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Talon Build Guide by TrevLinden16

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrevLinden16

Talon - The Shadow Assassin

TrevLinden16 Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Talon is an assassin. He excels at bursting down single targets quickly and securely. Picking Talon is a gamble as he only does well if he can get kills, something he is very good at.

**Build and Guide will be updated the further we learn about Talon and the way to play him**

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Pros / Cons

-High Reward
-Wealth of CC
-All Abilities scale with just AD
-Fun to Play!

-High Risk
-Relies on CC to deal damage with his passive
-Tough to lane with
-Can't jungle well
-Escape Ability (E) can only target enemies
-No Hard CC

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Update Log

24/08/2011 - Added second beefy DPS build to fit the current metagame. Being killed in 2 seconds in a team fight isn't very fun

24/08/2011 - Added Talon Carry build in team one. It works - tested in game.

24/08/2011 - Added maximum DPS build with Black Cleaver + lots of Armor Pene.

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Talon's Abilities

Mercy, his passive is the signature ability for Talon. Talon deals 10% bonus damage to targets under the influence of crowd control effects. Since Talon has a slow, reveal and silence, this passive synergizes extremely well with the rest of his abilities.

Noxian Diplomacy is Talon's Q. After activating the skill, Talon's auto attack timer is reset and his next attack deals bonus damage and makes his target bleed, revealing them for an amount of time. This skill is maxed out 2nd.

Rake is Talon's W. It deals massive AoE damage in a cone area in front of him. In most cases, a target will be hit twice by this as his blades boomerang right back at him. It also slows the target, leading to lots of burst potential with his passive and basic attacks.

Cutthroat is Talon's E. It blinks Talon to behind target enemy and silences them. A point in this ability should be taken early and maxed out last as it doesn't scale.

Shadow Assault is Talon's ultimate. It sends several blades outwards from Talon in a circle dealing damage to whomever is hit, and stealths Talon increasing his movement speed for a short duration. After the speed buffs end or Talon attacks an enemy, all blades are sent back to Talon, once again damaging all targets hit on the way.

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For runes I take Armor Penetration Reds and Quints with Armor + MR Seals/Glyphs. This setup allows for a very strong early game and being able to take some damage. Since Talon isn't very mana heavy I do not reccomend taking mana regen runes. CDR blues are viable on Talon, however as his cool downs are relatively long.

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With Talon I run a 21-0-9 setup, although a 21-9 setup would work fine too. Never run anything other than 21 points in offense with Talon asincreases his damage output by 4%. Stack that withand his basic attacks will do 14% extra damage to crowd controlled enemies.

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Summoner Spells

On Talon you want to make sure you always have exhaust. The long duration slow is extremely useful with his passive dishing out tons of damage. The second summoner spell doesn't matter as much but I would take Flash, Ignite, Cleanse or Ghost.

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During the laning phase, Talon should either be soloing top, or laning bottom with a support with crowd control (pretty much any support). Talon's best laning partners would be Janna (babysitting, shield + dmg buff, knockup, slow)and Lux (shield/snare/slow/LAZ0R). Many supports work just as well with Talon.

With Talon you should be farming with your W. Don't use it excessively or you will see your mana fall to nothing. Harassing the enemy with Rake is also very vital, and using E-Q-W-basic attacks and/or exhaust if needed should secure you kills.

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The only must-have item on Talon is the Frozen Mallet. It's slow per autoattack guarantees his passive effect to go off. An alternative to the Frozen Mallet is a trinity force, but I prefer the Frozen Mallet as it gives some extra beef for more survivability and its passive effect is guaranteed.

Your Core:


Defensive Items:

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Why no DPS Talon?

When playing a burst assassin like Talon you normally don't have much time to perform the kill. This build is based on your initial burst, with still enough attack speed to grab dragon/baron or push towers.

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On Talon I prefer Boots of Swiftness because it gives you the constant speed needed to chase down enemies. Berserker's Greaves, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Mercury Treads, and even Ninja Tabi (if you have dodge seals) will all work on Talon in the occasion arises but Swiftness is just my preference.

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If an opponent is nowhere near his/her team, and you are nearby as Talon, Talon should always go for the kill. To assassinate a single target, ult when near and using the speed buff and Cutthroat, teleport to behind your target. This should make your ult's blades all hit your target, dealing massive damage. Use your Q after landing an attack to reset your auto attack timer and your W for its damage and slow. After completing a kill, GTFO of there or you will be killed in revenge.

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Tips and Tricks

*This Portion of the Guide will be added later and/or updated, as Talon has only come out and there are many things to find out about him*

-Always make sure your target is under one of your crowd control effects while auto-attacking them.

-Talon is a risk-reward champion so if you don't take any risks you will be a liability to your team.

-During your ult's stealth, take time to see that as many blades will hit your target as possible when you cutthroat behind him/her.

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In summary, Talon is a very good assassin and is one of the best at doing so. His wealth of crowd control effects makes sure that he makes full use of his passive.