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Soraka Build Guide by Get On My Level

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Get On My Level

Soraka - Real Support

Get On My Level Last updated on July 16, 2011
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This is my guide on how to play a full support Soraka in bottom lane. Basically your role as a support is to baby sit your carry in bottom until he is extremely farmed. With farmed carry you can easily win games.

Soraka is a very good support because she can replenish both health and mana. Her ability to replenish mana for free is her trademark skill, this will allow you to keep you and your carry in the lane forever, all it takes is a little bit of map awareness.

Your job throughout the whole game is to take care of the entire team after the laning phase is over. Supports are real game changers, despite the fact that they hardly do any damage. The carries are basically a support's pet, you gotta keep them fed and healthy.

Please do not downvote without a valid reason or at least without understanding the complete purpose of playing support champions. Feedback is always appreciated.

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For marks you want to get as much AP as possible because you will only be building a Deathcap the whole game and you need AP to actually keep someone alive with your heals. That is why you go for the AP per level runes.

For seals you want to be able to keep your carry healed up to full without running out of mana. Laning phase is basically early game where you need plenty of sustainability in both health and mana. So for seals you want to get flat mana regeneration. You don't want per level mana regeneration because you should let your carry get some solo experience while you sit at tower and make sure to only get experience occasionally. If you are against another duo lane, your carry will eventually out level them and that will help a lot early game.

For glyphs just go AP per level, since it gives the most ap for late game.

For quintessences go flat AP so you can heal pretty good early game. You can also go movement speed runes but for the sake of your carry that you are baby sitting, you want to be able to heal a lot.

Marks - Greater Mark of Force

Seals - Greater Seals of Replenishment

Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Force

Quints - Greater Quint of Potency.

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For masteries you want to run a basic 9/0/21.

Specializing in improved CV and improved flash.

Along with gold per 10 because you won't be last hitting most of the time.

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You want to start off with a Doran's ring because the stats on it are really good for Soraka since she has low base HP and will need the mana regeneration and AP to keep the carry healthy.

You always want to stay in lane the whole time until your carry pushes the enemies to their tower. When you recall for the first time, if you have the money buy a Heart of Gold immediately and some wards then return to your lane. You always want to stock up on wards every time you recall.

By now your carry should be heavily farmed and you should be able to get some assists off his/her kills. Everytime your wave is pushed to their tower, recall. The tower will make it hard for the enemies to last hit their creep waves and there is no point in staying in the lane at that point. So recall and grab your boots and a Kage's Lucky Pick. This will help with healing your carry since it gives 25 AP. The gold per 10 is the main concern here.

You should be able to see where I am going with this item build by now. Since you are not last hitting and you are letting your carry take all the minion kills, you want to get all the Gold per 10 items besides an Avarice Blade.

Now the laning phase should be close to over. You should be roaming around a bit helping other lanes out now, participating in team fights, etc. You should buy either a Blasting Wand if you die, or a Needlessly Large Rod if you survived every team fight and got some gold off assists.

If they have a lot of CC, such as Silences, Stuns, Snares, etc. Grab Mercury's Treads for the tenacity.

If they don't have that much CC, or are not focusing you at all, grab Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the CDR.

You should not have to recall so much since you can replenish your mana and HP constantly so just stay with your team and help them out.?

By mid-late game you should have your Rabadon's Deathcap.

Later on in the game you have to build pretty situationally.

If they are heavy on AP casters - Build towards a Force of Nature or Banshee Veil for ranged disables.

If they are heavy on AD carries - Make your HoG into a Randium's Omen.

If your team is being kited a lot - Make your Philo. Stone into a Shurelya's Rev.

If you are being focused a lot - Build a Zhonya's Hourglass.

You want to sell your Kage's eventually when you run out of slots.

Getting an Oracle's Elixir is also the support's job if you have a jungler on your team and if the enemy team is constantly warding.

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Skill Sequence

For skills you either want to start off with your Astral Blessing or Infuse. You can start off however you want, getting to level 2 won't take you that long. Once you are level 2 you should have both heals.

Keep leveling them up together, if you feel you never run out of mana, max your Astral Blessing out first. If your carry isn't being harassed so much, max your Infuse so you can keep pressure on the enemies.

You don't want to get starcall until the very end because it is pretty useless since you are :

1. Not trying to push your lane and take minion kills from your carry.
2. Not going to get close to the enemies all laning phase.
3. Not tanky enough to run by the enemy and use it
4. Not trying to waste your mana.

Get your ultimate whenever you can, it'll help a lot once you get a Deathcap.

So basically if you really need to heal a lot:

You shouldn't really find yourself running out of mana with flat mana regen seals and a Doran's Ring so the only reason you would max out Infuse over Astral Blessing is if you have a carry who has really bad mana problems. Will most likely not happen though, however be prepared.

Try basic W->E->W->E->W->R->E->W->E->W->E.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells you want to get Flash and CV.

There is no other substitute for these two since you are full support.

Flash is the best skill for escaping/re-positioning yourself in fights.

Clairvoyance is mandatory on supports because you want to keep your carry safe from ganks and its very useful to keep an eye on enemy junglers.

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Basically the only way you make money is from Gold per 10 items and assists.

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Team Work

In team fights you always want to keep your DPS carry or AP carry alive. Only heal your tanks when they really need it. They shouldn't be a priority though since they are just there to soak up damage.

Do not underestimate Infuse. In team fights where there is an AP carry or someone who relies on CC to do their job, Infuse can turn the fights into easy wins. A silenced Brand is a useless Brand. Same goes for Annie. You do not want to misuse this skill. If you accidentally cast it on an AD carry on the other team, you might end up losing the fight very quickly.

Infuse is also really helpful to stop people from using summoners for escaping.

When the enemy tries to juke with the brush during a gank, CV becomes really useful. Just CV the area and they are most likely going to die to your team.

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Pros / Cons

Pros for a support Soraka

- You replenish both HP and MP.
- You can silence casters.
- You have a strong global heal.
- You don't need a ton of farm to do good in team fights.
- Astral Blessing is very strong at rank 5, it gives 80 armor.

Cons for a support Soraka

- Very, Very squishy.
- Susceptible to silence or stuns.
- Once Flash is burned, you have no escape.
- You aren't the carry so you will hardly ever get kills.

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Tips for Support players

Here are some laning tips for support players.

1. Standing at tower and missing out on EXP while your carry gets all of it can benefit the team a lot more than if you stood nearby and leeched all of the EXP.

2. Keep river control with wards. The last thing you want to do is get ganked and give easy kills to the enemy.

3. It is okay to die. As long as the carries survived you did your job.

4. It is not okay to die constantly. You want to die as minimal as possible. This kind of contradicts the third tip but you shouldn't be dying unless you were completely disabled.

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Best partners to lane with

Typically the best partners you want to be with are going to be ranged DPS.

Such as:

Miss Fortune

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In this guide I stated that you will be sitting at tower most of the time after you hit level 2. Once your carry gets a pretty good lead on experience against your opponents you can start to leech again. Once you get past the laning phase you will be ganking so much that you will end up catching up to everyone's level if all goes well.

If you find that your heal is a bit weak or you are running low on mana a lot early game, it is okay to get a few bits of experience. Level 3 or 4 should be fine for lane phase.