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Ashe Humor Guide by UselessNinja

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UselessNinja

Support Ashe For Real Men

UselessNinja Last updated on December 25, 2013
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This is a build from me and my friend. This is our first build on mobafire so feedback is appreciated. English is not my first language so please not flame on me for my english.
This is not a troll build. Its a fun build. Please do not just look at the build and downvote it. Its a good viable build. We are both around gold V so if your plat or diamond and you can try this out it and give us your view on the build it would be awesome. So we hope you will enjoy the build and try it out. You're not restricted to this build you can change some things around. You should keep in mind to get 40% Cdr and not more.

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Second Build

The second build is called troll build because i think its less viable(you're not buying sight stone). But is isn't less fun maybe even more fun. If you play some normals and you want to have fun you can play it. The guide is more for the first build. I recommend build 1 if you want to play it ranked. With build 2 you can also win but i should play that one in a premade match.

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Pros / Cons


+ Nice PURMAslows
+ Long ranged stun/slow
+ Good trade power with passive
+ Zoning power with W
+ Far range scouting abiltity with your arrows of analization
+ You can drop real bows on them
+ you taunt all enemy's so you die alot
+ Good magic DAMAGE with liandry's
+ You can outswag enemy's all day long


- Swag might kill you
- You're like a stone you move slow as ****
- You taunt all enemy's so you die alot
- No heals

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Summoner Spells


This spell is really good to kill people on lane. Late game you can use it on biatches with alot of liferegen.


Like i already said you're a stone. You need flash to be more mobile.

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Talisman of ascension (shurelia's)

First of all **** the new name it is just a shurelia's. This is ofcourse a godlike item on almost every support. For ashe support its really good to catch up to a team so you can start slowing them *****es down. Or to disengage when you throw your ult or W at them. This item is a must have on ashe. It gives also Cdr and thats what we need. you can complete this item really fast in game, so you have 20% cdr fairly quickly. Why is that so good? So you can ult them *****es on botlane all the time so you can snowball really fast.

Ruby sightstone

Ofcourse every support should have this. Its so much better to have this compared to just buying wards. Why? It gives you free vision on those *****es. so you can pick them offguard with an arrow to the face. Always ward your lane early game and ping your AA-biatch when the enemy comes, because like we all know most of the AA-Biatches suck at watching the map(every adc except the ones who are readings this build).

Liandry's Torment

This is the weirdest item in this build. So let me explain why this is so ****ing good on support ashe. When you have maximum CDR (what you have in this build) your w has a cooldown of 2.4 seconds. Liandry's procs with your w so you can have the liandry's proc on a whole team for the complete duration of the fight. The damage is doubled because the enemy is slowed. It also gives you some health so you survive a little bit longer. The magic penetration is also strong on ashe because your ult has a 600 base damage at level 16. Thats alot of DAMAGE if you hit their AA-Biatch. I should almost always build this item. My friend isn't really a fan of it. But he is stupid :).

Frozen Heart

First reason why to build this is that it is frozen and Ashe is the frozen archer. But if that wasn't a good enought reason, go **** yourself. The item also provides some nice stats for Ashe. You need to be a STRONK semi-tank so the armor is very nice. You're spamming your ability's so mana is not a luxury. Then the best thing of this item is (except from that it frozen is ofcourse) that it give 20% Cdr combine that with the Cdr of shurelia's(That thingy riot calls talisman or something) you have the maximum Cdr so you can spam THem ULTS all day long

Banshee's veil

This item is so perfect. Why? You can drop the disrepect when they can't even hit you with a spell. With that it also gives you MR so that those Damn Mages can't do a **** against you. The health is also really nice, because you will taunt the enemy when you drop the disrespect(What you will do all day long).

Twin Shadows

They should first of all change this name to 2 Ghost Biatches, but thats just my opinion. but even thought the name isn't as awesome as we want. This items is still really good. This item is a replacer for banshee's. Okay you don't have the awesome disrespect shield anymore. But who cares if you have 2 slowing Biatches who search other biatches for you. It's really good to pick people offguard. After you hit them you should fire your Arrow of Epicness to the them so you can stun them. When you hit them pop your shurelia's and start slowing them down.

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Because of this passive you can easily win trades on lane. Don't AA when you pull the blue so you keep your crit. when they are on lane do volley and crit. They will be scared for the all mighty you. Keep proccing crits on the enemy AA-Biatch. Late game it will not have huge impact anymore cause you still crit for 200 DAMAGE.

Frost shot

This is one of the key ability's for Ashe. The slows are so strong and because you can proc them over and over again at the enemy. You should only toggle it on when you are hitting enemy's otherwise your wasting mana. Random hitting the enemy in laningphase with Frost shot makes them rage. Just try to annoy the enemy AA-Biatch as much as possible. in tf you should slow the enemy bruisers who try to kill your AA-Biatch.


This ability makes kiting so easy. when you run away throw them at the enemy constantly. In laning phase poke the enemy with it. Watch your mana otherwise when the jungler comes you can't slow him. In teamfight you should stay at the back of the fight and constantly throw it a the enemy's. Its deals not alot of damage till you have your liandry's, because then you can proc it every 2 secs. Volley is also really good to check bushes.


The passive of this ability is close to useless for you, because you aren't farming. The active is fairly good for you. You can scout if the junglers comes or check dragon. The cooldown is really high so dont waste it on a bush if you can also check it with volley.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

This is your Long Ranged **** the Enemy Arrow. You can initiate really good with it. You should use it if someone is offguard so you team can kill him easily. When the enemy engage on you or one of your teammates Nope the enemy by just throwing this arrow at their face and just walk off. In laningphase you can use this to start fights. You can also use it to start fight on other lanes. Shoot your arrow to the mid lane and pray to the Teemo that it hits. Don't waste your ult to much because you will need in fights.

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Good Luck

I hope you liked this guide/build and you are going to try it out. If you do so please leave some feedback and score. If you have a Awesome video with support ashe and you want to have it in this guide please sent it to us. Thank you all for reading this guide. ~Useless Ninjas


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