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Gragas Build Guide by TrevLinden16

Gragas - Just Ask the Cask (AP/Jungle Off-Tank)

Gragas - Just Ask the Cask (AP/Jungle Off-Tank)

Updated on September 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrevLinden16 Build Guide By TrevLinden16 17,568 Views 6 Comments
17,568 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TrevLinden16 Gragas Build Guide By TrevLinden16 Updated on September 11, 2011
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Gragas
  • LoL Champion: Gragas


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Gragas, the Rabble Rouser

The foothills of the Great Barrier are home to the hardiest people found anywhere on Valoran. Only those with great fortitude and endurance dwell in what is perhaps the most rugged and unforgiving environment anywhere on the face of Runeterra. It is here that the mighty Gragas keeps permanent residence, living south of Noxus. This behemoth of a man has long eschewed the rigors of civilization for what he calls his ''slice of paradise;'' he has no neighbors to bother him and plenty of space to pursue his life's ambition - brewing. Grogs, ales, meads, and wine - nothing is beyond his skill to brew. What makes Gragas a truly special brewmaster, however, is his proximity to a large and powerful nexus.

The magic of this nexus has seeped into his fermented creations, and Gragas has consumed enough of his own poison over the years to slake the thirst of an army. This arcane alcohol has caused Gragas to swell both in height and girth; he looms over the tallest of men and boasts nearly twice their width. To complement his immoderate size, Gragas has developed an ornery temper - one fueled by liquor and raw magic. His infrequent sojourns into Noxus for supplies always unfold the same way: Gragas enters a Noxian tavern, Gragas gets into several fights, Gragas lays out countless citizens, and finally Gragas flees for the foothills with Noxian constables in hot - though reluctant - pursuit. His misadventures have garnered him the attention of several summoners in the League of Legends, and he is now a willing champion in the arenas...doling out hard liquor and harder fists.

The Rabble Rouser leaves a path of drunken destruction in his wake, both in the Fields of Justice and off.
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Pros / Cons

-Long Range
-Good Amount of CC
-W gives Mana, AD Buff, and damage reduction buff
-Great Zoner
-Amazing Scaling
-Easy initiates with ult
-Can Hold a Solo Lane if not Win it!

-Nothing. I'm serious, sat here for 5 minutes thinking of some but can't find one!
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Gragas' Abilities

Happy Hour, Gragas' passive, restores 2% of his maximum health over 4 seconds after using an ability.

Barrell Roll, Gragas' signature ability on AP, is a skillshot AoE nuke that can be triggered manually after the cask has reached target location, or automatically after 5 seconds. As a bonus (useless, but still a bonus) any enemies damaged by this ability will have their attack speed slowed for 3 seconds.

Drunken Rage, Gragas' steroid ability restores him mana, gives him a heavy attack damage buff, and decreases imcoming damage for 20 seconds. If not channelled for the full duration of one second, the buffs will not be applied (but some mana will be restored).

Body Slam, Gragas' gap closing ability makes him dash in a straight line, stopping when he hits his first target, damaging and slowing enemies in the area. This skill scales hybrid.

Explosive Cask is Gragas' ultimate. It is an AoE skillshot with range very similar to [{Barrel Roll]], but explodes on impact and knocks back enemies who were damaged by it.
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Using Gragas' Abilities

Happy Hour can be taken advantage of when low in lane but using Body Slam, then using Drunken Rage 4 seconds after to restore the mana cost. This easy combo lets Gragas heal 4% of his maximum health.

Barrel Roll should be used to harass and zone opponents. If your opponent is melee, throw your barrel to your front line of melee minions to intimdate your opponent from getting the last hit, knowing they will have to take a free hit to get it. Against ranged opposition, do the same but throw your barrel at their caster minions.

Drunken Rage should be used whenever it it off cooldown. You never get hurt by using it and the benefits it provides is amazing.

Body Slam can be used to escape and chase. Remember that it stops when the first enemy is hit, so keep that in mind when aiming. Body Slam can also go through terrain. It's range is somewhere similar to this map made by hyouton-haku.

Explosive Cask can be used for some easy kills during the laning phase. Harass a couple times with your Barrel Roll, use Drunken Rage for the damage buff, Explosive Cask the enemy into you, and use a combination of your auto attacks, Q and E to finish them off, Igniteing if needed. If the opponent is out of range, you can also Body Slam to get into range. In team fights, it is your goal to use the ultimate to save teammates, and displace enemies.
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Summoner Spells (AP)

I personally reccomend Flash and Ignite, but there are several other summoner spells that work on Gragas.

Teleport - Very useful especially if taking a solo lane.
Clairvoyance - Wouldn't reccomend this, but if your team doesn't have a CV and you need one, why not! Your Body Slam works as a poor man's flash and it can be used as such to escape and chase.
Exhaust - Great for chasing and saving yourself, but you already have the slow from Body Slam - Nevertheless, Exhaust will work fine on Gragas.
Ghost - an Excellent choice. Helps with chasing, escape and just about everything else.
Cleanse - This summoner spell is useful to have on Gragas when not building Mercury's Treads.
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Summoner Spells (Jungle)

Smite is a lock on almost any jungler. The second summoner, is interchangable. However, more often than not I will run Ghost, Flash, Cleanse, or Exhaust on him.
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Items (AP)

Your Core:
Reccomended Items:
Defensive Items:

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Items (Jungle)

The build that I have above is in my opinion, the best way to build jungle Gragas. With Drunken Rage's attack damage buff, Gragas is a huge threat, while maintaining a tanky state with the use of Drunken Rage's damage reduction and defensive items.
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Jungle Route

Ignoring dragon, this is pretty much the route you would take with Gragas, recalling whenever you need be. Wait by the small golem camp with your team protecting you. At around 1:38, activate Drunken Rage and ask one of your bottom laners to pull the golem for you (preferably a ranged one). Just get them to auto attack it once then run away. Using smite and the bonus damage from Drunken Rage, it should be easy to defeat the small golems.

Continue with your jungle route but just make sure to make use of Drunken Rage! Its damage reduction makes jungling an easy task. Also, spamming Body Slam in the jungle works very well, as you are able to attack all minions in a camp and it is on a low mana cost.

*Jungle Route map taken from
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Level 6 ganking with Jungle Gragas can be a piece of cake. Wait in the brush while your victim is pushing or the lane is even pushed. As always, activate Drunken Rage and you should be good to go. Explosive Cask the enemy into your turret / ally and Body Slam to do damage and slow them and kill the enemy with auto attacks.

An alternate way to gank when the enemy has Flash, is to Body Slam out of the brush into the target, wait for him to Flash away, then Explosive Cask him right back into you and your teammate, or against terrain to activate any knockback's standard stun.
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Thank You!

Thank you for reading my Gragas guide, and please comment with feedback and upvote my guide if you feel like I deserve it! This will be receiving updates in the future, and populatiry will determine the frequency of my updates.
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