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Yasuo Build Guide by sm1rk

Middle platinum

Stereotypical 16 Year Old Yasuo Guide

By sm1rk | Updated on June 1, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Yasuo
  • LoL Champion: Yasuo
  • LoL Champion: Yasuo
    Mid Vs 2 Or More AP Threats
  • LoL Champion: Yasuo
    Mid Vs 2 Or More Tanky Enemies

Runes: Base

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

Stereotypical 16 Year Old Yasuo Guide

By sm1rk
Hi, I'm a Mastery 7 Plat 4 16-year-old Yasuo main who started playing at the beginning of Season 8. I also made this guide when I was 14, hence the name that has now changed. How stereotypical. Not that appealing for a guide, perhaps. But, I'm here anyway. I have 425000 mastery points at this point of writing, and probably more to come. Yasuo is a super fun champ, that only rewards the people that spend time getting good at him. If you really enjoy the champion but are feeding, do not give up yet! You will get good eventually. Anyways, enjoy the rest of the guide!
Current Yasuo News Back to Top
Yasuo is pretty good if you know how to play him, and pretty bad if you don't. Pretty balanced champion right now.
How 2 Play Yasuo Back to Top
Fair warning, you're going to feed if you're new at Yasuo. This chapter here won't make you a god, or even a demi-god at Yasuo. You will be trash. Trashuo. But you'll make it.

Laning is a special case on Yasuo. Yasuo's lane is dependant on who's playing him. Some Yasuos might beat Malzahar some might lose really hard. It's your own playstyle. Yet, it's important you get your Q poke on the champion. Getting the last hit and poking with your Q is a really good way to do it. But don't do it too much, pushing the lane can be bad. If you can poke them down, once they're low enough grab a tornado and all-in. This can work level 2 if you are pushed in by the enemy even if they're full health.

Roaming is really important as well. If you see a roam bot lane or top lane, go for it. Get two kills for your ADC, let them carry. Get yourself a kill maybe. Anything can help. But don't sacrifice your own lane for it, make sure you crash a huge wave into the enemy tower first with a slow push.

The midgame is good for you, you hit your two item spike, you deal tons of damage, and you have a lot of pressure. Use this to split bot, team fight, whatever. You will win most fights 1v1, maybe 1v2. But be careful, you will lose if you go crazy.

There are combos on Yasuo that you can use, 3 of them actually. Beyblade, Airblade, and Keyblade.

A Beyblade is when you have a tornado, e to a target, q so the tornado spins, and flash onto a champion so that they don't have time to react. Basically, you transport your tornado from the first target to the second target. Here's a clip of it. (Click it, sorry I'm ******o and can't get the video in here)

Anairblade is when you throw a tornado, you EQ a target, and press R on your main target that was torandoed. This transfers the EQ to the ulted target, gives you a Q stack for after you ult, and does tons of damage. The EQ can be on a different target or the ulted one. Heres a clip.

A keyblade is a combination of both of these. You EQ flash a target with tornado, auto them, and then EQ ult again. It does tons of damage, no reaction time, and is also very flashy. It's a Yasuo main's dream.

That's all I can do to help you. You'll mostly need to learn Yasuo on your own playstyle. Yasuo guides that can tell you how to make your own playstyle don't exist. They can only help.
Runes Back to Top

The runes are pretty simple for both roles, Mid and ADC.

Precision never changes. Conqueror or Fleet into Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Coup De Grace. Domination never changes. Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter.
The stat shards are where this gets slightly interesting. It's always attack speed, and then adaptive force. Then you pick armor or magic resist based on matchup. How exciting. Pretty basic runes, resolve used to be an option but with the changes domination outclasses it.
Items Back to Top
Here comes the best part. I guess. There's not much here anyway.

Hey look, it's the item we rush every game. Attack speed and movement speed, it's a mini Phantom Dancer. You need it to cap your Q early on as well. Zeal isn't a good rush anymore, so you need to rush this.

Oh, look who showed up. It's our main item, Phantom Dancer. It's perfect, it's what you've always dreamed of. 30% crit doubled into 60%, 30% attack speed, reducing Q cooldown, and attack speed is attack speed as always. Movement speed for chasing, extra shield. It's our best option.

Here's Phantom Dancer's little brother. Just as core as him, but not your first rush. AD, more crit damage, and crit chance. Everything else you need as Yasuo.

For the rest of the items in the guide, Death's Dance, Guardian Angel, they all serve an indent purpose. DD for burst, Angel when you need to dive, etc. This is normal League knowledge, and it doesn't change for Yasuo compared to any other champion.

Facing a spooky AP midlaner? This is what you want. Fizz, Vladimir, Annie, any of those who have pressure on you, you need this. Don't go alone. Even if you're winning, the only exception being you're 10/0 at 8 minutes. Doubt it.

If you want to be lazy, and not itemize correctly, just go
Why Mid and ADC? Why not Top? Back to Top
Short chapter for this one, the small matter is that Yasuo has some pretty bad matchups top. I could get into a giant discussion about this, but Yasuo doesn't have as good as a time top as he used too. He's a bit squishier, and unless you already know the matchups top to heart, it isn't worth it to learn, since you'll have an easier time in the middle of the map or lower.
Wits End? BotRK? Back to Top
A short chapter here.

Only go Wit's End if you have an AP Mid AND JG on the enemy side.

Only go BotRK if you have 2 or more tanky enemies, top JG mid support doesn't matter. For example, if there is a Sett, Zac, and Nautilus on the enemy team, this is the right build. It also includes off tanks.
End Back to Top
If you feed, don't be demoralized. Everyone feeds on Yasuo when they start, even pro players sometimes. He's super fun once you learn him.

See you on the rift. Unless you're actually any good at this game. Then you won't see me.
League of Legends Build Guide Author sm1rk
sm1rk Yasuo Guide
Stereotypical 16 Year Old Yasuo Guide
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