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Talon Build Guide by Didakhos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Didakhos

Talon screws over mid lanes

Didakhos Last updated on February 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Who is Talon?

Talon is an AD burst champion. He can technically go top, but many play him as a mid champion. His high burst can go well and his silence counters many mid laners. The great thing about talon is that he has great mobility as to escape from dangerous situations as well as kill someone that might try to run.

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Runes and Masteries were not harmed in the creation of this Guide.

I take 21/9/0 standard attack damage masteries taking in early points of magic resist especially if Im against an ability power mid. I take flat damage reds, flat armor yellows, flat magic resist glyphs, and flat damage quints. I take flat armor and magic resist for the early harass of my opponent as well as any possible early ganks that might happen from maybe an attack damage jungler. If the enemy jungler is AP, i might take armor per level yellows and flat magic resist blues, and if my mid opponent is AD, i take magic resist per level blues over flat magic resist blues.

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Talon has the SKILLZ

As I have said before, Talon has great mobility. His Q is his secondary source of damage. He deals bonus physical damage with an addition of bleed, which will stay for a period of time, revealing that opponent's whereabouts. His W would be his main source of damage. It shoots out a line of spikes in a cone, and comes back. This is used best when your close to an enemy and use it to slow them for a full out attack. This skill would also be his best harass skill early game, so I take a point in it early which helps the range of it to help the jungler with a leash on either blue or red. Talon's E skill is his gap closing skill. His E is also his combo initiation skill. He can E to an enemy, Q them, W, then ult and do constant damage along the way. His burst is very strong with a quick ultimate, Q, and W. The E also has a silence, so dont be afraid to close that gap to an AP caster.

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Important items for an AD burster!!

Because Talon needs his burst to work, he needs tons of damage, and not the tri-force kind of tons of damage, he needs the double blood thirster kind of damage. To start, I would choose flask over anything, mainly because he will have to deal with a lot of harass, especially if the enemy is a ranged AP carry. The extra potions will help him stay in lane and the extra mana heal from the flask will help as well if your one of the guys who love to spam skills all day. Next I go straight to damage. Dorans blade and a Vamp scepter. Those are my main early damage dealing items. I then go straight for the mercury treads unless I feel that I have shut down their AP carry and their AD is really strong. As soon as I finish my boots, i will take a Blood Thirster and then a brutalizer to later build into the Black Cleaver, although before that black cleaver, I want to get another Blood Thirster and THEN I will finish Black Cleaver. My last few items I will trade for the Dorans Blade and the Crystalline Flask. I take Last Whisper for the extra armor penetration and grab a Guardian's Angel, as I will be squishy and most targeted in team fights.

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So thats basically all you need to know for Talon. There are many different ways to actually build Talon, but I like straight out super damage build because I dont like to be one of those carries that can't carry their team. Also, even though he has mobility, it is very important that you dont derp around too much when your silencing the enemy. That can be very risky unless you have a great initiation from either your jungler or whoever is the tank on your team.