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Udyr Build Guide by Rican

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rican

Spiritual Guide to free kills with Udyr (Solo Top and Jungle

Rican Last updated on July 17, 2013
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Hey everyone! I am creating this guide to give people an idea on how to play udyr in the jungle as well as how to play him solo top! I do not jungle often but when I do I always choose the "dyr". Enjoy and please feel free to leave comments with suggestions on how I could improve this guide.

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Jungling is relatively basic with udyr. You start Hunter's Machete 5 pots, build the spirit of the ancient golem, then ravenous hydra. A lot of people will wonder why ravenous but its relatively simple. The AOE affect that it adds is good for clearing minions and with the passive of your Turtle Stance you have a massive amount of life steal.

After that comes boots, which i generally run with swiftness. These can be replaced for ninja tabi. Mercury Treads can also work are not as effective because you already have tenacity, and you can get MR somewhere else.

I like building the frozen mallet because it adds cc to basic attacks which is great for locking down targets especially late game.

The last few items are completely situational. Warmogs is great for survivability. If you need more MR banshee's and Wit work well, unless you need more damage in which case you could get a Maw (I never buy a Maw but its plausible depending on the situation.)

In the top lane i ALWAYS rush my ravenous. Once I get ahead in lane I can easily start devouring my opponent, easily clear waves, take turret, and roam. The build is relatively the same but I do not buy the jungling items. The only real difference other than that is that I will buy merc treds if my opponent is AP.

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I always run ghost and smite while jungling. A lot of people might substitute ghost with flash because of bear stance but, in my opinion, when you combine the two it creates incredible ganks, even in warded lanes.

Smite is obviously necessary for jungling so this is not something i suggest taking out (unless your in top lane where ignite works great). Ghost can be replaced for something else like flash, and this is based purely upon personal opinion but I strongly prefer and suggest ghost.

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Skill Sequence

I max my Q first because with AD runes and masteries my early game damage is incomparable. Sure while some people argue that Phoenix is the way to go, i strongly disagree. After testing multiple times and playing against many other players who go Phoenix (and destroying them I might add) it is obvious that tiger is truly the way to go.

After maxing Tiger stance I max turtle. Turtle is great for many reasons. It not only gives you a shield but it gives you passive life steal which works GREAT with the passive of the ravenous hydra, which is why I tend to rush this as early as possible.

Then i alternate between phoenix and bear stance (taking an early point in bear is a must for ganks!!) Like i mentioned before I am not a huge fan of Phoenix but late game it adds some extra damage, bear stance is mostly used for locking down targets which is why I add a few points (extra movement speed)

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Pros / Cons

- Fantastic Early game
- Great ganks with bear stance
- Great for getting teammates fed early game which leads to a successful late game
- Wards dont make a huge difference with bear stance/ghost combo

- Does not really do much in team fights except for his cc and soaking damage.
- If the enemy team has a lot of cc you are basically rendered useless
- Early ganks are shut down by champions such as TF and Leona who can just stop you from moving.