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Lee Sin Build Guide by Tastyzombie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tastyzombie

Support Lee Sin - How to succesfully troll Lee Sin

Tastyzombie Last updated on July 21, 2012
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Welcome to the League of Legends Mobafire guide, featureing Lee Sin, the Blind Monk! Lee Sin is a melee support ranged mage tank jungler. He excels at everything!

This build focuses on his


role. Enjoy!

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Runes are a standard for non-mana support. Never mind that there wasnt a non-mana support until now.

So I take (actually I dont, its what i would use if i had the IP) Mark of Health and Seal of Vitality for some defense, Quintessence of Gold for more gold and Glyph of Cooldown Reduction to shield my allies more often.

It is this simple!

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Skill Sequence

As a support Lee Sin it is obvious to max your Safeguard/ Iron Will. As second, I max Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike for some damage, since you arent a support that should remain passive all game. Finally I finish Tempest/ Cripple because the rank 1 slow is enough.

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Open up with Rejuvenation Bead, Sight Ward and a Health Potion. You may also buy Amplifying Tome and turn it into a Kage's Lucky Pick for some AP for your shield. I turn the Rejuvenation Bead into an Targon's Brace for my first support item to have my carry get some HP regen. Go on with the build written above.

Situational Items

Deathfire Grasp - not much support, but it does its job from Kage's Lucky Pick
Aegis of the Legion - not much to tell here, replace it with an item of your choice
Rabadon's Deathcap - if you want your shield to grow bigger, build this one
Mejai's Soulstealer - if you want your assists to have a bigger price, than just a few gold, get this one

It is also viable for you to go support in early game and turn on to normal AD (e.g Atmog) Lee Sin. For that purpose, I created the second build with most items of how I build a normal solo top Lee Sin.

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This is the most important part of this build since a good early game means a great late game. Lee Sin is not the best support for your AD Carry. I found it the best to lane with a Shaco [AD(!)] that begins with Deceive or a Jax, Talon etc. that can jump to your enemy. I guess it wont mind if you take a minion or two for yourself, a melee AD wont have them all. The power of support Lee Sin is in his shield jump. Shielding onto a stealthed Shaco is just aweshome and can lead to an easy kill unless your victim flashes.

When an enemy comes to gank, the thing that you do depends on situation. If the gank is good, they will focus your carry. Your carry flashes and you shield him. Now run like hell! If the gank is a fail, well.... .. .... then just kill them :P... No you can't, just go back to your turret. If your carry does it is all your fault and if even you die, you are noob and should uninstall LoL (just kidding).

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Team Work

Lee Sin has two support-based skills. First one is your shield and the second one is your ultimate - Dragon's Rage. If you are with your team and you see a good opportunity, hit your enemy with Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike and kick him into your team ( Flash can help you). Then shield onto an ally that looks most harmful (AP/AD carry) to secure your ***.
I think that I dont need to write about saving your team by kicking enemy chaser into their team to slow them down. Just use the Shurelya's Reverie to be go away.
Having a ward in your inventory is ultra useful when escaping, since your W can target minions and wards! So if your Flash is on cooldown, a Sight Ward can save your ***, or more ***es if you have eg. Jax on your team.
NOTE: Support Lee Sin is mostly playable only as a premade couple with Skype/TeamSpeak. Playing support Lee in a solo queue is at your own risk and any negative votes coming from this conclusion will be met with a huge humiliation from me.

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How to be scary with support Lee Sin

The best way is to have a skin! YES! Skinned support Lee is so scary! Not the gay traditional Lee, but the cool Acolyte! This was the first time I tried a support and I was thinking of whether to select a skin or not, because I was afraid of failing and ppl yelling at me ,,Why do you have that skin?!". At last, I decided to pick the skin, because my friend advised me to. I was focused. Yes. Instead of our Kassadin or Shaco, I was focused! They were just... maybe dumb? Maybe scared?
And don´t be afraid to harrass! Maybe your damage won´t be the strongest, but it still inflicts some.

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Second build

Second build is a solo queue build, where if you go duo lane and dont want to support, there is a possibilty of just assisting your teammate and then switching on AD. This build is was taken (almost) from the best build here on

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Change Log

21.7.2012 changed the item build to include the new Locket of the Iron Solari, which is incredibly useful for support Lee, since it doesnt give mana regen, adjusting this build to not include a single mana regen item.

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I cant think of anything else for this build, I hope you liked it ^^.