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Syndra Build Guide by Xyntal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xyntal

Support Syndra: A short hipster's guide to handling balls

Xyntal Last updated on February 26, 2013
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Syndra. The dark sovereign known for her insane burst damage and lack of popularity amongst summoners. This build takes that same sovereign and tames her somewhat; concentrating on the effects of her abilities rather than the damage. If you are reading this, I would assume you to be either a fan of strange, new ideas or an amusing individual looking for a good laugh.

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Origin of this madness

Support.... Syndra? I'd assume most of you are thinking that this is crazy. This is an idea I've been trying out recently, brought about by an accident. It happened while my team was unsure of where the last person (who went afk) wanted to go. At the last second, we ended up with 2 mids and I decided to go with the support role. Long story short, we lost. This didn't stop me from trying to improve on my idea as our lane was completely dominating the other up till late game. This guide is the results of my tests.

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Why play her as support?

Syndra is quite frankly, a rare sight. I believe that not enough people may have considered using her for anything but damage. Having her provide the team with mediocre damage along with heals, cleanse, shields, and auras on top of her W (slows) and E (stuns) will no doubt provide a better gameplay for her. With her long range and abilities, support Syndra can provide her ADC with an aggressive lane with a set of confused and timid opponents.

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Abilities and Sequence

Force of Will (W) should be the first ability taken due to the long range and slow. Syndra's W can steal minions and transport them to a closer location for your ADC to happily farm. This should be maxed last however, as the slows are sufficient enough at level 1 and the cooldown at level 5 is a mere 4 seconds shorter.

Dark Sphere (Q) is next in line. This is taken second in order to gain presence in the lane through long ranged pokes. Max this second for the extra damage needed to make team fights a little quicker. Those in lane will be wary of locations near your balls, and if not, make sure to give them a lesson on why they should be.

Scatter the Weak (E) should be maxed first. This is due to the increase in width when the ability is level 5. The cooldown is also reduced quite a lot when maxed. Scatter the Weak is your key tool in team fights and should follow your ult to stun masses of people for your team's pleasure.

Unleashed Power (R) is taken like all other builds. The key difference however is that this should be used near the start of team fights in order to produce as many orbs as possible on the playing field. This should be used on a squishy opponent with little magic resist due to the inferior damage output this build produces compared to a typical Syndra's. Once placed, Scatter the Weak will be less likely to miss multiple champs.

The ability sequence for team fights is as follows:
Q -> R -> E -> Q -> W

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Boots of Mobility
These boots make up for Syndra's lack of speed. They are a must-have for Syndra in order to get back to lane quicker, and make escapes more successful.

Banner of Command
The banner provides the team with a useful aura that makes up for Syndra's lack of passive buffs/ healing abilities. It also provides her with cooldown reduction and ability power alongside that extra bit of tankiness. The unique active comes in handy when the teams are locked in a staredown. Simply use it on a minion in a different lane and enjoy the slow income while it helps push a little faster.

Shurelya's Reverie
Shurelyas is a good item for the extra durability and cooldown reduction. However it's main purpose in this build is to act as both an initiator and escape mechanism. The speed boost is only momentary, but that single moment is all your team needs to take action.

Shard of True Ice
Many of the champions have slight mana problems, which is most commonly solved by blue buffs. With this item present in your build, you can help sustain your team's mana levels with the passive aura. This item also has a unique active that helps track down stragglers during team fights. It also provides ability power, which of course means more damage for you.

Zhonya's Hourglass
This item should be built when the enemy team is focusing on you, the support, first for some odd reason. Simply pop the active and let your team do the work while your E gets off cooldown.

Will of the Ancients
This should be built when you have an AP heavy team that doesn't already have one in possession. The will of the ancients will provide a healing effect for the caster that deals magic damage, which makes up a little for Syndra's lack of healing abilities.

Locket of the Iron Solari
The locket should be built when you're up against a team of AD heavy opponents. It provides Syndra with additional health and armor, along with an active that shields your teammates. The shield is not very strong, but it provides enough assistance to be of use to your team.

Mikael's Crucible
The crucible is an item that acts as both a cleanse and heal summoner spell. The active can only be used on a single target, but provides a good amount of health on activation. Build this when up against a heavy CC team/ when your ADC does not bring cleanse/ built quicksilver sash for some reason.

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End Notes

This build is completely for fun and I'm open to suggestions as to how to improve it. I do use this in games (not often) but only when my friend takes the role of ADC as he's the only one accustomed to it. I'm not really sure how to add the images of the items/ abilities and such so I'll leave it like this for now till I learn. Let me know what you guys think.