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Talon Build Guide by Shadowhazze

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadowhazze

Talon, The AD Nuker!

Shadowhazze Last updated on September 6, 2011
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Welcome to, Talon The AD Nuker

This is in fact my first build, and i have no idea how to make it look as fancy as everyone elses, lol but i'll try my best, but enough about me this guide is about Talon, considering he's not like other champions i'm here to help guide you to what should be a proper guide.

Also i want to stress this to all the critics out there who don't think this build is viable, TRY IT, before you judge it i guarantee it works and if you think you can make a better one go ahead, you can always switch the warmogs armor for something else but this is what i find works best if you wanna add an atmais go right ahead if you think the warmogs is obsolete thats your opinion but if you're gonna criticize at least have some proof as to why it doesn't work.

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As you all probably know talon is the new kid on the block destined for great things, but like every other new champion people don't know how the hell to build him. I see talons with Manamune, Trinity Force I could have sworn i saw one with a Zhonya's Hourglass at one point and i'm here to tell you THAT IS WRONG In fact you gotta consider talon kind of like Pantheon an AD champ that's based off his moves and not melee attacks, can he be based off melee attacks? sure. But when it comes down to it he is made to use his spells. in this guide i will demonstrate the way that i see proper to build him.

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Pros / Cons

-Dominant lane
-Powerful Nuker
-Great ganker
-Good creeping
-Good game carry

-Squishy (if built glass cannon)
-Weak (if not fed)
-Little to no escape mechanisms
-Often focused

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Skill Sequence

Now many guides are probably telling you to put a point in Cutthroat at level 4, or maybe even that it should be the first move you max, that is wrong. reason being is Cutthroat doesn't deal damage, at all it isn't it increases your damage output by a percentage on a single target, now compared to the damage of or it's really worthless, what I would suggest doing is put 1 point in at level 1 for the early game harass and put 1 point in at level 2 and repeat that order until level 5 at level 5 get Cutthroat this creates an even balance between your spells, now if its anything we know it's that maxing out 1 move creates 1 high damage move, but it leaves the rest of your moves at a disadvantage when your maxxed move is on cooldown. and that's something we don't want especially on a nuker.

My Talon Rotatio

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For masteries we follow a standard 21/0/9 build you can also go 21/9/0 but that depends on how you build your champion,

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Now to keep in reminder Talon is an AD NUKER
So what compliments early game Attack damage? ARMOR PENETRATION, yes? with the Greater Quintessence Of Desolation and the Greater mark of Desolation that puts you at 25 armor penetration wich is a lot especially compared against the noobs with no armor runes they have what, like 19 starter armor? That's true damage right there brah. it also pisses off the tanks, and now considering you have all that armor you don't want to be squishy right? so you grab 6 Greater Seal of Armor for the free floating armor to piss off those carries, and 3 Greater seals of Vitality to give you some extra hp while leveling.
And as for blues you grab 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and you have yourself one overpowered early game fighting machine

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Summoner Spells

Who loves summoner spells? I know i do
and i prefer using Flash and Ignite,
Flash: for the quick escapes, or when i want to catch up to people
Ignite: to prevent healing, do some bonus true damage and killsteals make carries good later on in the game.

Choices to consider:
Ghost: All around good spell great for escapes or catching people and everyone hates unit colision

Exhaust: why not? disables can save you from those tough spots, or cause you to kill that fed 50/0 tryndamere on the enemies team.

Spells you should never get:

Teleport: Meh

Heal: Why teh fuqq do you need heal on an AD carry?

Clarity: you're an Ad carry and your mana cost for your moves is so balanced you need to be stupid to have to use it on Talon.

Revive: You shouldn't be dying in the first place

Fortify: you're not the tank so why would you need this?

Clairvoyance: yeah.... no.

Controversial summoner spells:

Rally: now some people may say who the hell uses rally? well if you consider the fact your an Ad champion this would be a great spell, compared to the other ones you could use not so much, it's great for teamfights and if you can use this correctly go right ahead. i'd advise against it tho.

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Now on to the long awaited item sequence.

You start out with a , early game damage, health why the hell not?

And then you build up your boots, some people want speed others want defense i say Lets go , I remember stating earlier in the guide, Talon can be built as an auto attack champion, well i see nothing wrong with having a nuker and an Auto attacker in the same category offers more balance, so these boots should be ideal.

By this point you should have at least 2 kills and pushing up the enemies turret

Now you head to gank mid or bot lane (assuming you picked top), recall and grab a B.F.Sword yes a Badass.FuQQin. Sword
if you don't have enough money for it though no need to fear grab a vampiric scepter. the point of these items is to build a , now why a bloodthirsters? great damage, great lifesteal. What more do you want?

After your bloodthirster is built you should be heading into the midgame teamfight mark. Now what goes great with your passive? a Rylais? lolno silly goose you get a and a build it up into a big ole , you got the hp some damage and a slow wich benefits your passive, pretty self explanatory.

At this point you should be racking up kills and being fed to hell, you will seem almost invincible and the other team might give up, but in case they don't grab a and build that **** into a , why? well 55% attack speed Bonus movement speed and a lot of crit, many people don't know this but can crit oh yes. This also helps stabilize a point between nuking and auto attacking now you can do both so effortlessly and flawlessly

now, what benefits an Ad carry... Another B.F Sword? Maybe some crit. well i think it's time to get an , yup you get large crit 80 attack damage, It's every tryndamere's dream and now you can have this as soon as the 40 minute mark amazing i know.

And to piss the other team off if they're still going at it and refuse to give up lets make you invincible and give you a , now many people would cause great controversy over this item, why? Because well all it is is health lol. lots and lots of health, so reason why i suggest grabbing one of these on talon is, It discourages them from trying to kill you with your 4.5k hp and whatnot it makes you near invincible with all the hp you have but no less of a threat that you were since you started the game.

no one likes a tanky auto attacking ninja like nuker....Except the man playing him

Optional items:

: well. 15 arp per hit sounds pretty nice free damage, some attack speed and its just under 3,000 gold

: maybe you have some trouble with casters, i don't know hwy you should you're built to kill casters, but in any case the magic resist helps, and since u have no escape mechanisms it's cleanse helps a lot

: well it helps not much you can say to make it seem any better.


: It's an AD item granted But you're talon YOU DONT NEED MANA if you pay close attention to your mana usage it takes forever to run out of mana and when you do you just go back sooner or later your mana usage will be fine.

: Alright so this item isnt as bad as manamune and it definately benefits you in a way, but It isn't good enough. it's like grabbing a trinity force on tryndamere it just doesn't work. Well maybe it does, but not by a lot would you rather take this? or get the phantom dancer the frozen mallet and a few other AD items instead, you could do better.

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Creeping / Jungling


Believe it or not, is a good jungler. and he can gank like a boss. granted he doesn't seem like it, and you're probably too stubborn to try it, but he's no worse than nocturne and is great at it. All i can say is if you're a jungling fanatic don't knock it until you try it.

And as for creeping goes Talon is an amazing creeper. Harass if you can last hit minions and use rake to creep when not harassing. at rank 5 can 1 shot a creep wave

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Team Work

Ah the old bond that teamwork shares, brings me to tears everytime.... Lolno

is the equivelent to in teamfights He is a game changer, your ulti is so usefull in teamfights it's hard to believe it does that much damage. have your tank start a teamfight with everyone running in Pick the person you need to eliminate usually it's someone like or , And blow their **** out cutthroat in toss a and pop your ulti twice all while auto attacking and congratz you just won your first teamfight.

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Unique Skills

Talons skills are very powerful in every way, the way i choose to rank his skills relies heavily in his ability to deal even burst damage

Noxian Diplomacy: Your next attack does 30/60/90/120//150 +(0.3%) of your attack damage and it causes a bleed that deals 18/36/54/82/90 + (0.2%) Bonus AD over 6 second and reveals their location,
Tip:it also leaves a trail of blood if you have any use for that xD and it has a chance to crit! wich is great with infinity edge, it also resets your auto attack timer.

Rake: Talon sends out a wave of daggers that return to him dealing 30/55/80/105/130 + (0.6) of his bonus attack damage on each passing turn, it also slows the target for a percentage over 2 seconds
Tip:This move is great for farming creeps it's also much like a skillshot it has a slight increase in its boundary at its end. and can do double its damage if it passes a target twice

Cutthroat: talon instantly appears behind his target silencing htem for 1 second and increasing his damage by 3/6/8/10/12% for 3 seconds
Tip:This move makes him lethal to any and all casters. it also works on creeps for great escapes.

Shadow Assault: His ultimate makes him one Bad *** little dude it disperses a ring of blades around him (7 blades) and each time a blade passes through a target it deals 150/225/300 damage +0.9% of your bonus attack damage, you can activate this move twice and it does double damage one for activating it and then activating it again, it also gives you 40% bonus movement speed and a stealth for 2.5 seconds making it great for escapes.

Tip:Using this move in teamfights wins games, using it with flash can give you a quick escape or a quick way to use it to damage a target via flashing ahead of them also gives a chance to redeem your cooldowns.

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This is another topic i think people need to address with talon, he is good at jungling Mid laning and duo laning

Mid lane: Talon is an extremely potent mid, If he fights any caster you auto win, only person i've had problems fighting with him is Caitlyn but then again who doesn't have trouble with caitlyn? And his ganking potential is so high that you can easily leave the lane to gank and then recall it is almost guaranteed to be successfull, he is also a good mic because of the fact he can turret dive, and the Exp boost makes his game even more lethal

Duo Lane:
In duo lanes talon is also really powerful he gives great support to his allies, is great at nuking and turret diving and every kill he gets makes his mark mid and late game. remember with a good talon you will dominate every game. If you have a bad early game don't sweat it you always have a chance to change that. Literally. 1 kill makes a big diffrence.

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So, considering this was my first guide. and i have no idea how to end things properly and add links or whatever. i tried my hardest and i know this build is good from personal experience don't knock it till you try it, feel free to give me any tips for future builds, what we have covered here is that talon isn't like other Ad carrys he is a nuker he must be built a certain way to a certain degree and that in a smart capable player he is a really deadly champion to fight against.

Even i'm not perfect Even the most notorious players in this game are not perfect, Sometimes we havebad games or good games but champions like talon just need a little practice

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In conclusion

Have fun with talon guys, and happy killings. i'm sorry i didnt have any pictures of proof that he is good but my match history is all broken up with a bunch of diffrent champions not much talon in it all and i'll try to do a day when i just play him and post it on this guide, i hope i helped you achieve any misconceptions with talon and be sure to up or downvote this build accordingly.