v1 and murder people, she does that. Want Sona that does not die and slows, and stuns and heals and is cancer to the other team, she does that. Want to top lane Sona or Mid lane her, yep she does that too. So there is many builds for her but my personal favorite is playing her support with this build that I have listed above.

Now i will add as a side note, if you are having issues staying alive or are getting bullied a lot in lane replace the Linchbane with Redemption. It is a pretty sweet item on her.

For the Video on her items check out my video I did on her:
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How to Play

Ok now we are done with the boring part of the video. So how do we actually play Sona. Well early game poke when you can with your Q. Make sure that you dont get to aggressive trying to poke, but if you see an opportunity make sure to go for it and make them pay for their mistakes. Keep your ADC alive with your heals, make sure to ward river and your tri-bush. If a gank does come in use your speed boost to run your way out of danger. Sona is a late game champ, she really puts her **** kickers on around the 25min mark. So anything before that you are going to be pretty squishy, if you try make a play happen and your ADC is not with you. Bad things will happen. So early and mid game stay with your ADC, late game you can roam with a little more freedom and can ward all you want with out a insta-death.
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Tips and Tricks

Ok now for some tips and tricks on sona, make sure to use her passive Power Cord to its max. So in lane do a AA then Q them for your Power cord passive another AA, when thunderlords decree is equipped it is a quick and nasty little damage spike on the other player. Depending on build and level that either half life someone or do a quarter of their life.
Now you may ask when should i do this, when is a good time to poke? Well boys and girls the best time is to punish them for taking their CS, when the ADC is going to last hit, that is when to use your Q. the ADC will either miss the cs because they ran away from you or they will take the CS and will be punished for it.

Lets say you are late to the fight, so as long as you heal or speed boost at least one of the people who attacks the enemy champion, you get a assist. Makes since right? Put another way, if there is a chase going, and you speed boost your way for a heal on a teammate that did not really need it for the kill, you still get the assist. I have done that numerous times where i did not help in the fight but i did get off one heal right before the fight ended so i was awarded for the support.

Sonas ult is a stun not a snare or slow, this means Miss fortune, Jhin, Vel-kaz, and other champions with similar ults can be interrupted and affected by her ultimate. A amumu grab or a tristana jump, and hecarim charges will be stopped.

A good thing to remember, Sona loves the mana i mean let's be honest she is a mana addict. So just spamming abilities is not the best idea. When trying to maximize her kit her heal does a bonus shield so having good timing is important but take note that her W is 2x as much as her Q for mana cost.

If there is a really tempting morsel of a kill that is hiding under a tower you can go in first, about 2 at most 3 tower shots is all you want to take, but dive for the kill and for the love of God make sure your adc is following you and you can heal right after the first tower shot. Weather the dive was successful or not use your speed burst to clear the tower range. It is a nifty little trick that helps make plays happen.

Though it is tempting to wait to use your ult on the whole team, make sure to use it when there is one player that is out of position, the stun is only 1 second but if you have your adc or your jungler you should be able to kill them quickly, even if they flash away the speed boost from Sona makes chases simple
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Late Game Recap

So you are a amazing late game support who is a living cancer to the other team, so you are kinda like a female teemo. You have heals at lvl 18 which come up every 4 seconds. You can stun, heal, slow, damage. For all of season 6 Sona was the highest played support in the game. She is easy to pick up has a decent skill ceiling, a lot of flexibility for her build a solid champion that is honestly just fun to play. And blue hair, cant forget that man. Blue hair for the win.
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A Little About Me and More Information

Ok guys this was my ‘This is so my new main’ on Sona, if you enjoyed it let me know, if you have any thoughts or comments go ahead and put those below. There is more great content coming so look for my other builds and Guides.

For the video on this build check out:

For more information, check out my YouTube channel:

And until next time GLHF
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