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Soraka Humor Guide by DKitten

Support Supplier Soraka

By DKitten | Updated on February 13, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


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heals r OP


Riot nerfed Soraka so hard cuz of her double healz. She used to have 0.9 AP scaling on Astral Blessing!!!! Now it's 0.45. And Wish has a 0.7 AP ratio that was a 2.0 b4.

So Im gonna make Soraka a heal machine

Heal and Clarity to keep your partners' resources up
Mikael's Blessing b/c it has moar healz
Locket of the Iron Solari and Banner of Command for teh HP Regen auras
Zeke's Herald for lifestael aura and 20% CDR
Morellonomicon for AP and 20% CDR
Mobility Boots to move around cuz Soraka is too slow and you only have 1 global heal :(

Obv. max Astral Blessing first to improve its base heal. Then Infuse to improve the mana gained. Starcall is only useful for clearing mobs, and it is very weak. Not worth training.

Masteries r 9/0/21 to improve maximum Soraka utility by increasing CDR and ability power. Marks r AP + mana regen for bigger and more frequent haels.

Remember to heal when your allies are low on health to increase the amt of healing!!! I hope u liek healz.

Astral Blessing + Wish + Heal + Mikael's Blessing means your Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, and Aatrox never run out of resources. And Infuse + Clarity lets you restore any non-other-resource-champion's mana.

Unfortunately, can't increase energy, rage, or fury. But you can try making allies angry to do so :D


Yeah, just an afterword. This build is 100% unviable unless every other member of your team is loaded with CC. Soraka really lacks any decent CC, and this build just caricatures her healing. This is a humor guide.

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