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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sixxz

Swain: The Man The Myth The Crow-Master!

Sixxz Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi and welcome to my first ever build here on MobaFire. You can really call that Swain is my main that i got over 100 victories and less than 40 loss on him. Some people call him very OP, mostly the newbs and the people who likes to play Master Yi and such champions that dont actually need their abilites to kill. Swain is here to clear up the mess they can cause. And yes Swain will make people ragequit and surrender after 25 minutes in a 5v5 game if they feed you.

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Swain works best on his own in early game, thats why you should put Swain in the middle lane to solo, or in the solo lane if you have a jungler. Swain should actually focus on getting his level up fast and its not needed to gank top or bot if they are really having trouble over there. Its easy to kill pretty much any champion but Morgana and Sivir if the player plays right. The spellshields they have can be really frustrating.

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Why to set 10/0/20 and not 9/0/21? This is because the 15% reduce cooldowns from Presence of the Master the 21 point utility mastery doesnt do that much. That is becouse Swain's abilities got a cooldown of around 10 seconds, yes the ulti got 15 second. The extra 10 ability points you get from Ignite will help you get up to 5-6 kills befor level 10 without ever ganking. The mayor thing you are out after from the 10 points in the Offence masteries is ofcourse the ignite bonus and for those points you also get some extra ability power along with a lil bit reduce cooldowns and spell pentration. Utility masteries is a big must for all game, early game you will run out of mana very quickly if you use them on minions, this will help you regen your mana faster without any items. 15% longer blue buff is a big help if you dont have a jungler in the team, you will save alot of recalls for go and grabbing the blue buff at the point it spawns.

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- 9x - Will be usefull for all game, most people will buy magic resist, this will help you get through it. Also it will make u have a larger chance of getting fed early game.
- 9x - Ability power per level, a small amount in begin but will give u more advantage in the mid and end game.
- 9x - This will help you get many kills in early game that will give you money and be pretty much fed for all game.
- 1x - For just a slight boost in Magic pen.
- 2x - 64 extra hp will be a big help to get your first kills when your still low lvl.

You can choose to have and but more spell power in early game will make you able to get easier kills and that means more money that leads to fast items. If you get your first items fast you will be pretty ownage all game out.

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Summoner Spells

My Favourite Spells

- Will be needed to quickly get back from recalling or have died, getting fast into teamfights or ganks. Works amazing if you have a jungler or a champion like Shaco Teemo that can set out small wards and things like that you can teleport on.

- As long as you have the mastery set for the 10 extra damage when this is on cooldown, this spell will mostly help you get some early kills. In the end late game you should do so much damage that you dont even have time to set up ignite on them befor they are dead.

Possible Spells

- To get into combat, ganking more easily or just clearly escaping.

- To remove stuns and slows, becous you will get targeted pretty fast in a group fight, also good for escaping.

- If you like using spells on minions early game this is a big suggestion. Helps you get back mana for kills. You shouldnt be needed to use spells on minons to get the last hit. Its fairly easy.

- Just to back out of teamfights to get some range so you dont have to take more damage also nice for ganking as you either charge in or chasing after them with low health.

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- Max this out first of all your abilites and do this early. This will be your main spell for harassing and making heavy damage all game. This spell will also increase the damage of all your other spells done to this target.

- Will be the next ability to max out, this will slow your oponent and along make some heavy damage. It will also help you apply Nevermove if your having trouble timing it.(read more about it down just one step) And also help you escape if your being chased. This spell is done by the bird you have on your shoulder so you will not have any cast time on it. Just great for escapes and hunting down somebody.

- This is a huge teamhelp ability, it will root the targets in the area placed on the ground. Stunned/rooted enemy in a teamplay means this is the one to kill easy.

- Your ultimate spell. This is a spell i really have falled in love with. At the same you do damage you will heal yourself. In a teamfight you are doing some insane AoE damage to all nearby enemies and healing yourself insaneiously. At points where you are on low hp you can just run into the minions or in the jungle to get ur health up quickly without having to recall. While chased you just pull this spell and you will at the sime time as your scaring the hunter away from taking some damage you will heal yourself and have the advantage to get away.

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Using your spells

While 1v1 battles you should be sure to either land Nevermove to get up to your target quick and easy. Or land Torment followed by Decrepify second with Nevermove or Ravenous Flock 3rd if your level 6 or above. The main goal is to land all your spells while the target still have Torment debuff on them so you do extra damage with all other spells.

In teamfights you should activate Ravenous Flock early and then do the same as 1v1 fights, Torment early to max out the damage on all other spells. In late game and you have most of your items you should be doing so much damage that u can split your spells up and use them on different targets to lower them all at the same time.

When chasing or being chased use Decrepify to slow the enemies down, Nevermove to root them, and ofcourse use Ravenous Flock to heal yourself and mayby even turn the status around, that you are the chaser and is chasing the other person away and land a killing blow if lucky.

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The items in the build is the basic items that you should follow if you are getting many kills in early game and doesnt have a problem with anyone in the opposite team. There havnt been many games that ive met hard hitting players in the other team if so just buy a Thornmail right after the Abyssal Mask to get some extra armor and also return their damage. You will get an overpowering advantage.