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Kayle Build Guide by Zy Jerasca

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zy Jerasca

Tank Shred 3v3

Zy Jerasca Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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With the new 3v3 Twisted Treeline coming out, my friends and I began playing it alot. Even with it still in "Beta" we have formed a ranked team and dabble here in there in matches. Now we are not Pro, and I am by far the best Kayle player, or anything but we do pretty well when we are not messing around and when I play Kayle, we usually always dominate. Here is my build and guide to how I play her and help my team to victory. Use this guide to help you out if you want to try Kayle on a 3v3 map and do pretty well. Questions, comments, feel free to post. Just dont troll or be mean about it. I LOVE constructive crits. I am an artist after all :D Also, if you are successful with this guide/build, please feel free to post pics or send me screenshots so I can post them up!

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Pros / Cons

* Great Versatility
* Ulti is super handy in Team Fights
* Passive is Great for Bruisers and Tanks
* Reckoning helps make shot work of enemies
* Early game is tough
* Kinda squishy, even with Intervention
* Ulti and Timing are EVERYTHING

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Summoner Spells

Flash is probably one of the most used summoner spells in LoL. Its great for get aways and widening a closing gap and buying time for your team to get to you. You can dodge skill shot nukes or get out of a sticky situation with it. Some champs even ustilize it for great ulti placement such as Morgana, Fiddlesticks and Galio.

Ignite, a great way to cut someones life down those last few ticks to death. It is also a great way to cut a champions health regain or LS in half for those precious few seconds to out LS them and win a 1v1. Its very handy to have on a team, and in a 3v3 its nice to have so you can stack it and kill someone who might get away. This skill can be changed out however with the skill Exhaust.

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Now I know these seems to conflict with how alot of people build Kayle, going either all AD or all AP. But 3v3 is vastly different from 5v5 in one very important way. Everyone has to pull double duty. You need a tank that can put out the hurt, supports that can deal damage or weaken others and AP that can be alittle less squish. So when I built Kayle back before her redesign, when her passive scaled her AP and AD off one another, everyone as well as myself, built her hybrid style. That never changed for me as it has for others. Though I do put more emphasis on AD thats simply because Righteous Fury not only deals AP dmg but also a percentage of your AD to surrounding enemies.

The added AP from the masteries means that I can focus more on my AD items such as Blade of the Ruined King as opposed to having to get another item to supplement the lack of AP or AP pen. These also help give my AP alittle more umph so even if the enemy team does build Armor, Kayle's passive Holy Fervor as well as Malady can help shred and penetrate better.

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Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Percent Health

Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Now the runes are alittle jumbled, but like I said in the masteries section, everyone pulls some double duty in 3v3. Unless you are a team of Bruisers, then you all just fight it out, but those teams are few and far between and dont always work out. So First off, the attack speed runes, Greater Glyph of Attack Speed. These help you achieve a relatively high attack speed without having to stack to many attack speed items. I usually end up with around 1.6 Attack speed with just these and my items, making me quite a threat in team fights or even in just a 1v1.

Now the Greater Seal of Endurance is what gives you your durability, you wont have to buy any more HP items unless its REALLY necessary. I have not come across a situation where I have needed any extra durability but that doesnt mean it cant happen. Should it be necessary I will list some items to swap later in the guide.

I feel like I dont need to really explain the armor pen runes, but I will just for the sake of doing so just incase anyone is wondering "why?!" The Greater Mark of Desolation will let your capitalize further on the fact that you will be chewing up Armor like a hungry Cho'Gath nom noms a Teemo. The less armor the enemies have, the more dmg you will put through. This goes especially for those squishier enemy team members that dont build alot of armor which makes Holy Fervor less effective.

Finally, the movement speed Quints. The reason for the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed is to let you move just alittle faster. This + Divine Blessing and Intervention has allowed me to get out of some pretty sticky situations when I would have died. While it doesnt give you a HUGE boost to movement, it will be just that little bit that can help make the difference between getting caught or getting away.

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Skill Sequence, Break down and Uses

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill Breakdown

- Holy Fervor is Kayle's passive, it gives her basic attacks 3% armor and Magic Resistance shred, stacking 5 times for a total of 15%. To a squishy that doesnt have alot of armor it isnt to useful, but agenst bruisers like Olaf who build it it is particularly effective at taking it away.

- Reckoning is Kayle's Q, and her damage booster and slow. The damage boost that the skill gives scales as you level the skill in addition to a scaling slow. While the effect slows an enemy champion the damage boost that Kayle receives to the target remains.

- Divine Blessing is Kayle's healing and speed boost skill. While the healing that it gives is relatively low in comparison to a support such as Soraka, it can be just enough to keep you alive from ignite or Teemo poison. Its main use here however is the scaling speed buff that you get/give. This can be handy getting around the Twisted Treeline as it is a small map.

- Righteous Fury is your main damage booster aside from Reckoning as well as making you a Range AD Carry and keeping you from getting close to those champions that do melee better then you. As well as a scaling Damage that goes off of AP as well as a percentage of your AD, it gives Kayle splash damage which makes her great at clearing minions and pushing.

- Intervention is what makes Kayle really great on this 3v3 game type. While it doesnt seem like it will make or break a team fight, that 3 seconds of invulnerability makes her amazing. I cant count the amount of times that Intervention has given my team the edge to come out of a 3v3 with atleast one of use alive. Even in a 1v1 it has given me time to outlast a Teemo Blind or make Darius waste his ulti on someone that he thought he was going to obliterate. While it wont bring someone back to life like Zilean will, it gives you the time to take life or atleast take someone down with you.

Skill Sequence and Uses

Now the skill sequence is what is really important. Because you are going to be playing a very versatile role for your team as AD Range, Tank Shred and Slight Support, you need to decide what you are going to do first. I personally take Reckoning first for its slow as well as the damage boost it provides Kayle. In the opening 5 minutes of the game, you are going to want to use this to harass a squishy, use it to keep a bruiser like Darius away from you so he cant put out some hurt, or to help you focus down someone in a team fight. In the opening fight that usually happens, try to hit someone like Teemo or Elise to help you take them down quickly for that first blood boost. Dont get gun-ho though, you are yourself rather squish which will mean that a bruiser or tank can easily kill you as well. Its best to try to have your tank or bruiser initiate the fight and draw their fire for you so you can fight the other teams squishies. If you can, have your whole team focus down your target to make it go faster.

From here, just keep bouncing between Reckoning and Righteous Fury, only taking Divine Blessing when you have to and always leveling Intervention when you can.

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Items Start/Early/Mid/Late


Alright, first a bit of explanation behind WHY I get what I do. Like I mentioned earlier, this build is tank shred/hybrid. We are not just going to rely on Holy Fervor to take care of armor and magic resistance that we come across. We supplement this with some items and then start stacking more things to make our attacks hinder enemies more and more.


Now starting I usually take Boots of Speed and one Dagger. Now while this leaves us with not alot of damage, it will give use more attacks to take away that precious armor and magic resistance from the enemy as well as letting us attack faster.

Early Game

Early game, I just keep buying Daggers. I get all 4 that I will need to build my core items for my build. At level two, you will have Righteous Fury by now making farm easier, so just keep at it and fight in team fights that happen. Dont get caught though, you are still squishy and cant take a pounding, but if a fight starts, sit outside the fight and focus the squishies that will be easy to take down with your faster attack speed.

Mid Game

Mid Game is where you start to get out of control depending on how many team fights there have been, how many kills/assists you have and your CS. If any or all of these are high, then you will be well on your way and should have a Malady and The Black Cleaver by now. These are your Core Items that are going to make you much more potent even agenst squishies that dont stack alot of armor and magic resistance which would make Holy Fervor less effective. From here, you want to build your first sustain item Vampiric Scepter which will lead to your Blade of the Ruined King. With this item, your attacks gain even more potency agenst tanks, simply because the more HP they get, the more damage you do.

Late Game

This usually never happens. If the game is going heavily in your favor, the enemy team will probably quite before you get any of these items. And these two items can easily be swapped out should you need something else, but I fine these to be the most useful. Once you have your Blade of the Ruined King I build a new Vampiric Scepter then a B.F. Sword to build a Sanguine Blade. You can build a Wicked Hatchet before this though, if a tank or someone has alot of LS or regain.

Other Useful Items

- This item has its uses. With its high AP and AD as well as giving you more LS and SV, it can give you alittle more sustain in a team fight. Should the need arise, I would swap it for the Sanguine Blade.

- I dont get this item usually, simply because most people dont get away often, but if you are having troubles keeping up with some of the emenies you are fighting, it is something to look into. You can swap this out with your Wicked Hatchet if you want to.

Zeke's Herald - I only got this item once, and that was when I needed to help my team have LS. It helped alittle, game me more attack speed, but overall I wouldnt get it unless your team needs some better sustain badly.

- I get this item when I am going agenst a Teemo that has gotten pretty far in his build and is going AP. The stacking MR helps just enough to let me survive long enough to kill him and possibly survive his AP build. I would swap this for the Wicked Hatchet unless they have alot of sustain/regain then switch it for the Sanguine Blade.

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Team Work

Your role in your 3v3 team will be many. As Kayle you will be taking people down with high health and tanks with easy late game. Early game you will deal alot of dmg to the squishies and serve as a range AD carry. When level 6 hits, your role will expand to support with your ulti and as you gain ranks in Divine Blessing you will heal as necessary. Try to make sure to heal those that are dying to poison or ignite. In a team fight, your heal wont do to much but it can be the difference between life and death as well as your ulti. Remember that you will want to use your ulti not just on yourself but on any team mate that can dish out alot of hurt or that is getting focused. Make sure that you use your ulti on someone getting focused especially in a team fight, as this will cause the enemy to waste precious seconds dealing no damage while your team continues to put out the hurt.

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Answered Questions!

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