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Karthus Build Guide by Sammy12366

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammy12366

Super Meanie Karthus

Sammy12366 Last updated on December 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Super meanie Karthus got nerfed hard D:

Sadly, Riot has decided to nerf all forms of penetration, other then abyssal scepter. this means this guide wont work nearly as well anymore, and i am saddened by this, however, if you, the community want to keep playing this way, i wont stop you, i'll just update the masteries and such as the time goes by.

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Super Meanie Karthus:

You may think this is just another "Run of the mill karthus guide" however, i've played karthus for a very long time, and i've watched a fair amount of pro games, and modified on the builds i've seen to make this. Currently, Karthus is my favorite champion, and he's really awesome at any level of play.

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Now; Loooking at the rune page, you may be asking yourself (Or the computer screen) WHY? WHY IS HE GETTING FLAT AD MARKS? the reason is simple. AP mids will tend to harass a lot with auto attacks, and yes, that extra 9 damage will really help out in that kind of situation, as the enemy mid will most likely be carrying mana regen or magic resist runes, along with AP. As for the other runes, i take mana regen seals for the almost infinite lane sustain they give you, along with the mana gain passive from Defile. I take flat AP Glyphs and quints, to maximize damage early, and to make the enemy mid go back as much as possible, if not kill him, to get up on exp, if not take a turret early. As for Masteries, I take the standard AP Nuke page (Magic column with havoc and Executioner) and the extra mana in utility. grabbing 6 points into extra mana + regen, and 1 point each into Good Hands, Swiftness, and neutral buff duration.

TL DR: I grab AD marks for auto attack harass, then standard AP everything else.

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I start with boots 2 health pots and 1 mana pot. this mana pot is to account for any mistakes i make when farming, (I.E miss a few Lay Wastes, Keep Defile on too long, etc.) I try to have at least 1600 gold when i go back for the first time. if i dont, i pick up the kages for extra gold and that little bit of AP. A little note on Gold Per 10 items, If you plan to build it into something, grab that item last, as to maximize the amount of gold your item gets, and if you plan to sell it, its not really worth getting the item in the first place in my opinion. I grab a rabadons deathcap as soon as possible, as that will over power the enemy mid, if you can land your Lay Wastes, Usually 3 when they hit the Lane Opponent solo will bring them down to about 1/2 health. I then Grab every thing i can for Magic Resist shred, and Magic Pen, as to Rip through the Force of Nature's their tanks will be getting, therefore making them a viable option to target with your DFG(Effected by magic pen and magic resist) Which, end build, will literally cut health bars in half, no matter who it is.

TL, DR: I Grab a deathcap, then every MR shred/MPen item i can, then a DFG.

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Skill Sequence/Explenation:

This Means Max Q for ridiculous damage on 1s cool down, and then your E for the mana regen passive it gives, as well as the damage you can put out while you're dead. After that, max your W, it will really help your team in team fights. You shouldn't initiate with it, but if your initiator isn't there, then go for it. Requiem. The Most "Gay", "OP", "******", "Downes Syndrome" Ult in the game. (Besides maybe Tryndamere) I say those terms, because i've been called every single one of them simply by sniping someone with it. I myself don't killsteal with it, as that is actually quite hard to master, however, if an enemy backs out of range of everything, then by all means, go for it. DO NOT USE UNLESS SAFE. I've seen many a Karthus use it at really stupid times. Here's a link to one stupid play. Also; Don't try super hard to snipe Pre-11 with it. it doesnt do that much damage untill you hit level 11 or 16. Passive: Probably the most over looked of karthus' kit. Probably the best time to use your ult as well. While playing as karthus, do not be afraid to die. after all, lore wise, karthus is already half dead anyways. and, that said, don't go rushing into their base, expecting a penta either. but if you and 3 team mates are running away from their team, and you're afraid they're going to catch you, just run back in, turn your defile on, and throw down the wall, to make sure your team gets out safely. I personally don't do this unless i can save at least 2 other people(Or a legendary ADC).

TL, DR: Farm with Q and E, Start Lane fight with W with repeated Q's Ult only when Safe, And don't be afraid to die.

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Summoner Spells:

I take flash ingite, just like i would for any other AP carry. Pretty much self explanitory, other than don't be afraid to flash into their team, and die and then start dishing out damage while you're dead.

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Pros: Cons:
+Easy to farm with -Squishy Early
+Super easy to dominate lane -Sometimes Banned
+Considered "OP" by about 30% of the Community
+Good In Teamfights -Sometimes Dies
+Sustained DPS with Q -Eats Mana with E
+Awesome. -Easy to gank
+Good in any level of play.

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Use your Q to do this. If you are out of mana, last hit with auto attacks. also what those 9 AD marks are good for. Your E will give you mana to keep farming when you last hit something while it's off. Try to make your Q hit only 1 target, that way it will do double damage, and most likely secure the creep.

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I don't recommend jungling karthus, however; I've seen a few people do it, and do it well. If your lane is pushed up, and you see their jungler on the map, go ahead and take the enemy wraith camp. its about 80 gold every time you do it, and that gold will really stack up really quickly. if their wraiths are gone, but your lane is pushed still/again, go for your wraiths. again, 80 gold for about 5 seconds of work. now; multiply this by about 10, (Usual amount of times i do this in a game) is obviously 800 gold, that's almost a blasting wand, another 40 AP, which, combined with passive gold, i would have.

TL, DR: Take Wraiths When you see their jungler.

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How to Teamfight:

Start by Throwing your DFG down on either a carry, or a tank, the way you decide who you should throw it on, is usually done by how your previous teamfights have gone, if you've been losing them, then throw it on a carry, but if you've won a lot, throw it on the tank, as to wipe out a lot of health very quickly. Generally, Seeing a team mates healthbar get cut in half isnt exactly the most moralizing thing in the world, so this will generally start running away when they see that hit go down. this is a perfect opportunity for you to throw down the wall, and start landing Q's. Die? Out of range? Ult. Level 16 + a few items, this will be doing rediculous amounts of damage.

TL, DR: DFG, Wall, Q(Repeated) Ult.