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Soraka Build Guide by nasa2129

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nasa2129

Soraka Chuck Norris

nasa2129 Last updated on December 27, 2011
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I know what you will all say. Noob, Soraka is support, pick Clairvoyance and go for normal Soraka items on bottom lane with an AD Carry.

I agree, this is a great way to play Soraka and i never use this build in ranked. This is only a fun Soraka build that actually works and i will explain why:

1st of all, Soraka has a great range on her silence and nobody can come near you. Usually, they get closer to cast a spell, get silenced + 1 starcall + 2-3 auto-attacks and give up.

Nobody is greater then Soraka mid. I know, soraka is great in bottom lane with an ad carry, as i said, but soraka mid is vicious.

In combination with heal+ignite, Soraka can get the 1st blood and she usually does (i know i do, in case nobody dies in top bush ^^)

So just remember! I do not disagree with normal soraka build, i think it's great to play like that, i am just making a guide for someone who want's to dps with soraka. (ap could work, yes, but i just like this one better).

Later edit:

I tried it in ranked. They trolled me so hard, they called me noob, mother stuff and this is how it went :)

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- Greater Mark of Alacrity
- Greater Seal of Furor
- Greater Glyph of Alacrity
- Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

As you can see, all runes are Attack Speed. This will not help you a lot in early/mid game, but late game this will be the cherry on the cake.

Combined with your items (on hit effect - tank melt), attack speed is your only choice (and everything you need, since u don't need AD(u got damage from malady, wit's end, madred's -passive, AP(u only heal self), MP5 (u got infuse), Magic Pen (u got starcall), Magic Resist (you got wit's end passive), Armor (you got your W passive).

You can try some other combination of runes. I did, but this seems to be better for some reason. Gives you much more damage then anything else out there.

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For masteries I go 9/0/21, a normal caster build for max cdr (usefull for starcall and infuse since you will not buy any cdr items)

Don't go deep into offensive tree since you don't need, as i said, ad, crit or armor pen. Just keep it this way (or change it if you really think u got one better - and post it here so i try it too)

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I start with Amplifying Tome for max damage on Infuse and Starcall, since i don't need mp5 at all.

Next buy will be Berserker's Greaves. This item is great for our Soraka, since attack speed is what we are aiming in this build. Just get it and don't try something else. I know you would be tempted to buy the cdr boots, but trust me, these are better.

After you buy Malady, enemies will start to feel the WTF effect. Garen will start spinning backwords, rammus will wheel away, their laugh will freeze when you Silence + Starcall + autp attack. Malady + starcall will reduce their magic resist to 0 and you do true damage. The more they stay in range, they get increased damage since both magic resist reductions debuff stack.

Next is Wit's End. This item will give you 50 magic resist (you always have the 5x4 debuff on you, since you got a lot of attack speed). It also adds 42 bonus magic damage every hit. Combined with malady (that gives you +20 magic damage per hit), your hits will be with +60 magic damage. An Ashe will melt like lemon grass.

Your next item will be Phage . It's already mid game and you need a little more hp (well, just because some towers are down, they might come in packs now, they might try to focus you). It's also nice to slow enemies. This item can and will give you some kills. Aim for the squishie ones for now, you are not ready to take damage from carries and kill tanks. Not just yet.

Now you make a lot of money with your Starcall and auto attack, so getting Madred's Bloodrazor won't be so hard. This item will melt anyone who stacks hp (and will add some + damage to the ones who don't stack hp too.) Also, great for farming, solo dragon, baron or blue buff. Tanks will have no chance against you. You are now a killing machine, everybody runs away from you.

Finish your Frozen Mallet and they will never escape your grasp. You should now gank. You can also solo gank, since nobody can touch you. Why i say that? Well, just because a silenced player who's life is already half before he realized he's being ganked, will most likely try to run (maybe he thinks you are not alone). He can't run, cuz u got the Frozen Mallet, so they will try to fight back when it's too late. You got 3 heals, Astral Blessing , Wish and Heal. There is no way u can fail. Well, there is...actually. A flash over the wall.

Your last item should be The Bloodthirster . I buy this item for an obvious reason: You kill a lot of minions so it will stack up. You don't die very often, so the stack stays there. With your attack speed and your 3 heals, life steal is just great. You can fight 1v2 and kill both. (Just because one of them will try to run in the 1st 2 seconds).

Ofc, you can buy pots and oracle for wards for invisible units or players.

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Skill Sequence

I try to max out Infuse. This will help you keep your enemies pinned to their turrets. It hurts and it's range is so large, they will not try anything stupid (but you must hope they will). Every time an enemy comes in range, infuse him. He will understand he is not allowed to touch minions when in front of the tower.

I take only 1 skill of Astral Blessing at lvl 2 and then I lvl it last. You only need it when your enemy is ranged and actually makes a successful skill shot on you. (most of the time you infuse them and they can't do that, but just in case). Another reason is for +20 armor. It's enough to get less damage from minions when farming.

After Infuse, i max out Starcall . This is your farming tool. You will kill every single minion in every minion wave with this. A great spell to harass too, combined with Infuse . If he comes near, cast Infuse, then Starcall, auto attack and another Starcall if he is still in range. That's 50% hp right there. If he doesn't leave, rinse and repeat, u got heal, ignite, Astral Blessing, there is no way u can't win.

At lvl 6, 11 and 16 i get Wish. This is great if someone tries to gank you. If you see him coming, cast Infuse on him, Astral Blessing on you for the armor bonus, and try to run. If u can't escape in time, cast Wish. If you are still low, cast and another Astral Blessing. You can't die.

I also use Wish to get some free money. Look on your map and if you see an enemy that is about to die, cast your Wish and there you go, you got an assist. This spell is also great in team fights. Not only you give your team the advantage, but any kills in that fight are your assists.
P.S: I never use it when there's a Karthus in enemy team. Every time he tries to use his ultimate, i cast Wish and he fails. It's fun.

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Summoner Spells

Heal - This is great combined with Astral Blessing and Wish. You can actually escape alive when ganked by the whole enemy team. I did, so many times.

Ingite - The reason i take this summoner spell is to kill enemies with lifesteal/spell vamp. It's also great to finish off someone who fled with low hp, but you already knew that.

You can take Flash too, but it will make you a running Soraka, and Soraka never runs (well, she does, but not very often).

Remember, Soraka is the Chuck Norris of LoL. You need offensive attitude, not support Soraka one.

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Pros / Cons


Silence every 10 sec
Endless mana
Great farmer
Hard to bring down
Best solo mid in game

Trolled hard by your team
You don't have a kill shot, sometimes you get more assists then kills.
Your team mates cry about heals. :)

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Some champions that might give you trouble

Jax - his dodge is bad for you. What you need to do is silence him before he jumps on you. If he is not fed, you can kill him anyway, but you must kite him, move around all the time since you are ranged and he is melee.

Xin - Try not to silence his jump on you, but his Q. Usually, he can be countered with thornmail if he is doing good. You will need all your heals here. Xin doesn't usually have ignite, he needs exhaust and flash, so you have the advantage. Xin dies easier then Jax, but he does more damage.

Nassus - His slow + ult can kill you. Try to silence and try to run as much as u can until the ult is gone. After that, he is a sitting duck for your madred's.

Le Blanc - Easy, just get banshee as your last item. She will be useless if she comes alone. Try to silence her 1st spell,that usually ends up with you chasing her and not her being aggressive on you.

The one who can kill you is....isss iiiiiisssss! Teemo. :) U must surprise him, otherwise you are a dead unicorn :))

Rest are pretty easy to counter, usually they have less then 50%hp by the time they get to you .

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As I said before, this is a fun Soraka build, i don't recommend it for ranked games. Well, maybe just for low elo ones.

This Soraka guide was made to bring something new, as i said earlier, the Chuck Norris of LoL.
I know there will be trolls, i know there will be people who won't try this build but vote negative, but all i can say is, this is the most fun Soraka i've played so far and i will do it again.

Is it better then normal soraka? Well, depends on what you are looking for. You wanna be a soraka support? That's not it. You wanna make 30 kills? Not the right Champion. You wanna have a decent score and have a lot of fun? Try the build above.

Thank you for reading my Soraka Chuck Norris guide, i hope you have some fun out there.