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Udyr Build Guide by ChiTenshi

Support [Support guide]: Udyr, The Spirit Walker

Support [Support guide]: Udyr, The Spirit Walker

Updated on January 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChiTenshi Build Guide By ChiTenshi 2 6 32,114 Views 38 Comments
2 6 32,114 Views 38 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ChiTenshi Udyr Build Guide By ChiTenshi Updated on January 13, 2014
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Welcome to my support guide for Udyr. If you a strongly against such an idea, please stop reading now and leave the guide. However, if you interested in this idea, please read to your heart's content. Please post your opinion if you wish, but no trolling please.

Firstly, I find the main roles of a support are:
  • Providing vision for you team by placing wards on the map.
  • Providing defence to allies in trouble through the use of cc effects.
  • Sustaining your allies with health, mana or farm.
  • Making you or/and allies tanky.

Udyr can cover all of these points if he's used correctly.
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Pros / Cons

  • Good Tank
  • Good mid and late game
  • Slows and stuns enemies
  • Good escaping capabilities
  • Slightly self-sustainable

  • Gets poked a lot early game
  • Possible mana issues early game
  • No high damage output
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Summoner Spells

Flash is standard summoner spell. It provides defence by enabling you to flash over a wall or flash from an oncoming spell. It also provides offence by enabling you to flash onto your victim or closer to them if you're chasing them down.

Exhaust provides a nice slowing effect to secure kills, but also gives you a higher chance of escaping by potentially slowing the person chasing you.
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This extra armour will be helpful early game to reduce damage taken from pokes, early game tanking and letting you stay in the lane for longer.

That extra armour can really help early game with reducing poke damage and tanking.

During early game, magic damage will be the least of your worries (unless the APC decides to gank). However, late game you will definitely need magic resist to help you tank magic attacks during the team fights.

Usually [Quintessence of Gold] would be here but since the new Season 4 gold income change for support role, there is little point of having it. So now I abuse this opportunity to have [Quintessence of Health], it provides a lovely health early game and slightly helps with early game tanking.
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No real need for offensive masteries as your going to make yourself a tanky support.

As a tank, you will need a lot of defence.
Block can literally be a life saver if you're getting chased on low health.
Perseverance will help to keep you in the lane for longer.
Second Wind will help to keep you in the lane for longer.
Legendary Guardian helps with escaping and also with attacking. The last thing you want is to get stunned for a long period of time when you're trying to stun them.

Fleet of Foot will help you to chase enemies and possibly stun them. Also, provides you with a chance to escape death.
Scout . You know when you try to reach a brush whilst fully knowing there is an enemy in there waiting to pounce, this mastery skill reduces the chance of that happening.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You want to start off with Blazing Stampede, but don't upgrade it any further until you've maxed out Iron Mantle. You only want the stun effect it provides for early game, but mid game you want it for catching enemies off guard or escaping.

Prioritize Iron Mantle, this provides a good shield and some lifesteal when attacking enemies whilst tanking. Also, provides some good defence when escaping.

Next upgrade Wilding Claw, you really only want this for taking out towers and the attack speed increase effect when attacking enemies during mid and late game.

Upgrade Wingborne Storm with the first opportunity you get, but then leave till last after that. You will only use this for clearing minions and weakening monsters in the jungle whilst your allies try to gain buffs or gold.
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Starting items:

Ancient Coin provides some health and mana regen. This will be helpful to keep you in the lane longer and provides you with some sustain. Also, you not likely to be hitting any minions or enemies early game, so this is the best gold income item for you. Plus, it upgrades into the item talisman of ascension later in the game.

Although you will need a lot of wards for brush control early game, you will only get them once you rush Sightstone. In the meantime, use the Stealth Ward to prevent potential ganks and the Stealth Ward to control the brushes.

You will need the Health Potion for tanking and recovery.

Doran's Shield can help in 2 ways. Firstly, it can help with enemy pokes and an aggressive bot lane. Secondly, it can help you keep the pressure on the bot lane. This item is basically the safe-fall or aggressive early game in this build, whilst Ancient Coin is more balanced.
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Items continued..

Rush this item, you will heavily depend on it during the laning phase when you require brush control. It also upgrades to Ruby Sightstone later in the game which provides more ward units and more health.
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Items continued...

Final build:

talisman of ascension

Mercury's Treads with the enchantment:captain will help to keep those nasty cc effects off you, but also provides a small increase in speed to nearby allies.

Gives you half of the cooldown reduction you require, provides a nice bit of sustain with that health and mana regen. and finishes off with a nice speed boost which has the use of chasing, escaping or running just in general.

That armour and mana will be very helpful for your tanky position, plus the slowing effect helps beautifully with securing the kills.

Locket of the Iron Solari is usually found in support builds, it is very helpful during team fights with that extra defence for your allies enabling them to stay in the fight for longer. The unique active can also help them to escape if necessary.

That unique passive will make them think twice before attacking you and the unique can cause the deaths of many enemies. On the side note, it gives you more health and armour.
However, if you are suffering more from magic attacks in the late game rather than physical ones, take Banshee's Veil instead.

Basically acts as a free pink which you can use to protect the dragon/baron.
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I hope the guide helps you if you're planning to use support Udyr. Please leave a comment if you wish, but no trolling. I might make slight changes to this build depending on people's reactions or/and if I have any free time. Sorry if it doesn't look that appealing, this is my first guide and I'm still getting used to designing the page. Thanks for reading :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChiTenshi
ChiTenshi Udyr Guide
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[Support guide]: Udyr, The Spirit Walker

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