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Talon Build Guide by XuDyy

Talon - The GOD of solotop !!

Talon - The GOD of solotop !!

Updated on September 9, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author XuDyy Build Guide By XuDyy 2 11 9,453 Views 7 Comments
2 11 9,453 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author XuDyy Talon Build Guide By XuDyy Updated on September 9, 2012
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Hi, GUYS !

Welcome to my 2nd guide in this page. Now about Talon. Talon is (by me) the best solotop champion. In this guide will be explained how to play him and why shall u make this items.
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Masteries i have got 9/21/0. Its good for solotop if your enemy dont have jungle. Talon 1v2 always needs some armor and movementspeed. Runes and Weapon Expertise give u a lot of armor pene. That's good against tanks (Sejuani, Alistar,...) or AD carry (Caitlin, Vayne,...) Attack speed from masteries and runes is very useful in gank. U use E on targeted enemy, Q, W and u have instant kill -.-
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Items - EarlyGame

Doran's Blade


Doran's Blade is very useful in solotop. More HP, higher AD and lifesteal. By me is it the neediest item in earlygame.

Boots of speed


U just need it. Everybody needs it. If u dont have boots on Talon, u are useless !

The Brutalizer


Attack damage, cd reduction and armor pene. What else can u wish?



Chance to slow ur enemy is important if u get a gank.
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Items - MidGame

Mercury's Treads


It's good against AP champions and cc Champs. If are in enemy team more AD, u can to buy Ninja Tabi

Frozen Mallet


That's very necessary item for Talon. If u have Frozen Mallet, u utilize his passive for 100%.
It's also source of HP ! VERY good item.

Youmuu's Ghostblade


Very neccesary item for Talon ! Cd reductin, attack damage, critical chance, armor penetration and an awesome Active. I LOVE THIS THING !!
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Items - LateGame

Infinity Edge


Expensive but it's worth it SO much! I love it because of big attack damage and critical strike chance.

Madred's Bloodrazor


This item is also very good :D I think, that this item is worth it too much. Big attack speed bonus, armor and very useful UNIQUE passive. Like a Madred !

Warmog's Armor


Just make it for more hp. In lategame is Talon without Warmog's armor very easy target.
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Skill Sequence

Like first skill is on solotop good W for farm. I have Q only on level 4, because i think, that E is necessary for save from dead. What else about it? If u get a gank, use first E, then W and Q .. If u already have got ultimate, u can combinate it with E !! Use ultimate and then E on ur target. All shurikens will strike ur enemy and u deal him with it maximal damage ! Ultimate is also very good for fallback. Invibility without delay is very useful in LoL :)
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Summoner Spells

I usually use Ignite and Flash. Flash is in this time necessary and Ignite is good with DoT of ur Q.

What u can use more?
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Who/Whom counters Talon??

Talon is good counter pick agains each AP chapion (Kassadin, Gragas,...) But against Talon is counter Lee Sin, Vladimir or Gangplank. If u are as Talon against some strong AD carry, u better stay at ur turret and farm.
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He has very easy farm in each part of game. In earlygame he can to play deffensive and lasthit minions with W. In midgame he kills all minions with W and in lategame u can use ur ultimate too. In Lategame it has cca 30sec cd so u can use it for farming too.
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A little bonus : VIDEOS

PENTAKILL - too strong !
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