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Alistar Build Guide by SwirlyNips

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwirlyNips

Support AP Madcow Alistar

SwirlyNips Last updated on January 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Alistar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Blitzcrank Now blitzcrank is really easy to lane against as long as you or your adc has no mental lapses and don't get grabbed before level 6. Another important thing is not to push hard because blitz is most dangerous under his own tower. If he is good he will time tower kills with his grabs and surprise you pretty well and there's no fighting under a tower 2v2 in lane. Once you hit 6 though sometimes getting grabbed can be smart because blitz is a big damage dealer. So if you do get grabbed and you know they are going to all in you then activate your ult as soon as you get grabbed and go onto the adc as soon as you can and you should be able to win.
Zyra If played smart this is a really easy match up. First of all Zyra is all skill shots so before her ultimate her poke can be dodged within reason. And zyra is extremely squishy and has no heals or shields so she is an easy target if picked off first because honestly a support zyra can 1v1 your adc if you focus the enemy adc. With 2 plants and both of her spells she will melt your adcs hp. So the smart thing to do would be to take out zyra first unless you trust adc with dodging her skills. At level 6 you can just tank all of zyra's skills with your ultimate and then just wreck after that.
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Pretty much the idea behind AP support Alistar is that while he will be able to do a ton of single target damage and wreck one target as if he was an assassin while still being able to be the tank with his ultimate and a lot of hp.

Now most of the time you should pick ignite and flash the reason behind this is that you will be able to finish off champions in lane and if their is hard healing on the other team it will counter it well. Also this build is meant to be aggressive in lane and go for kills not peel for the carry because you will be able to 1v1 most of the adcs and then your own carry should be able to handle the other support if they go for them.

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Best Combo

The best combo to do is

Deathfire Grasp Active -> W+Q combo -> Lichbane auto attack -> Passive

Now don't forget to stay with them because your passive will do quite of bit of damage as long as you stay in melee range. Also if you want to do a little more extra damage you can activate your ultimate before because it gives you a good amount of bonus attack damage as well. But this combo will do so much burst its ridiculous and will pretty much eliminate an enemy from a team fight if they are squishy so you will have a 5v4 right after that.

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Be aware that I do not say to build a sightstone. That doesn't mean your team doesn't need vision, it is still very essential that you build wards throughout the game. Also if you're team is winning well you can sell your ward trinket and get scanner to eliminate the enemy team's vision.

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WARNING! This is not an easy build at first, it takes time to learn the limits of this build. Play a couple normal games before trying it in ranked. But once you get the hang of it you will destroy with Alistar!

Please comment with questions about anything you maybe wondering about. Or if you have anything that you think should be added or that was forgotten.