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Sona Build Guide by RedPowerRanger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedPowerRanger

Suport Sona - Dat Aura

RedPowerRanger Last updated on December 31, 2013
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Hi everyone, I'm RedPowerRanger, and this is my first attempt at a Sona support guide, so any and all constructive criticism will be welcome. This is a basic guide, so there won't be extreme detail.

So Why Sona?

Sona is a great support champion. So far, I have had the best experiences with Sona 'Building' Aura's, as late game it tends to make a huge difference. Her Hymn of Valor and Aria of Perseverance coupled with the Aura's from Aegis of the Legion, Will of the Ancients and Zeke's Herald extremely useful in a team fight, where all four team-mates benefit.

Sona 101

To start, you Do Not Last Hit Minions
The idea behind support Sona is to:
  • Allow your carry to have all of the CS
  • Clairvoyance constantly to offer your team some vision
  • Constantly place Sight Wards to prevent/create ganks, and create all-round map control
  • And for God's sake. You don't build AP.

Your role is to flutter around bottom lane (generally bottom lane), buffing your partner, warding and occasionally poking the enemy team. During the Laning Phase that is, but we'll get to that.


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Pros / Cons

  • Allows your lane partner to become a lot more fed.
  • Allows you and your partner to maintain lane presence more, due to Aria of Perseverance.
  • Extremely useful AoE Stun ( Crescendo)
  • Can buff more than one ally at a time.
  • Her role in using Sight wards is extremely beneficial.
  • Constant Clairvoyance can allow for ganks, anti-jungling and general map knowledge.
  • Has a stun, and a movement buff, which can be useful for an escape.
  • Relatively decent gold income with

  • Extremely, extremely squishy.
  • If she is built too slowly, it can be hard to catch up.
  • Relatively low damage output for a support

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I'm not going to talk about every single mastery, as it's pretty self-explanatory. Gold, Defence, CDR, Blah blah blah

The only real points worth discussing in the mastery tree, are
As I would say these are the most useless masteries in the tree, so change them as you see necessary.

Possible mastery trees can be made, such that:

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Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Gold

Greater Quintessence of Health

This is my most common Runes setup. It allows for a bit more defensive early game Sona, yet still accounts for gold and Sona's lacking mana early-game.

Greater Glyph of Replenishment SPACE
I use these instead of mana regen per level, as I find that early game is when Sona struggles with mana. Late game it's advisable to get blue buff so that you can really go to town with the 'QWE' mash, although once you build Shurelya's Reverie, mana is pretty easy to work with.
Pretty simple choice, helps to bring in the $$$ an extra
Quintessence of Health at level one make a huge difference on Sona if she is targeted in a pre-game fight. It just might give you enough time to Flash/ Hymn of Valor/ Power Chord the enemy.
Armour and flat health really does help with lane sustainability, as Sona has barely any armor and health. Again I choose flat, rather that per level, as i feel as though it's early game that Sona needs to be more tanky.