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Cho'Gath Build Guide by In Nomine

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author In Nomine

Survivable AP

In Nomine Last updated on October 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Please forgive the spelling mistakes I will probably have made, as English isn't my native language.

I have decided to make this guide because I see many Cho'Gaths take strange, illogical builds preventing them from fully utilizing Cho'Gaths potential.

Cho'Gath is one of the champions that needs his time to grow into the game. He needs quite some farm to become a unkillable juggernaut, so patience is important while playing him.

He is one the best and certainly my favorite champion though. He is extremely versatile and can adapt to almost any situation. The sky is the limit. Does the team need more AD? Go ahead! Tank? No problem!

AP Cho'Gath is the best choice however, in my opinion. He has four skills scaling on AP, so the other builds are possible, but unwanted and severily holding Cho'Gath back from using his full potential.

You should also bear in mind that Cho'Gath, while being able to play AP and AD, sucks when being played hybrid. Don't even bother with that.

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Well, in my opinion you could pick almost everything here. Cho'Gath is a very versatile champion, benefitting from almost any rune.

I prefer:
Marks of Alacricity - The increased attackspeed isn't bad, as you will want to autoattack a lot, thanks to the Vorpal Spikes.

Seal of Evasion - Dodging autoattacks is nice.

Glyphs of Insight - The Magic Penetration is decent, but not that impressive. Not really bad either, though.

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Well, you can actually build your masteries like you want to. I feel that the mastery build I have gives good boni, but accidentily picking the wrong mastery-page won't really hold you back.

Be sure to pick up the improved version of your summoner skills though. They really make a difference.

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Summoner Spells

Feel free to pick any Summoner Spell you want to. Of course, you'll probably pick Flash, so I'll discuss the next Spell and it's alternatives.

I usually take Teleport, because it enables me to push a lane on my own, kill three minion waves, damage/tear down a tower en get away quickly.

If your team has no Clairvoyance, pick that. If your support already has that one and you dont want teleport, then take whatever suits you best.

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This is where you can see the difference between good, mediocre and bad Cho'Gaths. It is tempting to buy health items, to increase his tankyness. Don't!

Start out with Doran's Ring, as your skills are not the cheapest when it comes to mana. To be able to use Rupture to harass and scatter your enemies, you need some basic mana regeneration. This should be enough.

Make sure you have at least 1210 gold the first time you go back, so you can buy the Boots of Speed and a Blazing Wand.

Even better would be 2070 gold, so you can buy the shoes and two Blazing Wands. The wands are important to enable you to farm very good and will be part of at least four of your items. Alternatively, you could pick up a Needlessly Large Rod instead of the Blazing Wands, depending on the situation.

Depending on whether you bought the wands or the rod, recall if you have 2k or 2.7k gold, to buy a Rabadon's Deathcap. This item necessary to become better at farming, which will in turn lead to better items in the long term.

If you have the cap, finish the boots. Depending on the game I get Mercury's Threads or Boots of Mobility. If they have lots of CC, take threads. If not, take boots. You will be walking quite a lot, because you need to push and farm a lot.

If you die a lot, the the next item should be Guardian Angel. This gives you Armor, Magic Resistance and the passive makes sure you wont get a lot of focus during teamfights. Let your tank tank, this is an AP build.

Now let's take a look at the composition of the enemy team. If their AP champs are fed/strong, you should focus on getting Magic Resistance. For this, buy the Abyssal Mask.

If their AD champions are strong/fed, get Zhonya's Hourglass first. If the match is even and their team diverse, get both of these items. They all give AP, survivability and have nice passives. These two items combined with your Guardian Angel provide you with 200 Armor and 125 Magic Resist, while giving you the stasis, a revive passive and 170 AP. Not that bad, eh?

Keep in mind that the previously mentioned items are very situational. You can perfectly skip the Hourglass or the Scepter if you are not very afraid of the enemies.

If the opponents have a lot of Magic Resistance, because of Force of Nature or Banshees Veils for example, get the Void Staff. The penetration is lovely and the AP is not too shabby either.

The next item should be Lich Bane. MR, improved movementspeed, mana and 80 Ability Power make this item a good investment.

Deathcap, shoes, Guardian Angel, Hourglass, Scepter and Lich Bane should be the final build. If you decide to skip GA, the Hourglass or the Scepter and do not need/want the Void Staff, you might want to get the Archangel's Staff. While the basic AP might be mediocre, to say the least, the bonus AP really makes up for this. Buying a Staff instead of a GA would give you 579 AP, a lot of bonus mana and +25 mana regen.

You should be flexible when using this build. The three defensive items (GA, Hourglass and Scepter) are replacable with about anything you like.

If you have finished the build and are doing fine, get all the elixers. Duh.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing the Vorpal Spikes first enables you to farm faster and harass more effective. This skill is very good, having a very decent scaling (0.3 per AP) and increasing the autoattack damage enormously. This skill should make sure you last hit about everything early- and midgame.

The next skill to max is Rupture. This skill is sometimes said to be weak, because the delay gives enemies the chance to dodge it. This is not true at all, you just have to pay more attention to where you place it. Casting it behind enemies makes sure they cannot escape ganks, placing it between enemies will scatter them.

Mid- to lategame, this is your #1 farming ability. You can place it while destroying towers to get HP back, oneshot entire neutral camps and even take large chunks from the opponents' health.

After Rupture comes Feral Scream. While I do know it is more effective in teamfights than rupture, it is not better when it comes to farming. Put one point in it for the silence though.

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Cho'Gath becomes a very survivable champion with this build, without investing a lot in tanky items.

Do not buy Ap/health items.
It will only give the opponents a reason to buy a Madred's Bloodrazor, which will tear you down like nobodies business. I have seen lots of Cho'Gaths getting screwed by this item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Rod of Ages are off limits. Don't even think about it, get AP/Armor and AP/MR instead.

Your Ultimate should give you enough health already.

Farming is important for Cho'Gath. Get money, get some more money, get even more money. Try to get a lot of money while you're at it. And more money.

You really should be capable of outfarming anyone, except of course for Sivir, Morgana, Heimerdinger and Karthus.

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Pros / Cons

- A very nice amount of AP
- Survivable, while still giving a lot of damage
- Farming godmode
- ****ing big and scary. Get the Loch Ness skin for this.

- Survivable, but definitely not undefeatable
- Will get a lot of unwanted attention, because he is too big to not get hit

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Creeping / Jungling

If you do not have a jungler or he is not jungling anymore, make a quick run every five to ten minutes. Using Rupture and a few autoattacks should be enough to kill a camp. If not, you might want to use the Feral Scream.

Killing a camp should only take seconds, while really being worth it. Solo dragon, take their Blue and/or Red if no teammates are around, initiate Baron every now and then and you should be fine.

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Team Work

You should be one of the frontline champions in teamfights, to be able to land your Feast on enemies. Use the Rupture behind the squishies, to prevent them from escaping. Silence the casters, autoattack everyone in range, Feast on the tanks.

Feast on the tanks? Yes, you might want to use your Feast on champions with a lot of resistance and armor, as the damage dealt is true damage, therefore ignoring MR and Armor. As there will be a lot of games where you will be the only player with a true damage skill, it is important to think carefully about where and when using it on whom. Say their Alistar has 3.5k health. Well, there you go. 1k true damage, even if he has his ulti on. That kinda hurts and gets him down way faster, as this is egual to at least three or four abilities from your allies.

Of course, feasting anyone else to death is fine too.

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Cho'Gath is a champions that should get most of his money from killing minions, not champions. When queueing with a premade, I even sometimes skip the first part of the teamfighting phase to continue farming and pushing.

One Rupture and a few autoattacks should take care of a minionwave around midgame, while only a Rupture should be enough around lategame. So farm as much as you can. Your build is pretty expensive, after all.

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With this build, Cho'Gath can take quite some damage while really being an addition to the team. A good Cho'Gath might not get most of the kills, but he won't die a lot either. Scores like 10/3-4/20 are definitely feasible with this build.

If there are any questions or you have a problem with this build, feel free to ask.