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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Trundle Build Guide by Cliques007

AD Offtank [Spell Guide] Master the pillar, master Trundle.

AD Offtank [Spell Guide] Master the pillar, master Trundle.

Updated on February 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cliques007 Build Guide By Cliques007 161,641 Views 13 Comments
161,641 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cliques007 Trundle Build Guide By Cliques007 Updated on February 5, 2016
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  • LoL Champion: Trundle
    Training Session
  • LoL Champion: Trundle


If you are looking for an in-depth guide for Trundle. Just stop reading this and check another guide.
  • Trundle in the Jungle It covers covered pretty much everything you need to know about Trundle in general. It's a bit out dated, hopefully he'll updated it soon.
Anyway, this guide is not a standard Trundle guide, I'm not going to talk about how strong Trundle is against tanky teams, or how he can be an unkillable machine in the rift.
This is a SPELL GUIDE -Yeah I know, you don't see them very often, if at all, but it hey gotta start sometime- I'm going to give you everything you need to know about his Pillar of Ice. And thus, the only thing we are going to discuss in this guide is that beautiful and large pillar. As Trundle's Pillar of Ice is his signature strength, it also has many various uses. And knowing how to use that spell is what makes or breaks Trundle players.
This is the hardest spell to use in his kit, and is indeed the most effective. Use it correctly and you're good to go. You'll maximize your chances of winning, and counter jungle with ease. Mess it up, and yeah.. it will be fine, but you'll play him using less than half of what he can really do, thus not the full potential of the Troll King. Yeah sure, you'll be a rock in the face of the enemy team, with your Subjugate and passive. But remember that you are capable of so much more than that.
You are a troll, who can trap enemies. Forcing them to use there Flash or 1v1 you. Your Pillar of Ice can block completely 23 passages in the jungle. That's a lot, yes I know. And the idea of playing Trundle while totally ignoring this is just absurd.
People read Guides to become better, stronger, to know every little thing about there favorite champions. So if you consider yourself a master Troll, or maybe someone who mains him a little in the jungle, while not knowing the little tips and tricks that this guide provides. Then excuse me to inform you that you are not that good with Trundle. I'm not pretending to be a master at playing the King of Trolls or something. I'm just a Random Gold player in the EUW server who happens to love Trundle, and know a lot more **** about his Pillar of Ice than the average player.
So let's get started shall we?
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Summoners & Items

This is a training Guide. The only items and summoner spells we are using are for this situation only. If you want to build them in a real game. Go ahead I don't really mind. But don't blame me, if you ended up reported by 9 players.
I'm just saying that these items and summoner spells are obviously for training purposes in a CUSTOM game only!
Now that things are clear enough:
Summoner Spells:

Take it so you can recall and go back to farming as soon as possible. or maybe teleport yourself to your nexus towers to save them from the enemy super minions. For some reason it happened many times, my minions lost the battle and got pushed to the inhib. Anyway that's a little off subject.
Hmm, for movement speed. Just take whatever you want. You won't be using summoners anyway. But consider Teleport.


Pretty obvious really,CDR and mana regen because you'll be spaming the s*** out of that pillar. And some movement Speed, since you'll be roaming a lot.. Like A LOT.
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The Wall of Doom

Pillar of Ice: RANGE: 1000 COST: 75 MANA COOLDOWN: 23 / 20 / 17 / 14 / 11
ACTIVE: Trundle summons an impassable pillar of ice at a target location for 6 seconds. Enemies caught in the center of the eruption are briefly Airborne icon Knocked Back.
The pillar blocks movement within 62.5 range and Slows enemies within 187.5 range. PILLAR SLOW: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%

Ability Details:

Pillar of Ice is a ground-targeted area of effect ability.
  • Does not apply spell effects.
  • will not block the ability.

Additional Information:
  • The pillar grants sight within 600-range.
  • The pillar cannot be placed inside impassable terrain. Attempting to do so will cause the pillar to spawn in the nearest available spot of accessible terrain, similar to wards and pets suchs as Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap
  • Pillar Of Ice deals 1 damage for it to trigger in-combat effects such as drawing tower aggro and cancelling the effects of out-of-combat abilities such as Strut & Perseverance

Tips and Tricks:

  • Pillar of Ice may not be is big enough to block off passages in the jungle, and this is why I made this guide pretty much ("Trap Them!" Chapter). Trundle can make the ennemie champions stop and just accept their destiny.. But be careful, if they have flash you'll be the one trapped in the other side of the pillar, be wise young master troll.
  • A good tactic to keep people on Frozen Domain by placing Pillar of Ice infront if them, which can push them backwards if placed correctly. Allowing you to hit them a couple more times (if out of the jungle), or completely trapping them forcing them to 1v1 you.
  • Pillar of Ice can move any player if placed close to him. It can now cancel any channeling spell that requires to stand still like Nether Grasp, Infinite Duress, Death Lotus or even recall
  • Pillar of Ice has a large sight radius and is very effective to check the brush and slow any potential sneaky gankers.
  • Pillar of Ice can be used defensively or offensively near towers. Defensively, underneath your own tower, place the pillar slightly away from your tower when it is being attacked. The enemy will have to brave the slow, a Chomp, and possible tower shot (if they retaliate), just to hit your tower. Offensively, underneath an enemy tower, place the pillar next to their tower when attacking it and they will have trouble chasing you away without being slowed. Be careful when using this under an enemy tower, because it draws turret aggro when an enemy champion touches it.
  • Dropping Trundle's Pillar of Ice to separate the enemy team offers some of the best counter initiation as well as initiation in the game. If you find an enemy out of position, a well-placed Pillar of Ice can block off his or her escape, if somehow that enemy doesn't have Flash as well as keeping enemy reinforcements from entering the battle. Understanding when to use Pillar of Ice for either purpose is important. Pillar of Ice can block reinforcements from entering battle for a while, giving your team a little 5 on 1 quiet time with the initiator alone. Combining this tactic with Trundle's Subjugate can quickly dispatch an enemy, making the teamfight anything but a 5v5.
  • Creating new impassable terrain over a champion (whether it is a friendly of enemy player) forcibly knocks him out of any dash animation. This means that, if timed correctly, it can block enemy champions trying to escape (like Tristana's Rocket Jump, Jax's Leap Strike...)or enemy initiations, even unstoppable ultimates (like Malphite's Unstoppable Force, Vi's Cease and Desist or Nocturne's Paranoia) It's extreamly hard, but not impossible. It can even save allies, by blocking their path, as they are displaced by enemy abilities like Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab.
    Anivia's Crystallize and Jarvan IV's Cataclysm can provide the same effect, albeit much harder, due to the terrain's smaller area of displacement, or manner in which it is applied.
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Trap Them!


Please for the love of everything on this earth, NEVER EVER put AoE spells on smartcast.. It's just dumb, specially while playing Trundle. You need to know exactly where your putting your ice pillars. And thus smartcast will not help in anyway or form.

  • Green : Fairly easy to block the path, no practice needed. (Chance of succes : 99%)
  • Yellow : Can be a bit tricky as you won't block it completely every single time, but you'll do fine in most of it. (Chance of Success : 60%)
  • Red & Black : These are just very hard to successfully summon your Pillar of Ice in and trap the enemy(ies). And that's why you need to go train and make sure you learn the EXACT placement of the pillar. These spots need training, and even after that you won't be able to block the enemies every single time. (Chance of Success : 05%)

Spoiler: Click to view

But everything is possible with practice. Mastering Trundle is mastering his Pillar of Ice. Guides just give you a hint on what you can do. In other words, we give you the tools, you make the art. Simple as that. So double-click your LoL.Launcher, creat a Custom game, and begin your training.

P.S. : The map is somehow not completely symmetrical, as you can see. It's just weird.In the blue side you can block the path near Drake, while in red side you can not do it. In the same time, you can block some paths in the red side and not in the blue side. I tried like 50 times with no results. If anyone of you guys were able to block some more paths please let me know so I can update my guide and you'll earn a place in the Special thanks section.

Note that a custom game is not a normal game. In a normal game you need to be much quicker, you won't have the time to think where is the proper placement for your Pillar of Ice. It needs to be in your muscle memory. So go Ahead my friend. You now know every single little thing about your Pillar of Ice
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Well, I guess that's about it.I hope you found everything in this guide useful. That's everything you need to know about the Pillar of Ice.
Go now show them what a real troll king can do. Show them that Trundle is not a trash champion, that he's not underpowered, he's just a little underrated. The power that he brings to the game is unique. Nevermind, his power got revealed and he got nerfed several times :CriesInTheCorner:
Show them that Trundle is one of the best Junglers out there. I want you to trap someone in the jungle, and see them raging in ALL-CHAT about how the game lagged because his champion just stood there and couldn't move, couldn't go any further, couldn't passe next to your Pillar. THAT HE WAS TRAPPED !
Have fun trolling!!
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Wall of Fame

My recent Match History. Feel free to Send me yours and I'll gladely post it.

--Glorious COMEBACK --

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Questions Asked:


Q: Why do you max E First? Is it like a Trundle support Guide you have here ? // No I don't max E first, I max it second, and I don't play Trundle as a Support, I play him in the Jungle. With that being said, if you didn't notice, my guide is not really a guide guide, more like a Spell Practice Section guide. I'm only giving you some tricks and tips on how and where to place his Pillar in the most beneficial way.
Howeverm, I do have two Build Set ups in this guide. The first called "Training Session" which is obviously for a Custom game only, where you can practice your Pillar of Ice. then a second one called "Serious Stuff" where I put my Runes, Masteries.. That I use in normal/ranked games. Both can be seen by clicking one of the two Icons of Trundle in the Top of this Guide. :)

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Special Thanks

  • Jhoijhoi for making this possible. Her guide on how to make a Guide helped me a lot.
  • You, Yes you reader for making it this far. Please vote, and leave any feedback. Thank you for you precious time. And I hope that I've helped you in anyway.
  • Jax in the Box for putting my guide's link in his Guide. He made a full guide on Trundle I highly recommend you to go give a look. It covers everything else you need to know - Trundle in the Jungle -
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cliques007
Cliques007 Trundle Guide
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[Spell Guide] Master the pillar, master Trundle.

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