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Syndra Build Guide by SitxOnxIt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SitxOnxIt

Syndra: A Guide to Annihilation

SitxOnxIt Last updated on July 13, 2013
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Hello guys, welcome to my Syndra build (: This is my first build ever, and i hope you guys like it! Syndra is my main character, and has been for a while now. In this guide, you will find viable information on her abilities, her passive, her compatible-ness with other champions, and item choices, and their reason. I hope this helps you out (: x

Syndra is a ranged mage wich uses mana to deal damage. 3 of her 4 spells are are avoidable, so make sure you land your abilities at the right place.

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Transcendant Spells gain extra effects at max rank.
Dark Sphere: Deals bonus 15% damage to enemy champions.
Force of will: Increases slowing duration by 33%
Scatter the weak: Increases width by 50%
Unleashed power: Increases range by 75%

This is Syndras passive. It is a great passive, making your poke at level 9 do roughly 1/4 of their health.

Dark Sphere: Syndra conjures a dark sphere dealing magic damage. the sphere can be manipulated by Syndra's other abilities.This is your main ability, and you will max it out first, and spam it the most. It is an insane poke.

Force of will: Syndra picks up and throws A dark sphere or enemy minion dealing magic damage and slowing the speed of enemies. This ability is maxed out last. Things you may pick up: Minions, golems, wolfs, lizard elder, Malzahar's little crab things, Tibbers, Zileans bombs. Things you may not pick up: Dragon, Baron, Champions, Turrets, Teemos mushrooms.

Scatter the Weak: Syndra knocks enemies and dark spheres back dealing magioc damage. Enemies hit by dark spheres become stunned. This is your second ability to max out. It is great when used after your ultimate, as you can push back your 4 orbs into the enemies again.

Unleashed power: Syndra bombards an enemy champion with all her dark spheres. Before using this ability, make sure you place as many dark spheres on the map as you can, Syndra will use every orb possible. After using this, use Scatter the weakIf needed for an extra push.

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Skill Sequence

+ + +
This is your Bam-All-Up-In-Your-Face combo. Poke until their hp is abit under half, lay down 2 Dark spheres, use your ulti, and push all the spheres back with scatter the weak. Guaranteed kill, unless you aimed at the wrong spot.

This is a more relaxed kind of combo, just to push. Lay down a Dark Sphere, and pick it back up with your force of will and throw it again. The enemy will be slowed.

Again, this combo isnt as powerful as the first one mentioned, but it is still effective. Use your force of will to slow the enemy champion down, and throw in your ultimate, as it is harder to escape this way.

Sequences are different for virtually everybody. Some people like to use Unleashed power before laying their dark spheres, while others dont do that at all. It is all up to personal preferences, use what makes you the most comfortable.

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Summoner spells

Flash.Flash has saved our lives many, many times in this game. Since syndra has no escape mechanism, flash is a very strong option to opt for. Weather it be for catching up with your enemies, or escaping them, i think everyone over the level of 12 should have this as a summoner spell for anyone they play.

Ignite.Ignite is a very useful summoner spell that can help you land that kill perfectly, if all your abilities are on cooldown, or your enemies are escaping. It deals 250 true damage. This is another strong option for Syndra.

Ghost.Since Syndra has no escape mechanism, like mentioned above, ghost would give her that extra speed to escape the clutches of enemies.

TeleportThis is useless for syndra, unless somebody already called mid, and you have to persist with either being bot or top. Still, even with that, i would not reccomend using this summoner spell.

Besides thoses summoner spells, the other ones, i find, are useless (Unless you take smite for jungling). Syndra would have her best performance with the ones mentioned above. But, like i said before, everyone is different, and YOU take what YOU feel comfortable playing with.

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Rabadon's Deathcap is a must for all ap casters. It gives a mass ammount of ability power, with a nice passive. (30% of your current ap) The passives of the hats dont stack up if you buy more than 1.

Zhonyas hourglass is a great item for casters aswell. Like the deathcap, it gives a big ammount of ability power, and +50 armour. I like to get this item since i consider Syndra abit squishy.
Liandrys Torment. This is a nice item packed with all sorts of good stuff: +300 hp, +15 magic pen, +50 ability power, and a nice passive.
Athenes unholy grail. Like Liandrys, it is a little package of terror in team fights. If you kill someone, your mana refills. Pretty cool right? +60 ability power, 20% cooldown reduction, +40 magic resist, and 15 mana regen. A must get with many of my AP champs.
+15 magic pen, and +45 movement speed. If i dont take this item, i take boots of mobility, since syndra isnt very mobile.
Guardian angel. Has an awesome passive (When you die, you respawn immediately with 30% of your hp and mana, and your death isnt counted. Also, you get 50 armour and 30 magic resist. I dont get this item unless it is neccessary.
|Deathfire grasp. Gives tons of ability power (+120), and 10% cooldown reduction. I only get this if i need more power. I would replace one of my defensive items with this one. Very risky move, unless you play cautiously.

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Coming soon <3