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Soraka Build Guide by flareblast17999

Support Soraka lord of bananas support

Support Soraka lord of bananas support

Updated on August 4, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author flareblast17999 Build Guide By flareblast17999 1,969 Views 0 Comments
1,969 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author flareblast17999 Soraka Build Guide By flareblast17999 Updated on August 4, 2015
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when playing soraka support you need to be quick on the ball with your healing otherwise your ad carry will die constantly; as you have very little hard cc and you have no shielding ability's. this build is also risky at times because of your mastries and items poking early with your autos is a major part of your income, receiving 8 gold per auto on champions but do not try to poke late you will die.
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Soraka's runes are mainly focused around AP but it can be substituted for magic pen if you need to you would only do this against a tank
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typical support masteries change defense for offense if you want
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Pros / Cons

pros of soraka crazy heals, good sustain with qs, easy to land silence/snare,

cons of soraka is easily bursted by assassians and has little to no early game poke,no mobility
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Team Work

soraka revolves around teamwork without effective communication and wards you will die a lot and so will your carries
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soraka has a low difficulty rating because of here easy to land ability and ult but...

do not think you can pick her up and ride her straight to diamond her low difficulty is there for a reason because she is hard to master and can easily be outplayed but higher difficulty character and i wouldn't really recommend playing her in ranked without some practice in normal's
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League of Legends Build Guide Author flareblast17999
flareblast17999 Soraka Guide
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Soraka lord of bananas support

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