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Soraka Build Guide by Tumlin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tumlin

Super Tank Solo Lane Soraka GG

Tumlin Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Why Super Tank Solo Lane Soraka?

Sick of having no tank because everybody wants to carry? Do not fear, Super Tank Soraka is here! Let your hungry team mates play carry champs while you shut down the enemy mid or top laner with your inability to die. Sacrifice your no longer so tender half human, half goat body to the rape and pillage of the front line, while the rest of your team rip into those who wish to abuse you.

Why mid?... Because supports still don't get enough gold to become immortal. You can't clear jungle fast and you certainly can't gank. Can't steal ADC's role because well... Every team needs an ADC. Top can work but if their top/jungle combo has decent cc and burst they can just ignite you and kill you. That leaves mid. Which you can actually be great at! Just farm away, frustrating the enemy mid laner by not letting him have any kills, while your jungler ganks the other lanes to put the kills on your carries. Late game you will have a ton of farm and will be invincible. You have Q to keep your opponent pushed and unable to roam, you have E to stop him from using combos, you have W to do what you do best... Stay alive. And to top that off, you have a global to make dem plays with and get assist gold, putting you even further ahead of your lane opponent. Your AD runes will let you trade really well early, potentially pushing your opponent out of lane. Bananas GG.

Why top? Well... You can only go top if you are sure you are in a lane you can survive. If you are confident that your wards, heals, silence, flash and ghost can keep you alive then you can actually be a beast of a top laner. It often will become a typical top lane farm lane, however you can push them out with AD rune charged bananas and your RIDICULOUS sustain if they lack sustain and the ability to lock you down and burst you constantly.

With this build you can simply survive. You get tanky as heck. The feeling of ghosting into 5 people, popping Randuin's, your W, Locket etc. while all 5 try to hurt you to no avail is... Very Nice. Also, for some reason people like to focus Soraka... I dunno why... Maybe because they expect you to die quickly because many rakas would in situation where you just don't, or maybe just because you are spamming your laugh emote. GG.

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Skill Sequence

Totally situational. Ignore the skill sequence above!

Max W first if they are hurting you. This lets you stay alive in lane and pisses them off cos you won't die.

Max Q first if they are hitting you like a little girl and you are out-trading them with bananas. This lets you push them under turret and makes them lose cs. Don't worry about being pushed up too much... You won't die... You are Super Tank Soraka.

Max E first if they can't hurt you too much and you want to do some more single target damage (i.e. not push with Q). This also lets you last hit better, as it costs no mana... However if you can cs perfectly with aa's just use this on the opponent. This can be a better option to max if you are winning top lane but start getting camped. It allows you to keep control of the lane with decent damage but not push out. Not so much of an issue in the short lane.

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Basically you want to be as tanky as possible.

Doran's Shield start for dat trading.

Mercs for the passive.

Visage for everything it gives you! Awesome on Raka. Especially as first item vs AP mids.

Randuin's lets you engage well. With ghost to get you in position, this item is even better. A must have in any team vs a team with anybody who auto attacks lol. (Get this or Sunfire first if vs AD)

Sunfire for dat tanky deeps while on a stroll through enemy team plus dat tanky stats.

Locket for tanky stats for you and your homeboys.

Warmogs cos **** *****is you are Super Tank Soraka.

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Flash and Ghost both help keep you alive... Which is what Super Tank Soraka is all about. The bait potential with these summoners is great. Cleanse and barrier are alternatives, however flash and ghost are better.

Flash: Doesn't really need explaining. Main benefits include dodging nasty skill shots, escaping and gap closing.

Ghost: Lets you engage and disengage. The main reason you take this is so you can run in, draw aggro and pop your Randuin's to get the fights rolling. If you are top, works very much like flash ghost combo on Vlad. Let's you split to gain map pressure and gets you out of trouble.

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Flat armor seals and flat MR glyphs for early lane tanky.

Flat AD quints and marks for early lane BANANA DESTRUCTION.

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As tanky as possible. You won't be killing anybody and you have AD runes for farming, so no need for damage masteries. No need for utility either... You want to be INVINCIBLE!

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The Fine Art of Trash Talking

I call it the Trash Talking Super Tank strat. Very simple. First step build tanky. Second step trash talk the opponents, they focus you. Focus tank = GG noobs.

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Expect to Hear:

/All 'wait wtf raka didn't die?'
/All 'wtf how u not die...'
/All 'wut.'
/All '...'
/All 'wow.'
/All 'I swear that hit you'... (you)'It did huehuehue'
/All 'dem bananas.'
'bananas OP'
(you in team speak) 'focus me more pls XD'

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Final Tribute

If you want to see dem mean Raka plays, watch OCE's finest Raka summoner MissLinton. She's been at da Raka for quite dem long times now GGing scrubs back to whence they came.