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Lulu Build Guide by SSBmetalmario

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SSBmetalmario

Squirrels 'n Muffins - Agressive Lulu Support guide

SSBmetalmario Last updated on November 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello people! I welcome you to my Lulu guide! Lulu is my main support and so I thought: Why not make a guide? How I play Lulu is different from other players I see playing her. So here's the deal: This guide is a GUIDE. You do not have to exactly follow it, because every game goes different. Do not downvote this guide just because the first game you play using it doesn't end in your favor. Play like 5-10 games with it first before you decide it's good or bad. Or I dunno, be a troll or douchebag and downvote because it's not like the meta right now. On second thought, don't do that. Just read the guide.

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Pros / Cons

  • Tons of Harass.
  • Epic saves.
  • Pretty great mobility after you get boots.
  • Squirrels!
  • Muffins!
  • Can be a great AP carry as well.
  • Is pretty squishy.
  • Not so fast without boots.
  • Susceptible to silence.
  • You may get yelled upon for using this guide.
  • Late game sucks if you fail early game.

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During picking...

This is fairly important. If you are not premade, tell your AD carry you are doing this guide and thus will not have wards before the first recall. The exception is when you know you are laning vs a Blitzcrank; I'll go into that later.

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The runes I chose are fairly simple as to why.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: You will be harassing a lot, so magic penetration will help you on your way.

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power: You are no tank, so armor isn't needed. Instead, we get some extra AP for that extra bit of harass.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration Lulu's mana regen doesn't start as high as we want, but these glyphs sure help a lot.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power You're an AP based champion. AP quints. Deal with it.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Pix, your glorious faerie. It fires 3 bolts of magic damage at your target that are homing but interceptable. The damage increases as you level up.

Glitterlance? What glitterlance? All I see is HARASS. You will be spamming this a bility over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over... Until your enemies go CRAZY. The 80% slow saves lives. The damage is crazy because it scales really high early on. (Also, you will be maxing this skill first since you will be playing real agressive.) You fire 2 bolts; One from yourself and one from pix. This means you can extend your range using your E(explained below.).

Lulu's trademark ability. When cast on an ally, he or she gains a movement speed boost and an ability power boost. However, when cast on an enemy, they turn into squirrels! (Or, in my case, muffins. BITTERSWEET SKIN.) This silences and slows them. It deals no damage, however.

This skill is quite awesome. When cast on an ally, it gives them a shield and transfers your passive to them for 6 seconds. However, when you cast it on an enemy, it deals damage and reveals them for 6 seconds (as long as you are within a certain range.). This ability also cause Pix to follow your target, allowing you to cast Glitterlance from where pix is. This is an excellent combo to kill off someone who runs behind their tower or is running away in general. Be mindful though: It fires from Pix, NOT from the target istelf.

Your lifesaver. Not much more to say about it, other tha it has a small knock up and it saved my teammates more times than I can even count. Be mindful when cramped up; Hitboxes can be a total b*tch.

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Yeah, masteries. Now we're getting to the good stuff, aren't we? Well, it's pretty simple, actually.


The utility tree is a staple for supports. Lulu is no exception.

Since we're (probably) using Flash and Clarity we will have a point in Summoner's Insight . Time spent dead is time wasted, so we also put three points in Good Hands . Improved Recall is also a great mastery, so we will be taking that one. Swiftness nicely covers for Lulu's low base speed. I put my points in Transmutation , but feel free to spend them anyway you wish. Runic Affinity isn't exactly needed, but I just feel derp when I play without it, so I have it. Awareness is awesome so we take it. Intelligence WILL help us harass a lot, so we need that one too. And for the tip of the iceberg, we take Mastermind . More mana, more flashes.


Since Lulu is fairly squishy, we take some defensive masteries to cover this up.

We will take 3 points in Hardiness and 1 point in Resistance because, well, you need armor against enemy AD carry and the enemy support probably won't do as much damage. Then we take 4 points in Durability and 1 in Veteran's Scars tocover up Lulu's early squishiness. I'm serious, this probably saved me too a couple of times.

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Summoner Spells

Aaaah. Summoner Spells. Probably the reason you clicked this guide... "Why Clarity?" Well, let me explain.

Recommended Spells

You are spamming your Glitterlance. Your Ezreal or Graves is spamming his Q. This depletes a LOT of mana. Just one click. One little click. Or button press, whatever. BAM full mana. And the harass can begin again! Also, this scales well even into late game with this build for yourself: 1100 mana at 18? No sweat! Clarity for the win! Why no Exhaust? Because your Whimsy IS your exhaust. What does Exhaust do? It slows and lowers the damage of the target. What does Whimsy do? It slows your target and completely stops them from attacking or casting spells! And they turn into a squirrel to boot :3

Gap closer, escaper, terrain jumper. The usual. You've read it before. It's just so dang useful. Just take it. Just do it.

Other viable spells

If you don't believe me and want to play with Exhaust anyway, go ahead. I won't stop you.

Also a great spell. I prefer Clarity over this though, because you can spam twice as much with it.

While not a bad spell, and certainly usable on Lulu, I don't think she needs it.

The rest of the summoner spells are those you shouldn't use with Lulu or use in general.

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Another topic deep in need of explanation. "Starting with Doran's? WTF!" Let me explain here.

Starting Items

You'll want to get this one. "Why no wards, you moron?!" Well, that is because your job is to HARASS. A LOT. So, the extra ability power and mana regen certainly help. The health is a nice bonus too. Don't get me wrong, you still will be buying lots of wards after you recalled, however for the early pokes and first blood, you'll want a Doran's Ring.
Laning vs Blitzcrank?
sight wardThen you will start with this. Do not put the ward in the river bush. You'll want to put it in the enemy bush where Blitzcrank will be standing mostly. You NEED to dodge those Rocket Grabs or else your lane is lost faster than Hecarim can run.

The first recall

Yeah. Vision. Not sight. Why? Because counter warding is so dang important! Having vision while leaving your enemy unaware when your jungler wants to gank is one of the key points to winning your lane. Now, a good question: When do you recall the first time? A good idea would be to do this when you have around 500-600 gold. Make sure you have enough money to buy your next item AND a vision ward. Yes, the vision ward IS for the river bush.

Early to Mid Game

You will want to build an ionians. Why? Simple. Spamming Glitterlance. You will want to make a Will of the Ancients as well. Why? Spell vamp aura. Know how your AD carry's Life Steal only works on auto attacks? Well, you can help him or her a little: By making their abilities steal life too. Plus, it gives you a nice AP boost, which makes some fine harass, don't you think? Remember to keep buying Vision Wards.

Mid to Late Game

"Rabadon's? On a support? ARE YOU CRAZY?" No. As a matter of fact, AP items work better on (agressive) support Lulu than aura items. Why? Help, Pix! and Wild Growth. Glitterlance will also be a lot higher in damage. How does this help, you ask? Well, imagine this: You just had a teamfight on mid, and the enemy is running away. You managed to use Help, Pix! on the runner in the back. Glitterlance all across the enemy team. They will be slowed for 80% AND recieve a lot of damage. This damage just might make a difference on if they would get away or not. Why Moonflair Spellblade? It gives AP and some nice tenacity as well. Seriously, it saves your life.

Late Game

Yeah,more CDR and AP. And a heal reduction. Don't get a sixth item. You'll need that slot for Vision Wards. Keep on buying them. Maybe get an Oracle's Elixir. Just keep planting those wards. They're important. They really are.

GP5 Items

Of course, you CAN build Morello's Evil Tome early on by starting your build with kage's lucky pick, or be a more general support with philosopher's stone. While I do not recommend it, it might be a good option every so many games, when your lane is really derping out. (Thanks to XCrazedChickX and qunik for mentioning this.)

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Gameplay tips

Laning phase

Stand in the bush. If the enemy support knows what he or she is doing, they will do the same. Even without vision, just shoot into the enmy bush with Glitterlance. Wanna know if you made a hit? Listen for the sound effect. You can hear it when Glitterlance hits something. You'll want to be laning with AD carries like Draven, Ezreal, or Graves. In short, an AD carry that can dash in at any moment and deal a ton of damage in a millisecond. Metaphorically.
Is the enemy playing agressive? Stay calm. Don't panic. Just harass them like you would normally do. Not feeding is just as important as winning the lane.

Mid game

Let's say you pushed the enmy tower down. Then it's time for you to roam. Go to mid, be a douchebag to the enmy mid, go top, dp the same, defend bot, ward dragon and baron, repeat. Simple, really. Just watch for teamfights. Save teammates if needed. Use your ult royally. Do not save it up. The cooldown isn't all that high. Just don't waste it on nothing.

Late Game

Important rule during late game: Do not throw the game just because the enemy pushed to your inhibitor. Just regroup. Defend. Check how good ol' baron is doing. Ward it. Try to win teamfights by all means necessary; Deal as much damage as possible. SPAM. YOUR. Glitterlance. This is important. It's your main source of damage. If you can't save an ally by shielding and ulting them, try to save them by killing their opponent. This works.

"Noob support! You're making kills! Noob!"

Don't pay attention to this. You're support, yes, but that doesn't mean you cannot make kills. Do try to give kills away, but if you see an ally cannot get the kill, go for it. Flash in, E, Q, kill. Simple. Getting tower dived? Whimsy. Glitterlance. Help, Pix!. By this time the enemy should have taken serious damage, both from you and the tower. Feel free to chase the enemy down when they have a quarter of their health left. They can't escape anyway. Just make sure you run when it's the enemy tank.

Little handy-to-know facts

Whimsy does not interrupt your movement. Wild Growth increases the target's maximum HP; they also get this HP added to their current HP. THIS IS NOT HEALING.It goes through Ignite. It just adds extra health. That's why this ult is so powerful. "I want an assist, but if I do any damage now, I get a kill!" Help, Pix! your ally. It shields them. Even if they still have full HP, you will still get an assist.
"Noob support! Where are my wards?!" Stay calm. Just tell them you haven't recall ed yet and that you have to buy a new bunch. If they keep raging after that, just report them for having a negative attitude~ :3


Deal as much damage as possible. AD carry getting dived? Catch skillshots for them, use your ult on them, Whimsy the diver, do ANYTHING to protect your damage dealers. Just remember to deal damage yourself. The enemy will know you are support, and if you are lucky you won't get focused. If they make this mistake make sure to let them know Glitterlance is the best harass and killing tool in the game.

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I hope you liked my guide. Lulu is my all-time favorite support and I hope you guys got something useful out of this guide.

Thanks to jhoijhoi for her awesome guide-guide and her explanation of how those codes work. And thanks to Riot for making such an awesome champion.

Remember, squirrels: That tasted purple! :3