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Taliyah Build Guide by XeroKimo

AP Carry platinum

Taliyah Patch 6.11 Build

By XeroKimo | Updated on June 3, 2016

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Hello I'm XeroKimo, Gold 3 in NA, this is my first guide so some feedback will be appreciated.

I picked up Taliyah 1 week after release, for why I picked her up is because I love playing the supposedly weak champions and find ways to make them strong. I currently have a rank 3 on her and been playing her pretty often
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Laning phase

In lane, you'll want to keep your worked ground to a minimal, your main damage tool is your Q, and to maximize the effectiveness means to be able to use all 5 volleys. Stand at the very edges of your worked ground so you can easily step in and out of it when you're prepared to trade.

At level 3, depending on the match up, you can go pretty aggressive. I suggest using quick cast without an indicator so her skills don't feel clunky. Walk up to your opponent close enough that your enemy is either at the very edge of the your E or they are on top of it, during the animation of your E forming, cast your W and as fast as you can, into the direction of your E to maximize the damage, follow it up with your Q on unworked ground and you'll deal a **** ton of damage.

If you're on the defensive, don't worry too much about worked ground on your side of the lane, as long as you don't miss farm you can still be relevant.
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Once you hit level 6, you can look for ganks in allied lanes, your ult has a pretty decent range at lvl 1 and at lvl 2 the range of the ult can be well out of sight from wards near lanes. When you ride the ult, if the enemy is running away to try and get on the other side of the wall, you should jump off on the opponents side of the lane so you can continue to cut off your opponents safe retreat, if they started to run in a different direction, don't be afraid to collapse the wall to give chase, if they plan to continue fighting by the time you get there, then you jump off on the allied side of the lane so you don't cut yourself off the fight.

Your ult doesn't have much use except to cut off enemies from joining/retreating or joining in a fight so late game there isn't much of a different story.

Small tip: you can use your ult to cancel dashes and channeled abilities, so if you time it right, you can save yourself or an ally from a dash or channeled ability from afar, though it's extremely hard to pull it off
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Late game

You don't want to be aggressive without vision, though you can easily kite the enemy for 45% cdr, it's still better to be safe. At this point of the game, you can pressure your enemies if your team is pushed as with 45% cdr, your Q is on at 2.2 second cooldown which pretty much means by the time you fire all 5 volleys, it's up again. Your E and W are on a 4.4 second cooldown. As your E last for 4 seconds, it's pretty much always up.
League of Legends Build Guide Author XeroKimo
XeroKimo Taliyah Guide

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Taliyah Patch 6.11 Build
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