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Orianna Build Guide by jaroddempsey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jaroddempsey

SuppOrianna - Normal Mode Summoner's Rift [UPDATED FOR S8]

jaroddempsey Last updated on January 16, 2018
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Standard Support

Orianna Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
LoL Rune: Transcendence
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Future's Market
Future's Market
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

+6 Attack Damage or 10 Ability Power (Adaptive)

Precision / Domination / Inspiration: +6 Attack Damage or 10 Ability Power (Adaptive)
Resolve: +65 Health

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Middle Lane
Ranked #19 in
Middle Lane
Win 50%
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Ability Sequence

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Threats to Orianna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Not a problem. She has a slow that you can counter with a slow or a speed boost. Her global ult is countered by your shield. Just make sure it isnt you that gets ulted.
Bard No threat really. Shield his pokes and dont stand near enough to anyone to get stunned.
Braum His shield can block your balls q travel which will cause it to stop in place but it wont block your w or r aoe. Ori excels at countering slows on allied champions with her w speed and her ults peel, make use of them if needed.
Janna Your shield is better regardless of what the janna mains say. Her gale is not a threat unless she maxes it first with damage and gets you with it up close (it is otherwise easy to dodge). Her only threat is the knockup from a close q or a flash ult which can significantly deposition your adc. Use your range to an advantage and youll do good.
Lucian shield poke, counterult.
Poppy dont stand near walls.
Quinn shield and peel. you likely cant outrun her but shes squishy and doesnt have as much sustained damage as other adc's.
Renekton avoid the stun, not quite as dangerous as nasus.
Sivir pretty meh, she can put out consistent damage but is relatively easy to kill aside from her spell shield which you should make sure has been used before ulting
Sona the easiest person to shield against is sona. With new runes and oris e nerf her damage is now no longer completely blockable if she builds for it. Oris range still counters sonas ult and her projectiles are still very slow and easily shieldable.
Soraka probbaly the most boring lane ever. Soraka has been cancer since she got reworked. avoid her qs and shield when necessary. Always focus her first otherwise you allow the enemy adc to have free health. She is relatively squishy assuming she doesnt q you and has no mobility so ult her when needed to secure the kill. Do not forget about her ult especially when chasing low health enemies.
Swain peel and shield
Taric avoid the q and shield if he gets your adc.
Varus he has a long range poke that you can shield and a root. with new runes he has a bit more damage so dont underestimate him but hes definitely not comparable to any other popular adc.
Viktor since his rework he has shitty aoe burst and you can outrange him which really only makes him dangerous if he manages to get close for ult.
Volibear peel him when he runs to throw. dont overextend trying to kill him while his passive is up.
Xerath dodge when you can and your ult will interrupt his but it is similar to karth in that he is rarely close enough while ulting to counterult
Zilean zilean used to be a troll and now hes a cancerous troll because of his aoe stun. avoid getting 2 bombs. His bombs are probably the easiest damage to shield in the game
Amumu dont let him bandage you, he rarely build enough damage to be a threat on his own and is easy to catch. he also tends to help gorup his team since they try to prepare for his engage but that makes it easier for you to ult 3-5 of them
Shen low range and high utility means very low danger to ori. dont extend too far to secure any kills when his ult is up and be wary of flash taunt combo.
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I make guides for normal players since I don't play ranked. These guides require me to consider things such as shorter match times and significantly less ability to coordinate directly with teammates (normal matches are most commonly played by random groups). I've been maining ori supp since the end of 2015 and have come to find that shes just about the safest and most versatile support there is. Her range and utility allow her to stay safe while providing significant aid to her allies. I just wanted to make this guide to tell other people what has worked for me since it has worked so well.

Current state of support ori: not great. I personally wouldn't call her generally viable anymore and would currently relegate her to being a niche pick. This is mainly due to patch 7.16 nerfing her e base shield but it was exacerbated significantly by new runes causing her to lose 50% of her initial cdr (which she doesnt recoup until endgame unless she buys cdr boots) as well as increase damage output, make the shield/heal rune (practically)unattainable,and lower her mana regen with the removal of regen runes.

If you care about support ori and want to see her become viable again please post on a lol forum and encourage riot to at least buff her shield strength on allied cast.

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note on summoner spells

F stands for flash (duh). Exhaust is most popular but heal is actually a better fit for ori since she will be so far away from enemies most of the time. You'll likely end up taking exhaust though since your carry will instalock heal.

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New Runes

Sorcery + Inspiration

Aerie: current the best for ori. Unfortunately it did not make up for the terrible early game nerfs to her e in 7.16. Also aerie is moderately delayed which vastly reduces its effectiveness in adding strength to your shield to protect from nonsustained damage.

Manaflow band instead of ulti hat: she is extremely mana dependent and having mfb will be extremely helpful in early game especially with the removal of flat mana regen.

Transcendence instead of absolute focus: more ap would be nice but she really really needs the cdr to use shield more, new runes lowered her early cdr by 50%.

Gathering storm: pick this over scorch unless you plan to aa a lot. even though storm is pretty bad due to current game times it still buffs your shield which is your primary purpose as ori supp. Also, being within range to aa enemies is not a good way to play ori due to her lack of mobility.

Futures market vs biscuit delivery vs stopwatch: if you see a very poke heavy lane then feel free to get biscuit for the mana since you'll be throwing a lot of shields. In all other cases i take futures market because there isnt a better choice and the qol improvement is noticeable. Stopwatch is a poor choice on ori since she has no escape so aside from the random global ult which she can usually handle with her e, a single stasis will usually only delay a guaranteed death.

cosmic insight: simply the best option out of the remaining, boots are nearly useless, minion dematerializer is useless, celestial body is wasted on someone who takes damage so infrequently, approach velocity's effect is really muted due to oris ball travel time.

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note on vs champs

All champs should be there. If you dont see a certain champ make sure it's not at the bottom of the list due to being added in later.

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Pros / Cons

Great damage mitigation
long range
very versatile ult

mana hungry especially if using w and q
low mobility
slow ball travel time = effective cast times on skills

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Ori is passive. If youre playing safe then you should be at the range of your coin to get xp and gold and shield your adc when the enemy laners poke. Ward a bush when able and do not over extend without vision. If you are only using e then you'll rarely go out of mana, feel free to miss a shield for only a little damage or if your carrys hp is full to maximise the effective healing of their hp regen. If you have to use w multiple times bc your adc is not positioning correctly you will go oom. Always try to save mana for a shield. Being a shield support relies heavily on being able to predict enemy champions' actions. If youre new to league you will likely do poorly as support ori. If your first back is before you have like ~800-1100g then your lane isnt doing great. Sometimes I end up never leaving lane until lanephase ends with ~2400-3000+g because ori is such a safe champ and with her health regen can stay in lane for a long time.

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mid game

lane phase generally ends for you when one team gets the other tower or when another lane wins/loses and consistently begins causing teamfights. You will likely have to roam probably to mid to provide assistance. Just shield when able. These enemies will not be as familiar to your ball as the bot laners so feel free to poke when able. if your team tends to be doing alright without you feel free to farm a safe lane and be aware of enemy positions so you can throw pings when your team inevitably overextends while chasing. As the supp youll have the most map awareness so be sure to ping for assistance or go yourself when a large minion wave is pushing on one of your turrets.

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late game

Late game ori will continue to support her team as shes done before but now that she has more ap she can do significant damage to enemy non-tanks. Usually to the surprise of the enemy team. Feel free to throw your ball into three of them and ult then w then e and watch as they scatter bc theyre at 25% hp.

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Playing ori can be really difficult at first because you lose track of your ball. There isnt really an easy fix for this other than practice. You just have to get used to your abilities activating from your ball and not you. This makes their effectiveness dependent on the location of whoever has the ball but it is also good because enemies rarely notice that teammates have the ball untill it is too late. Avoid using q to leave your ball places when youre new to ori, it is much easier to know where your ball is if it is attached to either you or your adc because you know where both of those people are at all times (it should primarily be attached to your adc all the time anyways).

Playing as ori supp differs from some supports in that your adc is somewhat of a meat shield for you. Theyll basically sit out there with their life in your hands while it is up to you to block all the incoming damage and throw off the ganking junglers. But thats how it works best. What you dont want is to be the one being targeted because if you get stunned or silenced or suppressed then youre useless whereas if your adc gets stunned or silenced or suppressed you can still shield them and counter ult the enemies. In short, the safer you are the safer your adc is.

The skill sequence for max damage is usually q so the ball goes directly behind the target then w then e so the ball passes through the target on its way back.

If youre finding that youre having mana issues it is likely because youre spamming w and q too often for your level. Play more defensively and take advantage of possible downtime by letting your mana regen. Q should only be used to position the ball when ulting 95% of the time. Other instances could be to secure a kill or provide vision but these are more advanced uses and novice ori users should focus on saving the mana and the q cooldown for ults.

Your ball is invulnerable, use it to ward off enemies from walking near it and punish them with your ult or w if they do or use it as a ward when needed though be aware that since it flies slowly it will make shielding yourself or an ally take longer than if the ball was already on them.

Even though your ball flies relatively slow it still goes more quickly than people walk. In cases where an ally has the ball and you will arrive within range of an objective more quickly than they will you can shield yourself which will bring the ball to your position. Then once youre within range of the target you can use your q to position the ball for a kill. This can save time since the ball will be doing more of the movement.

Do not forget that a knock is basically a stun since enemies cannot act during the knock. Even if it doesnt reposition enemies any worse than they were before it still prevents them from acting during the knock. This works well against people like vayne who rely heavily on being able to do as much damage as possible during a relatively small window of time.

Some guides will tell you that you can ult yourself with your ball and then flash on enemies to surprise them. While that is true you should almost never be within flash range on an enemy in a situation like that. You have no mobility and are a squishy support. You should use your range to the advantage and save your flash for emergencies only.