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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Taliyah Build Guide by WarMage555

Other Taliyah Jungle Patch 7.7 - Earthbending Style!

Other Taliyah Jungle Patch 7.7 - Earthbending Style!

Updated on April 18, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WarMage555 Build Guide By WarMage555 5 2 120,050 Views 0 Comments
5 2 120,050 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WarMage555 Taliyah Build Guide By WarMage555 Updated on April 18, 2017
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When Taliyah first came out, I was not sure where she would end up. After watching many different people play her in almost every role, I found the she was best in the jungle. Most people do not share my opinion on this matter. She is a control mage that has decent jungle clear with her E / W combo. She can get about 3-4 full Q's on to each camp if you space them correctly. I hope this build will show you that she can be very useful in the jungle.
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Pros / Cons

+ Good Clear with E / W / Q combo
+ Ult can block of entire lanes from a distance and bring you with it
+ Multi-direction knock up

- Mages are squishy
- Most champs can jump over the wall
- Your E has a very short range and needs your W to be effective
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Skill Sequence/Description

Passive - Rock Surfing - Gives move speed when near walls and tower structures. Is most used in the jungle to get between camps and get to lanes pre-level 6 faster.

Q - Threaded Volley - Fire 5 rocks in a direction. You can move while the rocks fire (like Lucian ult) but can't change the direction after cast. Does AOE on inpact and can proc runic echoes on any of the 5 rocks. Gives good wave clear in the jungle. Makes worked ground when cast. If you cast over worked ground, it fires one rock and refunds half the mana. You also run faster on worked ground.

W - Seismic Shove - A multi-direction knock up. You can change the direction mid cast to send them in a specific direction. It defaults to just a straight up knock up. Use with E for max damage.

E - Unraveled Earth - Rock mine field that slows and explode after a few seconds or when someone is displaced (knock up, dash, etc). Use with W for maximum damage

R - Weaver's Wall - A semi-global Anivia like wall that you can travel with as you cast it. You do not have to travel with it but if you choose to, you need to press R again. You can use it to split the enemy team or block a lane.
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Ferocity 12:

Sorcery - Always good for extra damage even if it is only 2%
Expose Weakness - Adds extra damage to your laner when you gank (you have to hit the enemy). This is also good if you miss a part of your combo. You still land something, so you increase others damage to them.
Natural Talent - Extra damage for both auto attacks and abilitys
Oppressor - Good for your slow with E and others

Cunning 18:

Savagery - Always good to have extra damage in the jungle for clear time
Runic Affinity - Your buffs last longer so you get more out of blue and red
Secret Stash - Better potions that last slighlty longer
Meditation - Mana regen
Dangerous Game - When you kill someone or get an assist, you get mana and health. Can save you in lots of situations
Intelligence - 5% cooldown reduction and max of 45%
Precision - Penetration for ad and ap
Thunder Lord's Decree - Very good for bursting when ganking, counter ganking, counter jungling, or being invaded
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Marks - magic penetration
Seals - Armor
Glyphs - Magic Resistance
Quints - Ability Power

A good, rounded rune page for early defense and penetration. it will hopefully help survive early. To me, runes are there to give boosts to either stats you are lacking in (Health, General Tankiness) or stats that you exel in (Damage, MoveSpeed, Cooldown, Ect.). Feel free to change runes as you see fit.
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Buy starting items and start red because you can get a better leash from two people instead of one. Then go wolves and blue. You are level 3, you can gank (if you can) or go gromp and rotate bottom. When you hit level 6, you can use your ult to bait flashes or stop lanes from running. You need to be wary of who have dashes that can go over the wall and when they use them. Use your ult to zone people without following it, follow it to make the gank better, or use it to save someone (like bard or jarvan IV :)). Your combo can be devistation when you gank especially if you can predict. Help peel for your carries (unless you happen to be one) and hope you win the game.
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TL;DR for this guild

Follow the build path above, clear your jungle and try to gank overextended lanes pre-level 6. At level 6, gank with ult to block lane. Keep your distance because you are squishy (the health helps a little in extended fights but not for burst). Mid to late game, split enemy team with wall (if possible).

I will update this as updates come out and as I test. I hope you enjoy!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WarMage555
WarMage555 Taliyah Guide
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Taliyah Jungle Patch 7.7 - Earthbending Style!

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