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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ralphisdead

Stop laughing at me, I stunned you!

Ralphisdead Last updated on April 16, 2013
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When you are farming ALWAYS use your Q - Baneful Strike on minions. You want to stack up your AP since it stays permanently and doesn't go away until game is done of course. In the long run you Q is very helpful stacking lots of AP up and not losing it upon death making you have a major advantage over everyone in game being able to 3 shot.

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Pros / Cons

- Great with ult against AP carries cause of boost it gives for the more they have
- Easy last hitting
- Great with w attack taking out waves of minions
- Q stacks up on a lot of AP
- Best nuker in game

- Very weak early game
- Very squishy
- Your E is your only defense

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Baleful Strike (Q): Sort of a mix between Siphoning Strike and Disintegrate, this spell is used mostly for farming early game, and later becomes part of your burst. It is your only spammable spell, so be sure to keep casting it in team fights after you've unloaded your full nuke. Always LAST-HIT minions with this spell. You can farm up a lot of AP just by last-hitting. This spell is maxed first because it's spammable, it's your farming tool (which you need early), and it permanently increases your AP on every last-hit. You'll also get bonus AP for every champion kill even if you don't use this spell to last-hit them. This bonus increases with the level of the skill, so it's a good idea to max this skill quickly.

Tips and Tricks:
You don't have to last-hit a champion with this spell to get the AP bonus, so don't worry about using this spell as a finisher.
All the AP bonuses you get from this spell are permanent, with no cap. Maintaining a high creep score and kill count will give you a significant advantage over most other champions. This ability gives a very strong late-game, since Veigar's AP can keep climbing even with a full inventory.
Leveling up Baleful Strike will not only make it more effective against champions, it'll allow you to last-hit more easily and often
The bonuses from this skill allow Veigar to make good use of Rabadon's Deathcap as your first main item. Normally casters should build some more AP first, but Baleful Strike lets Veigar get straight to the more powerful items.

Dark Matter (W): This is a very powerful spell, though it is difficult to use. Like Living Artillery, this spell drops a delayed AoE nuke at the target location. Allies and enemies can see the spell before it lands, so it can often be easily dodged or blocked if your target isn't disabled. The high AP ratio and base damage on this skill make it an important component of your nuke by mid-game. Try to hit multiple targets with this spell, especially when pushing minion waves or engaging in team fights. Dark Matter can do ridiculous damage if you can manage to land it.

Tips and Tricks:
Use Event Horizon to set up a target for Dark Matter so your target can't dodge it.
Dark Matter reveals the area where it was cast, so it's a great tool to check bushes or around walls.
If you can't stun, try to anticipate where your target will move, then place Dark Matter in their path.
In team fights, you may not even need to stun in order to land Dark Matter.
Dark Matter is very predictable. Beware of enemies with shields, especially Sivir's Spell Shield and Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness. Breaking these shields with a spell will actually give Sivir mana, or provide Nocturne with an AS boost.

Event Horizon (E): Veigar's only CC ability, Event Horizon is a spell with a bit of a learning curve, but is an indispensable component of Veigar's nuke. This spell creates a ring about the size of dragon's area, or Akali's Twilight Shroud. Any enemy unit that hits the EDGE of this ring will be stunned for several seconds (depending on the ability's level and their tenacity). This ability can be used very effectively as a defense mechanism, but is also a great way to line up a target for your nuke.

Tips and Tricks:
Spell Shield, Shroud of Darkness and Banshee's Veil can be used to absorb the stun, while Quicksilver Sash, Mercurial Scimitar, Cleanse, Unbreakable Will and Remove Scurvy can remove the effect of the stun instantly. Ragnarok, and Black Shield protect their target from all CC effects. Flash, Arcane Shift, Riftwalk and other blink spells can hop right over the stun wall. Take inventory of each champion on the enemy team that has a way to circumvent your stun so you aren't surprised.
Event Horizon can be used to split up the enemy team if placed correctly. The radius of the ring is quite wide, and can prevent the enemy team from coordinating.
Dashing or displaced enemies will be stunned upon arrival if they passed through the wall.
Keep an eye out for tenacity items and abilities like Mercury's Treads and Insanity Potion. Tenacity can allow enemies to escape the stun sooner, which may allow them to dodge your Dark Matter, especiallyt if Event Horizon is at a low level.
Try to position this spell so that the edge connects with the target champion. Trapping a ranged champion inside the circle may allow them to escape, or even come after you.

Primordial Burst (R): This ability gives Veigar a serious advantage over many AP carries. This ability is built for incredible single-target burst, growing stronger with both Veigar's and the target's AP. This ability is great for bursting down AP champions, but is also effective at killing any squishy, or even finishing off a tank. Make sure you are ready to do your entire spell sequence before using your ultimate. Firing Primordial Burst prematurely can cause your enemy to retreat and escape your grasp.
Tips and Tricks:
Again, keep an eye out for spell shields. It's a terrible feeling to watch your ult be completely cancelled by Banshee's Veil, Spell Shield or Shroud of Darkness. Intervention and Unbreakable Will are also dangers. Some champions can become untargetable with spells like Sanguine Pool and Playful/Trickster, or they may use Zhonya's Hourglass to negate your ultimate entirely. Pick your target carefully and keep track of which of their life-saving abilities are available and which are on cooldown.
Check your enemies' health and AP numbers to see who is the best target for Primordial Burst. Usually this will be the AP or AD carry.
Try to use Primordial Burst at the end of your spell combo when possible, just in case your enemy manages to escape earlier than you expected. That way you won't have wasted your ultimate on a lost kill.
Primordial Burst has a fairly lengthy cooldown, so try to be sure you'll net a kill or assist before firing it.

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Lanes for Veigar

Veigar has a somewhat weak laning phase compared to a lot of other casters. You'll probably be a bit pressed for mana, and you won't have much burst until you get Primordial Burst. In the very early game (pre-6, generally), you have three jobs to do:

1. Last-hit every minion you can. Use Baleful Strike whenever possible.
2. Keep the minions in the center of the lane. Do not push the enemy tower, and don't let your opponent reach yours, lest your tower steal all the minion kills.
3. Don't take so much harass that you're forced to recall. Crystalline Flask and Health Potions help, but not if you are constantly taking free damage and run yourself out of potions.

If you can perform these three tasks adequately, you'll have farmed up a lot of AP, you'll be at decent health, you'll reach level 6 without a death and you'll probably be fairly low on mana.

If you decide to attack and are in a good position, use your spells in the following order:
Event Horizon--> Dark Matter--> Deathfire Grasp--> Baleful Strike--> Primordial Burst--> Ignite
If the enemy isn't dead by the end of that combo, run back to your tower before they can retaliate. If they're almost dead though, you can try to finish them off with a couple autoattacks or another Baleful Strike.

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Team fights

Usually before team fights start there is a lot of poking between each of the teams, in order to try and cause the enemy teams to get out of place. But stay with an ally that has a sort of tanky build so that you don't die as quickly because you are very squishy.

As AP carry your job is to burst down all squishy enemy carries. This means the ranged ones, but for Veigar both are fine do go after. Since your ult does 80% off of your targets AP it does even more damage to enemys who are stacking AP. So go for the most out of position person or the most weakest.

Once the game starts fine a person and use this string of these attacks.
Event Horizon (E)--> Dark Matter (W)--> Deathfire Grasp (Item)--> Baleful Strike (Q)--> Primordial Burst-->Ignite. But if you know the enemy will die in the first few hits don't go overboard with it.

If your combo was successful or not the enemy team will want to focus you first. So stay behind a ally do you don't get killed as fast. If you are in huge trouble use Zhonya's Hourglass. In order for your abilities to gain some time for them to regen. This will also keep the enemys puzzled either changing focus or just getting smacked by ally champs while they wait for you.

If you are still alive after this jump back into the fight if you are not so low, if so recall. So you didn't just waste your time for the cooldown on your little box.