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Ezreal Build Guide by TrevLinden16

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrevLinden16

Ezreal - Dominating Lane (AP/AD/Hybrid) UPDATED 18/11/2011

TrevLinden16 Last updated on November 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys this is my first build on Mobafire and I would like to open by saying I've mained Ezreal for quite a while and whenever I play premades with him my friends and I dominate.

Ezreal is an AD carry, and should be built as such although I do not believe in him being an auto attacker late game. If you are looking for a champ with skill shots then he is the champ for you.

Ezreal can also be built as an AP carry, as all of his skills scale off AP, but in this guide I will be focusing on my AD build.

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    27/08/2011 - Made the guide prettier!
    01/09/2011 - Hybrid Ezreal under testing (aka I'm thinking about it)
    04/09/2011 - Changed the title to Dominating Lane because more than often I take bottom lane with a support
    04/09/2011 - Made the guide prettier-er!
    04/09/2011 - Edited the whole guide. Not much is changed but if you look closely you can find them
    07/09/2011 - Added a special thanks section! Yay!!
    08/09/2011 - Added a chapter that explains my reason to not included a Manamune in the main AD build.
    10/09/2011 - Added a new and in my opinion improved AD guide as the main one.
    10/09/2011 - Re-added original AD build (3rd)
    10/09/2011 - Hybrid build is up (4th)
    10/09/2011 - Added banner. Thanks to whoever made the original pic I just added words.
    10/09/2011 - Added Flash/Arcane Shift Map
    11/10/2011 - Removed main build "tankzreal" 'cause I was high when I made that
    18/11/2011 - Reworked to fit new masteries and AD build reworked.

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Pros / Cons

-High Skill Cap
-Tons of Damage
-Skill Shots are Fun
-Global Ultimate
-Strong Laning Phase
-E is a Blink

-High Skill Cap
-Easy to Harass
-Outclassed by Other Carries (Ashe/Caitlyn/Tristana)

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In this build I went with flat Penetration marks and quints and flat Armor + MR Seals + Glyphs. Other rune choices that would work are flat AD on the marks and quints or Dodge seals if you have the IP/are willing to give up Awareness mastery to dodge and for Glyphs you could use CD or Mana regen.

For AP go magic penetration instead of armor, and CDR instead of MR.

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For masteries always have 21 points in offense with Ezreal when playing AD. The other nine points could be spent in defense or Utility, but I prefer them in Utility. When playing AP Ez, go 9-0-21.

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Summoner Spells

For Ezreal I prefer Flash and Ignite but other spells may work too.

Ghost is good for chasing/escaping as well and since you have your blink you could take that instead.

Teleport helps you get back to lane faster without losing much EXP.

Exhaust works out very well on Ezreal as well.

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Skill Sequence

Ezreal's passive, Rising Spell Force increases his attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds for every target hit by one of his spells (stacks up to 5 times).

Mystic Shot is a skill shot nuke on a low CD and mana cost. For AD Ezreal this will be your primary source of damage. Max it first as this skill is amazing.

Essence Flux is a skill shot buff/debuff that goes through any target it hits. Minions are unaffected by this but for champions, enemies are damaged and debuffed in attack speed, while allies are buffed in attack speed. Max it first when playing AP Ez, or last when playing AD.

Arcane Shift is a blink on a high cooldown. This skill is amazing for chasing/escaping and it damages the nearest target after blinking for a good amount of damage. This skill is amazing any way you build Ezreal and is always maxed out 2nd.

Ezreal's Ultimate, Trueshot Barrage is his signature ability. He launches a universal energy beam thingy dealing massive damage to anything it passes through. It is good to pick off runners if you are good at guessing where they are or shot in the middle of a team fight for heavy damage. Take a point in this whenever you get to.

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Manamune on Ezreal?

AD Ezreal:

I am not a fan of Manamune on AD Ezreal however it has been done before and in my experiences have worked. The reason I would rather have a different item is that you can just get a lot more offensively out of other items. Also, on AD Ezreal, your main objective in lane is to farm and harass the enemy carry. Considering your Mystic Shot is on a relatively low mana cost, it is easy to do both without the need of extra mana.

AP Ezreal:

On AP Ezreal I have no clue why anyone would build a Manamune on him. That is all. Archangel's is a reccomended item on AP Ezreal, however as his AP mana costs are a little high.

Hybrid Ezreal:

My Hybrid Ezreal build is still being developed, but I have considered using both a Manamune and Archangel's Staff on it with boots, a Hextech Gunblade, Banshee's Veil and Trinity Force however this build is currently under testing.

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Play Style

During the laning phase you will just be wanting to farm as much as possible. If the enemy is not behind their minions, ALWAYS toss a Mystic Shot at them. If you are sure you can secure a kill after some harassing, blink in and use all your spells on them and Ignite + Ultimate if they get away with some health left. If you need to recall and don't have teleport make sure your lane is pushed to minimize XP loss and if needed tell your Jungler to hold the lane. AD Ezreal should be taking bottom/middle lane and AP Ezreal always mid.

In team fights, Ezreal is a strong part of any team composition. If you ever get the chance to, pop an ult if the enemy team is all clumped up together. The key to team fights with Ezreal is to do as much damage as possible without even being touched as he has long range. In late game with enough Armor Penetration you could even take down tanks effectively.

For AP, Harass with your W in team fights and poke with your Q. Your Ultimate hits a lot harder in AP form and with your MPen items it will be so OP.

WARDS WARDS WARDS! During the laning phase it is vital that you ward up your lane. Don't be blaming the jungler if he doesn't ward for you because for you, a ward costs 3 measley CS but for the jungler, it's the entire wolf camp.

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Ezreal's Best Support Partners


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Red/Blue Buff

Both Red and Blue buff are great on Ezreal especially blue. Just remember to ask your jungler before taking their buffs

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Tips & Tricks

Use your Mystic Shot to face check brush. If you see the attack speed buff from your passive then you hit something. Use your W if there are probably multiple enemies inside.

Your Arcane Shift is an amazing juking ability. Use it over terrain to escape or perform nice jukes by running into the brush, and once your chaser is a split second from entering the brush, Arcane Shift behind them and brag about it in chat. Always remember that your Arcane Shift can blink over walls. This calls for very easy escapes.

If you're against an opponent that makes you scared to get into last hitting distance (i.e. Morde) then just stay way back (still in EXP range) and last hit with your Mystic Shot.

Aim your W at teammates when attacking a tower together. It will give both you and them an attack speed buff.

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Arcane Shift / Flash Map

Credits to hyouton-haku for making this!

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Special Thanks

To some of my in game friends :P Hare Hare Ezreal has one of these and I just think it would be cool :D

<-- TheArtisanOfWar (Me!)

<-- pieman778

<-- iAmNumeroUno

<-- LesbianSquirtle

<-- RyanTheGreat11

<-- II Blueblaze II

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In Summary, Ezreal is a high skill cap carry that can be built both ways. If you liked this guide remember to vote honestly and feedback is appreciated in the comments.