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Lux Build Guide by themulletman53

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author themulletman53

Stay Positive

themulletman53 Last updated on January 13, 2013
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Chapter 1

Welcome to my guide.
Remember with each game, there are different situations, so don't stick completely to what my guide says; adapted to the situation.

With that said, lets look at what I feel is a strong way to play Luxanna.

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Lux is a ranged AP champ that until recently I feel has been underestimated.

When I say she is a RANGED AP champ, i mean that. GTFO of the fray, or you are dead.
If you stay away and land your attacks, you will help decide the outcome of your battle; especially with an Ulti that will proc every 30secs or so.

Interested? No? Okay well I am gonna keep rambling anyways.

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I focused on Mag Pen, Mana Regn and AP
Basically everything you need to do...
"Ton's of Damage" - Pheak
(I'm talk between 8 to 10 tons of damage)

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Again, everything to make you do "Tons of Damage"
I have seen 9 0 21 builds based on CDR, but I let the items do that.

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- Start boots 3HP Pots: your opponent will probably make you pay if you don't have early mobility.
- Get Chalice on your first trip back: fix her mana hungry nature.
- Grab Haunting the next time you head back (or when you can): with so much mag pen, you are gonna start hurting them, Bad.
- Start working to Deathcap followed by Athene's: A LOT of AP, CD, and MR
- Liandry's Next for extra AP and Burn affect
- Void Staff to rip through MR + 70 AP
- Finish with Hourglass: the armor is w/e, but the AP and Stasis active will save your butt.
- Buy CD Boots anytime you have extra gold after Haunting: CD will be at 30%, and you already have a lot of Magic Pen, not to mention the future void staff.

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Summoner Spells

You need Flash, without, you have no escapes.
You can kit like crazy... but you will rely completely on skills then
... wait a second, am I honestly trying to sell Flash on you?
Just take Flash

Second is to your likings.
- Ignite for Early kills / Ensure sweep up kills (Good option, but not needed on Lux)
- Teleport for Mobility (My personal choice)
- Clarity for a huge mana pool early game (Only if you can't manage mana well, but you shouldn't have a problem once you get Chalice.)

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Hybrid Lux, whats this?

I like to think of new ways to spice things up, and I think I've found a gem!

-This hybrid can go either mid or bot (maybe even top).

-I see it more of a bot lane with Lux being the carry. Here is an interest Tid Bit, Lux has more base AD than Ashe does and scales more per level than Ashe (her abilities just scale with Ad, while Lux's don't).

-As the carry, you want to have your support be someone with a good stun (Leona or Taric for example). Have your support stun the target, then start whaling on it, then before the stun burns off, land your snare and continue whaling. Repeat as needed until you can kill your target. YOU NEED TO GET A LEAD IF YOUR TEAM DOES NOT HAD A TRUE ADC IN ANOTHER LANE (I guess this is a counter-meta team now lol)
If you can get your items and put the enemy carry in the hole, you're gonna be ok. If you go to the late game neck and neck, they will have the advantage.

So... why this AD/AP Hybrid?
Again, she has a strong AD start and with the right teammate, you can DOMINATE Bot lane.
Along with that, think of how versatile you will be.

AD: Your Auto Attacks will do a lot! (Your passive will be the destroyer of worlds)
AP: You will still have a lot of AP behind your abilities (nearly 400). So your abilities will hurt and then your auto-attacks will pack an unexpected wallop.
Spell Vamp/Life Steal: Oh yeah, you'll get a lot of HP back from your abilities and auto attacks. This gives you some survivability!

Wait wait wait, let me explain. So no boots... yes this just might be the only guide without boots in all of But Look at the upside. You have a 6th slot open for another important item to further your strength.
Pshhhh, You think I didn't foresee this issue?
With the items I have in the build above, the items have multipliers.
At the end of it all, your movement speed is 419.... now tell me... are you a seating duck still?

Give it a try in a bot game to see how it works and then try it out in a game with buddies (i find that most people hate counter meta picks, so non-friend teammates may harass you for doing this).
trust me, its fun feeling more like an ADC while still being a strong APC.

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Well I gave you my take on Lux

If you read everything, this section is pointless

Please vote Up or Down

With either one please tell me why you votes as you did

Good Luck

And Keep Positive