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Soraka Build Guide by Asustador

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asustador

Soraka in dominion?Support like boss!

Asustador Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my first guide on Mobafire,hope it will help someone.For the beggining this is not guide for newbies learning how play Soraka,it is more build advice and some strategy on dominion,crystal scar map.

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Why Soraka in Dominion???

As we all see Soraka is not very popular champion,especially in Dominion.Most of times team is: tank like Alistar, Rammus 3 melee dps Master Yi, Jax and 1 ranged dps Ashe, Caitlyn.As you see it is all abouut damage,those who have more dps wins.WRONG!Even if people don't see useness of supporters in quick fights they are doing mostly main job.Most supporters can allow carries to tower dive safely with heals/shields or just allowing them to continue playing by healing so they do not need to return to base.Soraka can fill most roles in team fights.She can tank abit with Frozen Heart and Astral Blessing, can be dealing nice AoE damage if not targeted,can turn spell spammers like Evelynnto vegetables for few secs by Infuse,still main priority is keeping team mates alive.

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PROS: 1.One of most powerful heal spell.
2.Very nice all team heal.
3.Have everything she needs to hold
towers 1on1 for long time.
4.With few defensive items is hard to kill.

Cons: 1.Low damage.
2.Lacks cc.
3.Usually is main target.
4.No shield/speed buffs.

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Summoner spells

Here i not going too describe all only those which are good for Soraka.
Clairvoyance not bad even if many ignores it nice to to surprize gank for those hiding in bushes in middle map
Heal I like to take it on most champs,many ignores it but it saves life in early game fights,or when heals whole team at late game
Flash no comments,best for escaping or finishing last 1% of fleeing champ
Ghost not bad worth to take if you dont yet have flash,good for reacing fight place quick
ExaustShuts up auto attackers or stops fleeing.

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Personnaly i don't think that runes have alot diference in dominion.Here you have less problems with mana regen,farming,base returns and such.May seem weird but i take only AP runes for some more AP,but if you feel that is worth feel free to choose magic pen runes, or cdr runes.

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Not much to say about it Mender's Faith reduces heals cooldown and makes it more useful such way.On utility only useful masteries is summoners spells cdr Presence of the Master , Blink of an Eye so making them more spammable.

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Skill Sequence

Consecration May not seem good but in team fights it is really nice some more MR never hurt anyone.It will add few % reduced magic damage, helps enough as passive against Veigar, Ryze
Nice skill.No need to say more,Not bad AoE damage without needing to target and with extremly low cd.Very good for farming at standart games and when used on minion goups having Will of the Ancients will quickly restore hp without even using healing spells.
Ok.Heal.One of the most powerful single target heal.Buff.125 armor for 5 sec.So?It is fu*king amazing that is so!!!OMG it heals about 1/4-1/5 fot non tanks so when ally is in 1on1 fight it is life saver,it allows tower dive,gives high sustainability and most important it saves lives,in one match you will be saving 3-5 times allies from dying at last battle moments,if you see that is really needed you can max it first ignoring starcall
Another nice spell which make Soraka usefull in stadart matches.It has 2 uses as most of Karma spells.It can restore mana both you and your target or it can silence+some dmg to your enemy.Good but what's fronm it in dominion.Actually you will only use it for silence,that is why i max it last one.You probably won't be running out of mana often so it makes less useness.
Very nice all team healing,and best part is that it counts as assists on kill so when healing on team fights(succesfull) you will be gaining ALOT assists and gold too.Can be used to save allies on othher map side too

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There is no true all tje time working item build for Soraka in Dominion,it depends on enemy team,your team members,but i think i can offer some items for advic
Ionian Boots of Lucidity grants more speed,but mai reason is nice cdr.
Frozen Heart another good item granting defensive against auto attackers like Master Yi,plus with it and masteries you have 40% cdr which is max and really nice
Will of the Ancients My favourite item on most casters,because of good aura and spell vamp+some more AP won't be too much
Odyn's Veil nearly same as banshee veil but has other passive,which if used carefully can be really life saving.It can still be replaced by Abyssal Mask depending on situacion.
Rabadon's Deathcap insane AP gains,although it is very expensive and does not give any other good bonuses,take it if you are winning and want more powerful heals
Zhonya's Hourglass Can replace Frozen Heart it's active can save your life numerious times(thanks Kosinierius for this advice)
Shurelya's Reverie Some more hp,some cdr,nothing special exept really nice active which allows your team escape/catch fleeing ooponents.

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Team work

Main thing in match in not build but how good can you cooperate with you team members.
Holding tower alone
If there is no team fights/pushes going you may need to hold tower till allies comes.In this case Soraka is one of the best choises.If attacker is ranged try being close to tower but out of his range.If enemy tries to keep retake tower all the time,you can end it by E from safe distance.In few seconds your team should gank that annoying attacker.If melle.Hmmm. May be dificult with good dps especially if it is feeded.For example Master Yi, Riven if you see him jumping on you(all time stay on tower) quicly use Astral Blessing on self so armor bonus will help alot,hiting Infuse on him will prevent his spells which ussually are nuking,try running around,spamming starcall and if he is kamikadze or just newbie he should just be killed by tower.
Will be alot of those here
if you are becoming target run behind allies so if they chase you they will become nice meat targets,if you are ignored it is NICE BECAUSE YOU CAN SHOW WHAT YOU CAN!Silence main AP champs Ryze, Mordekaiser when starcall is on use it,while all spells are on cd step back a little.Heal now you should know what to heal.Tanks should be healed when <25%,carries <50%, yourself <50% and being attacked,sure it dpends on other things like if ally is targeted by auto attacker casting heal on him will save him from enormous dps.If team is still on battle and most chams here around 50-75% cast wish,it has not very long cd and is situacional use,and now is the time for it.

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As i said it is not full guide,so please no trollvoting like "meh heal is not good spell i like to take ghost better -1"If someone found any good information here don't be lazy click +1 :)