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Soraka Build Guide by Adonikam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adonikam

Soraka, healing Elo hell

Adonikam Last updated on July 2, 2011
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Greetings everyone and welcome to my Soraka resource guide! This guide will not only help you as a Soraka player, but as a support player too. I will go into detail about the 3 ways to build supports and my view on each. Other sections I will be including are also, warding, counter-warding, jungler spotting, laning and anything else I can think of.

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This is the typical set of runes you will see on any champ that does more magic damage then physical, supports are no exception. (Armour and MR marks are also viable).

This is my usual set up for Seals. I like them because they let me tank a little minion aggro when I harass the enemy laners. Also stops you from feeding (Soraka has terrible tank stats).

Greater Seal of Replenishment

If you decide you don't want armour for seals then grab mana regeneration so you can have heavy sustain during the laning phase.

These are a good choice but I'd recommend reading my later section on "Building for Cooldown Reduction" before you decide to get these.

AP/lvl is a great choice for Glyphs as it will give you more oumph! on those heals.

Not as good as AP/lvl IMO unless you are getting AP quints ASWELL. (You only get 8 AP with just these, 24 with Quints aswell).

I would only use these if you are grabbing AP Glyphs aswell.

These are the standard runes I use. You are a support, you leave minion kills for your laning partner. Grab these+Philo/HoG+Mastery point and you are good to go for the next 15 minutes ;D.

Does the enemy have heavy burst champs (Leblanc, Kassadin)? If yes, you might need these to even survive.

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Utility tree is the strongest choice on most champions and especially supports (get dat CV/Flash CDR) the only other question is where to put the remaining 9. Offense if you want more CDR (read the later section about "Building for Cooldown Reduction") or Defense if you want that sustainability in the laning phase.

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Summoner Spells

Green ticks means that these are good support spells.

Red X's means that these are not good support spells.

No tick and no X means that they are somewhat viable spells but are outclassed by others.

TIP: You want to always have Clairvoyance, this spell is a must.

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Skill Sequence


However this isn't set in stone, feel free to mix and match when you're laning to get a good balance of mana and heals. (Try to get a point in Q early for it's MR debuff).

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Building Soraka (And other Supports)

As I mentioned in my introduction there are 3 different ways to build Soraka/Supports so I'm going to list them in the next three sections and detail how to use them for Soraka.

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Building for Ability Power

This is the first way to build Soraka and I gotta say, most Supports I hate doing this on. Soraka is an exception, she scales pretty decently with AP so here are the items that work well with her;

kage's lucky pick This is the item you will see 90% of Soraka's stacking, however there is a gp/10 nerf coming so stick to the one Philostone instead.
Great item but it really takes a long time to get it running so you're better off with the small items until you can sustain yourself long enough for a Rabadon's.
Very good choice for Soraka as it gives MR, AP and MR debuff to enemies (grab instead of Banshee's Veil if you want it)
Highest AP item in the game and pretty much a must on Soraka. Make sure you get some small items first or you won't live long enough to make use of this item.
Great for baiting enemies (Dive into them, use stasis, heal, global heal, etc.) but also a great item overall.

TIP: I'd also advise staying clear of Archangel's as it is not a very good item for Soraka (other items do the same thing but better).

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Building for Cooldown Reduction

Here are the best ways to get to 40% CDR as Soraka, refer to this list anytime to help you build her.

4.Greater Glyph of Focus( x9)=5.85%
5.Spirit Visage( )=10%
6.Ionian Boots of Lucidity( )=15%
7.Shurelya's Reverie(Shurelya's Reverie)=15%
8.Elixir of Brilliance( )=10%

For example; The way I build Soraka (as seen above) I use 2, 5, 6 and 8 and this gets me to 40% CDR with only 1% being wasted. However if you skip 6, then get 7 instead to cap out your CDR.

TIP: Just try to get 30% CDR then buy an in-game.

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Building for Auras

Here's the final section of building Soraka/supports and it's about auras.

Soraka actually doesn't use auras that much, examples of aura supports are Janna, Sona and Taric however I'll still list a couple that work well for Soraka.

Probably the best aura item to get on Soraka (Shurelya's is probably better) get instead of Veil (if at all).
Shurelya's Reverie The active and the CDR are the important features of this iten so if you don't need CDR then choose another item.
Do you have 2 other AP champs or hybrids on your team? If yes then you might want to grab this to help them out (also boosts your heals from the AP).

TIP: There are other aura items which are good aswell (if not better) but these are the ones I feel work best with Soraka.

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Ideal laning partners are Ranged DPS or any other champ that needs heavy farm (Nasus for example).

Here's a simple checklist of your job in the lane;

1. Ward dragon and/or river.
2. Heal or use E on laning partner.
3. Harass enemy laners (Q or auto attack)
4. Buy Oracles/wards and roam (after like level 6+)
5. Use R for assists or saving teammates lives.

TIP: If you are having trouble laning against champs who use the brush against you then chuck a ward in the brush and the minions will force them out, not to mention you can harass them for free.

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This is a VERY important skill and can save you many mistakes in-game.

If you hold down ALT and push W or E you will use that spell on yourself, this can save you from healing minions and can also save a few precious milliseconds!

TIP: You can also click the character potraits on the left side of the HUD to heal/give mana to that champ.

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Further research

If you are interesting in more game knowledge read these guides;


Warding help

More Support information

I didn't write any of those 3 guides so credit goes to the authors and not me.

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Yo thanks for reading everyone and I hope you learnt a lot from this guide. Any suggestions let me know or feel free to send me a PM with your questions.