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Annie Build Guide by golfgiant

Support Support Annie-The Right Way

Support Support Annie-The Right Way

Updated on October 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author golfgiant Build Guide By golfgiant 17,981 Views 4 Comments
17,981 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author golfgiant Annie Build Guide By golfgiant Updated on October 2, 2013
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This is my first build i have done. I hope it helps please leave a comment on how the build is, ways to improve and if you tried and enjoyed support Annie.

Anyway i got the idea to play support annie from Tsm. They played it in the LCS and lost to vulcan. I thought hmmmm mabey that might work with some revisions and lo and behold i tried it and it works great. Tsm did it wrong and i am here to show you the right way to play support Annie.
I play this build mostly with friends because, lets face it in solo que you will be flamed and called a troll which brings me to my first point, I want to give a shout out to my good friend Nick, he is one of the best adc's i know and he helped make this build viable so without further ado Support Annie-The Right Way.
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I like to take armour reds for more resistance in lane to take less damage especially poke, no one likes being poked out of lane or being unable to engage due to lack of health.

I take armour yellows for the same reason.

For blues i take scaling magic resist runes due to the fact that you probably (i say probably) wont take much ability power damage in lane and you will have those scale nicely into late game to be a little bit more tanky and survive longer in teamfights.

Finally i take Gp/10 quints for the fact that you are a support and you will not have much cs (none if you do it right) and you cant always rely on kills if your lane doesnt go over well.
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Not much to say about my masteries pretty basic support masteries with a few revisions.
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With this build the thornmail is very important. Say you get a thornmail early on in laning phase (assuming your lane is pretty fed) you now return 30% of their dammage from auto attacks BEFORE armour is calculated in in combination with your E which returns 20 magic dammage (assuming you have only leveled it up once) +20% of your AP, but wait there's more. With your Doran's Shield you take 8 less damage from auto attacks passively.

Anyway thats enough for laning phase The Iceborn Gauntlet which gives you Armour, mana, and CDR to get your passive up faster.

The Mecury's Treads are nice for the tenacity and the MR making you that much harder to kill and the Captain enchantment is a good support enchantment but depending on how the game is going you can change your enchantment.

Locket of the Iron Solari is a good item in teamfights to not only make you tankier but to also give your teamates a shield and bonus stats.

Warmogs is nice to have because you need health to back up your resistances.

Banshees Veil is useful for countering casters and again give you MR and health.
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Skill Sequence

When playing Annie I start W and spam it in base until i get my passive up without using any mana, making it a deadly 2 man stun.

First i max my w for the AoE stun and to put out more base damage to help burst down the enemy without having to build AP

Second you max your E to return as much damage as possible in combination with the thornmail, and to become as tanky as possible.

You max your Q last just due to the fact that you aren't a Nuke you are more a utility support so it isn't as important

As always you take your ult at 6, 11, and 16 and as a side note it makes a very good engage for a teamfight.
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Team Work

Support Annie works best with ashe for the level one crit as well as the volley in combination with Annie's 2 AoE stun makes for a deadly level one and often a first blood.
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I don't have much to say except go try it. My in game name is Ace Tyro if you want to add me ask for advice gift me skins :P I can make more guides if you guys want just so you know this is my first guide so i know it is a little bit rough but that's about it now its your turn to play some support Annie (the right way.)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author golfgiant
golfgiant Annie Guide
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Support Annie-The Right Way

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