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Talon Build Guide by Whidez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whidez

Talon - Laning & Jungling guide

Whidez Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Talon build.
This is my way to play Talon The Blade's Shadow.

Great Damage
Deals alot of damage with Noxian Deplomacy + DOT
Noxian Deplomacy works on towers. Deals lots of DMG combined with Sheen.
When you get Sheen your damage will at least doubble
Low mana cost on abilitys
Good Pusher
Great Harraser

Might have a hard time farming during lane phase if up against ranged champs
Gets focused alot
Kind of squeezy
Pretty hard to master
Needs to know when or where to engage a teamfight

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The runes can be diffrent from what i have of course.
But to successfully be able to deal alot of damage you need to stay alive, yes?
so i go with Greater Seal Of Resilience for armor
and Greater Glyph Of Warding for Magic ressist.
That will give you some extra survivability.

Filling your rune page with DMG works aswell, but in my opinion ARP works better than AD.
With that said; i go with Greater mark of desolation and Greater Quintessence Of Desolation to get that extra Armor Penitration for some extra early lane domination.
Not only do they work as damage early game, but they also help you to kill the tank you are facing on your lane much easier.

Other runes to consider is Health or Ad runes.
Some people even prefer magic penitration for the ultimate and stun/slow ability.
So try yourself and change these till you find a matching runeset for your gamestyle.

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For masteries i go with Improved Exhaust for escape or chase ability.
If you are chased by an angry fed akali you wont get far without exhaust. Even if you flash she will be able to dash onto you again.
Not if you flash through a wall tho***

Im not saying that exhaust will help you survive an angry fed Akali, but your chanse of surviving will be higher for sure***

I also specc 3 points in perseverence the utility tree to gain a little more HP and MANA reg.

I go with 21/6/3 specc.

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Go for the item order at top!
This is just a description.

So, I am starting with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions. Movementspeed to avoid enemy harras and to get in range of minions to lasthit, then run away. Build Boots Of Swiftness As soon as possible.
Return to lane and stay till you can afford a B.F.SwordB.F.Sword then begin to build The Bloodthirster.

Now you are fast enough to roam around the map, to take on every gankin opertunety you see.
With the speed from your boots and the damage and lifesteal from your bloodthirster you will be feared by the enemy team.

Continue with the ganking and while you roam, dont forget to jungle abit. If you do this you wont loose too much XP while runing between lanes. It also gives you some gold.***

Now begin to build Trinity Force. Begin with Sheen to enchanse your damage even further. Follow it with Phage for a slow effect and some HP.

When you have come this far in the build you will already demolish your enemys.

More information will come shortly.

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So, farmin with Talon is pretty easy.
I like farming with his (W) Spell, its great. If you got the golem buff, just spam that ;)

Dont use your ulti to clear big waves of minions. That's just stupid. Save it for fights or to get out of one! To farm crep waves, use Rake - your (W) spell 1 - 2 times.***

Constantly getting Golem Buff and Lizzard Buff will help you in sevral ways.
You get gold for killing them ---> Better Equipment.
You get buffs to help you fight ---> Longer time in lane,more money,more XP, more kills, ETC. = Better Equipment

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Jungling Gearing

So, If you want to jungle as Talon, you will need to get Wriggle's Lantern as soon as possible. Talon isnt a very strong jungler at start, compared to Warwick and Amumu etc, so build that item first, then follow up with Boots Of Speed. Build Boots Of Swiftness. You want these because you are an assassin. You need to move fast between the lanes to be able to take advantage over every ganking opertunity you get.

Those are the first items you get, those are the items that you really need as a jungler Talon.***

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Jungling Strategy

Ok, so you will wanna start with killing the enemys Wraths. Or your own, but i prefer the enemys. Then continue to your own wolfes, wraths and twin golems.

After you have killed the twin golems, recall. Buy Vampiric Scepter and, if you can afford, 1 or 2 Health Potions.

Walk into jungle again and grab the Golem buff and your wolfes. Now you will be level 4. That means Ganking time.

Stay hidden in brushes till you are ready to engage your enemy. Use CutthroatCutthroat - Your E Spell to shadowstep to their location. Continue with Rake - Your W Spell towards the enemys location, then autohit once. And follow that up with Noxian Diplomacy - Your Q Spell. If they dont die, just chase them a bit with autohits and use whatever spell that gets ready.

Dont chase them too far though. Remember that you are an assassin, with not very much survivability. Atleast not earlygame. Dont do anything stupid, and dont towerdive if you are tanking the tower at lvl 4. A kill for a death isnt worth it. return to jungling.***

So to sum it up easier for you with the order of jungling:

Enemy Wraths
Your Wolfes
Your Wraths
Your Twin Golems
Your Blue buff
Your Wolfes


Taking dragon is pretty hard for Talon. I just survived doing it at level 7, with blue buff. I tend to wait till atleast lvl 9 till i go for dragon. Incase somone comes ganking me there.***