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Veigar Build Guide by Soultrash

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soultrash

Stop Laughing! - Veigar Guide

Soultrash Last updated on December 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first Guide and its about Veigar!
I really like Veigar and i often played him.
He's my favourite Nuker and its really fun to play him!
And i just want to share my Build with you, because it works perfect for me!
First of all,

I will edit this Guide when i have time.

Veigar is an Heavy Nuker, his Farming Skills in Early Game are perfect and his damage Late Game just Rocks! Everyone should try him ;)

Please read the full Guide before writing Comment's. Thanks :)

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Pros & Contras


- Insanly Damage Late Game
- Nice Stun
- Very good vs. other Mages
- Good Farm
- Hes so Evil


- Squishy early Game
- No Escape Abilitys

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Skill Order

Time to explain why i take Baleful Strike except Event Horizon
Because you need Baleful Strike to farm Minions.
Trust me, its so much easier with Baleful Strike
And you can Farm AP.

And i like to get Dark Matter up before i upgrade Event Horizon
Why? Because stun does no damage.
No seriously:
-With Dark Matter you deal insanly damage to Champions who stay near at the Turret,
-You also can prevent them from Farming,
-And Dark Matter can destroy tons of Minions.

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Closer Look at the Runes

Thats my Set, i really recommend it.
(But Runes are an personal preference)


You need that Ap Boost because in this Guide you wont get Dorans Ring at Beginning.
With this Rune Build you have from Beginning 30 Ap, and Mana Regeneration.
For me, its the only Rune Build for Veigar

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Why i Start with Meki Pendant?
Because you just have enough Ap at early Game with your Runes.
You can also Upgrade Meki's to Tear Goddess.
My Item core is:

(If your Q is Farmed well, heave Ap Boost)
(The Only Choice of Boots..)
(THE item for Veigar, just freaking awesome)
(Lategame, you will need this AP Boost)

So, the Core is the most important Part of Veigar, other items are Team preferenced.
Let's look at some options:

"I Need no Life, just want moaaarr Damage!"

With this you will get insane Magic Penetration, this will get down mostly Everyone.

"That Enemy Team is strong, i really need some survivability"

Not much to say, Rylais has a weak slow, but Ap and Life. Zhonya's Effect is really nice to survive, it also give's Armor and a little Ability Power Boost.

"Omfg they pwn me.."

Survival Build. Not much to say, i think if you know from the beginning that the enemy Team has strong damage dealer, get Rod of Ages early, after Sorcerer's Shoes might be an good option.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are an personal preference, too.
You should take that one's which you like.

Veigar can be played Top/Bot Lane, or mid.

For Top/Bot Lane:

Why? Because you maybe have to take off, or follow a free kill.
You also can add:

(Do it except Flash, because Ghost is better Choice for Veigar)
(Its a personally Choice, i think you should do it except Flash)

In my Opinion, that Spells are the best Choice for Top or Bot Lane.

For mid Lane:

Teleport is important if you die early, or want to go back for an important Item
Ghost is to run away, or to follow.
You also can change Ghost to Ignite
But you have to be sure, what you do.

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How to get them Down

Nearly forgot it!
That Chapter is like, how you will get kills with Veigar.

First off, its important that you know which Enemy Champion your Team want's to focus.
An Example:

Team Fight, you try to stun that Focuse'd Champion with Event Horizon.

Got it! Now you should be fast with place your Dark Matter on this Guy.

Now its time to get Closer and attack him with Baleful Strike.

Hes not Death at this Point? Time to get Mad with your Ulti, Primordial Burst

Summarized, the Skill Sequenze is like this:

E -> W -> Q -> R -> Q

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I Hope you enjoyed my little Veigar Guide
At this Point, i say thanks to all who read and try this Build !
I worked on it for 2 hours, so i hope you like it :)

Oh, and dont forget to kill Minions with your Q, it will helps your Ability Power.

See ya on the next Guide !