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Sona Build Guide by Tumlin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tumlin

Sona the Super Trader

Tumlin Last updated on September 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The General Idea

When enemy adc goes in to last hit, punish them with aa and q... This should not need to be said as it is such an obvious and essential support tactic... Free damage? Yes please. Heal off damage they/their support do to you with w. When they back off away from the creep wave cos you are showing them who is boss, keep up the constant aa q and chase them out of xp range. You can trade hard and sustain so don't ease off. If enemy support tries to zone you off the carry then aa them in the face all day. Drop em low, zone em out, make em b, kill em... GG noobs.

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These masteries are the ones I like to run due to the fact that you can dish out A LOT of damage. HOWEVER the standard support masteries at the moment are defence masteries, as they will actually allow you to win aa trades even harder.

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-You can never have too many wards. Don't save for items, you won't be doing much damage anyway so just get wards.

-From mid game onward make sure you always have a few pink wards as well as your Sightstone. Think of the stone more as a scouting tool due to the wards it gives being temporary. Use actual wards when warding key areas and the stone wards to give EXTRA vision in areas where fights are/will be happening.

-Buy lots of green wards if the enemy don't bother to ward clear/place many wards.

-If you fall for ward baits you are a noob.

-If your team asks for more wards don't get annoyed, just do it because they are probably right... PICK UP YOUR GAME SON.

-Don't lose pink fights!

-If you see them pinking particular areas, consider whether it would be best to buy oracles or pinks to regain vision of it... If they leave it unguarded or have placed a large amount of pinks, oracles may be your best bet.

-Learn your ward spots but remember to mix up your placement, so the enemy can't immediately find and clear all your wards.

-When taking objectives such as dragon and baron, make sure you have pink vision of and near to the pit, with greens covering all nearby entry paths. This may not be required in situations such as if you have just aced the other team. If their jungler is alive you must place these wards, as you cannot rely on your jungler's smite timing... You may have a St Vicious JR on your team!

-Keep dragon and baron warded constantly and remember to alert your team when they will be up soon, so you can get positional advantage prior to the spawning. The jungler MAY SOMETIMES keep buff timers but if he is not, this is your job. If your team loses dragon or baron accidentally due to forgetting it is spawning/not having vision, your should take the responsibility... This is your fault.

-Keep your jungler up to date with EVERY ward your lane opponents place. All lanes should do this. After lane phase your team should be calling out the position of every enemy ward they know the location of. Tell your jungler the gank path he should take before he comes to your lane... If you don't do this, don't expect ganks. This is because if he comes and gets seen, he has wasted valuable time he could be using to level elsewhere and will have to go off and jungle to catch up before he can start ganking again.

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Blue Side Lane Phase Wards

Ward in river bush is a common and useful ward. Often at the beginning of the game both teams will put wards near that location. It often pays to figure out where they have warded before choosing to place a pink or green. Instead of warding tri bush, consider warding near mid lane instead, as it cover one side of the mid lane AS WELL as the entrance junglers will usually take if they want to gank through your tri. Be aware that good junglers will realise and often hop over the dragon wall in your vision blind spot to get to tri. Feel free to place a dragon ward instead of a river bush ward if you would rather do that than pink the river bush. Keeping pinks for the lane bushes is often a good idea, as they give you zone control and protect from through-lane ganks. Greens here will do the job, just not as well.

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Red Side Lane Phase Wards

Blue side will often place a ward in or near the river bush, so pinking it is a good idea. Obviously wait and figure out whether or not they are warding further up by dragon pit instead before you place your pink. After you get Sightstone/nearer the end of the lane phase double ward drag+tri. Keeping pinks for the lane bushes is often a good idea, as they give you zone control and protect from through-lane ganks. Greens here will do the job, just not as well.